How does the oatmeal on the human body

• How does the oatmeal on the human body

How does the oatmeal on the human body

Oatmeal - a great antioxidant and sedative. It removes toxins and cleanses the digestive tract. Hippocrates considered it a valuable product and advised to brew tea out of it, while in Russia it was prepared from a lot of healthy dishes.

mass stabilization

The need to have oatmeal for breakfast is considered axiomatic. Not all eat, but everyone knows it. Nutritionists advise vying to make their regular morning oatmeal ally that will help solve many problems.

For example, to stabilize the weight, in order to maintain the immune system, activate the activity of the brain, to get rid of blood clots.

British and Scottish doctors - and in these countries grits is considered the national dish - on the basis of numerous studies claim that daily consumption of oat porridge enrich the body with a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, which have a beneficial effect on the genitourinary and nervous system, dilates blood vessels, ensure the normal clotting blood and exchange active process in the skin, enhance the overall health and slowing down aging processes.

Cons oatmeal

The more you read about this mess, the more positive characteristics you discover. And for the most part this is true. However, nothing is perfect in this world does not exist. And oatmeal is not an exception. It should be emphasized that all positive characteristics peculiar to this whole-grain porridge oats, cooked in water without the addition of sugar and any flavoring.

But even if it is just such a Russian dietitians, based on the latest research, does not recommend eating oatmeal every day. As it turned out, oats contains in its composition of phytic acid, which not only does not absorb calcium contained in oats, but even washes the calcium that was already in the body. So that regular long-term use of oatmeal can easily buy osteoporosis.

will want to have

In oatmeal minimal amount of protein and fat and carbohydrate complex composition. Therefore, it is very high in calories: 100 grams of product- 350 kcal. And because of the small percentage of protein oatmeal has a very low energy value: after serving porridge man soon again hungry. Doctors advised to eat oatmeal, cereals alternating with other cereals: buckwheat, millet and rice. A very porridge to eat with the addition of some protein foods: cottage cheese, eggs, milk.

These tips do not apply to those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Patients with gastritis or gastric ulcer just need to have wholegrain porridge on the water. It has enveloping properties and helps the stomach to process food safely. The same need to eat porridge for those who want to lose weight. Oatmeal without any additives well cleans the intestine and eliminates the body from various toxins that during dieting can be activated in the body as poisons.

Semi-finished products do not work

However, today, when the most valued time to prepare wholegrain oatmeal for 40 minutes - a luxury. And to save time, many people buy in stores oat semis.

The treated in industrial plants as oat flakes, cereal bags contains a considerable amount of starch, sugar, flavor enhancers, flavorings. From it as white bread, remove all of the most useful substances.

In industrial production, during the evaporation of oats lost all vitamins and minerals, and their place is taken by artificial additives. This oatmeal is doing more harm than good. Anything that will get the body from its daily use - extra kilos.