"Window to the world of beauty", or masterpieces which now can be seen in the style of hyper-realism?

Many of the paintings of some artists of the last people to consider a photo, and to what are discouraged by the fact that in reality these works of art are made in the technique of hyperrealism. Over one hundred percent certainty can be noted that the artists working in this style create magic on the canvas.

In this article, we decided to tell you about some of the artists that their works can really surprise.

What do we know about hyper-realism?

Hyperrealism is a relatively new trend in art, which emerged in 1990-2000, but despite this, it quickly spread to sculpture and painting, and even a cinema. Hyperrealism - it is something more than realism. Looking at the picture of the naked eye, a man who is not versed in the art, can say with confidence that the picture in front of him, but the differences are still there. Artists working in the technique of hyperrealism, except the emphasis on drawing the details, pay attention to the light.

If you look closely at this picture, you can see every brush stroke that with so much love and inspiration of the artist did. Two pictures that are presented above - it is the work of a famous artist from New York Yigal Ozel.

He became famous thanks to a number of portraits of young and attractive women. At the moment, the work of this artist can meet around the world.

"Amazing and beautiful" by Korean artist Kim Yan San

What you see in this photo, in fact the picture technique of hyperrealism known artist and master of his craft Yang Kim San.

A man forty-three years, and at the moment he moved to New York, where he continued to practice his art. He began to study painting in twenty years and has been very successful in this business.

To draw another masterpiece, the artist spends between three and ten months. Each of his works is unique and must be paid accordingly.

In monetary terms the picture of Kim Yan San appreciated. On average, the artist can get ten thousand dollars for his work. San Yang Kim hopes that in the near future, his dream to hold a solo exhibition in one of the leading museums of the world turns.

To date, the artist interested in small animals and insects, so he draws it them.

"I love nature, and I really like it for a long walk in the park or in the woods. At this stage, my main love - it's pictures of various small animals. Those who come to look at my pictures, keep asking, and not the photo I slipped them? "- laughs Ian.

"Sensuality and Sexuality" by the famous German artist Mike Dargasa

Mike Dargas amazing artist, who started working as a regular tattoo artist. After a while, the guy became interested in sculpture, like wood and metal, and only then moved to hyperrealism.

His talent created a furore, and pictures of Mike became immediately popular. The first to recognize the talent of this guy, was Jean-David Malatya, director of Opera Gallery. In one interview he said that when he first saw the work of Mike Dargasa, I immediately wanted to meet with him and after a few days had already left for Germany.

Today Mike Dargas - one of the most popular artists in the technique of hyper-realism. As the artist himself says, it is very dependent on the media and is always aware of the different events that occur in the world.

A series of paintings, some of which you can see above, is dedicated to the global shortage of resources such as gold and oil.

"sunny and bright" by Sergei Geta famous artist

His education Sergei Geta obliged Kiev Art Institute. To date, the artist works in the direction of ecological realism.

He mainly paints flowers, herbs, plants, water and so on. At the moment, Sergei moved to Moscow. His paintings can be seen in various galleries throughout the world.

Geta experimenting with different techniques, and it turns out it is very good. We can only wish the artists inspiration and creative success.