Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

During the "golden age" of the Soviet Union it was not possible in the country to hear words such as "star of the show-business" or "sex symbol". These women were not known due to its extravagant behavior, provoking uproar in the press, revealing outfits and posing with political leaders. The only tools at their disposal, were their stunning beauty, talent and professional skills.

Anastasia Vertinskaya

Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

Since this list is not the result of a democratic vote, we have arranged the stars in a random order. Let's start with the Soviet Greta Garbo - Anastasia Vertinsky - women with striking beauty and, at the same time, extremely high intelligence.

This Soviet actress starred in countless classic productions have earned much fame at a tender age, barely surpassing fifteen years abroad, after the film "Scarlet Sails". Then there were such masterpieces as "Anna Karenina," "War and Peace" and "Master and Margarita", as well as leading roles at the same time in two leading Russian theaters.

In the heyday of Vertinskaya was the object of adoration and insane jealousy in all corners of the Soviet Union.

Natalya Varley

Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

Natalya Varley - the only one of its kind: a petite brunette from the cult classic comedy film "Prisoner of the Caucasus" (1967), with its "proprietary" hairstyle, was not just an actress (she plays still), but also a gymnast on a trapeze in Moscow circus.

Her paternal ancestry goes back to the jockey of Wales, invited to Russia in the nineteenth century to control the stud. From the mother can find French and German roots. This unearthly beauty is also a distant relative of the writer Count Alexei Tolstoy. Natalya Varley was a sickly child, suffering from heart disease, and she could not play sports, but she risked everything, came to the circus, and hit the big screen in 1965, when the circus troupe toured in Odessa, and noticed her because of the inimitable scenic image .

Victoria Fedorova

Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

It is difficult to find in the history of the Soviet cinema as another tragic story, as the fate of Viktor Fedorov.

This brilliant actress born in 1946. Her parents were US Admiral Jackson Tate and the famous Russian actress Zoya Fyodorova. Her father, while the US State Department officer who worked in Moscow, had been warned by the Soviet security service that he should stop this novel. However, when the information came to Joseph Stalin himself, Tate was declared persona non grata in the Soviet Union, and Viktor Fedorov's mother was sent to Siberia for eight years.

Only after Stalin's death, she was able to escape to freedom. Victoria, named in honor of the victory in Europe (VE Day, May 8), I may never have met with his father, if Professor University of Connecticut did not recognize her story and not be in touch with Tate. Then there was a long campaign, the struggle to ensure that the Soviet government allowed his daughter to move to the United States. And she did it when she married in June 1975, a few days before the expiry of her visa.

Among other roles, Fedorov played in a production of "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoyevsky. She died of lung cancer in 2012 in Greenwich Township, Pennsylvania.

Natalia Andreichenko

Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

This Mary Poppins of the Soviet Union was a kind of icon of the late film as sex appeal has become in those years the usual theme. Having played his first major role in the epic "Sibiriada" Andron Konchalovsky (1979), she began a successful career. This role brought her national fame and recognition. Its ability to drastically change their appearance, was just amazing. Due to this, the actress roles included a wide range of images, from the austere and prim, looking almost British way Mary Poppins, naked, almost pornographic ladies of "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District" (1990), set on the eponymous essay on Leskov.

At 62 Andreichenko still looks fine, most likely due to the raw food diet and yoga, but in fact it's a big secret.

Natalia Nehoda

Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

Another Natalia on our list, with the slight difference that this Natalia was the first of the Soviet model of the American edition of Playboy.

Along with his contemporaries, Natalia Nehoda has witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union, and she took advantage of the changes, including playing a very risky roles, such as in the film "Little Faith".

This role earned her fame as the first woman in the domestic film, starring naked. This film remains the most controversial Soviet film, and resent the latter often referred to as the star of the Soviet cinema.

Irina Alferov

Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

One of the most beautiful women of the Soviet cinema, Irina Alferov became known for his role as Constance Bonacieux in "The Three Musketeers" (1978). Often you can hear that in the seventies through it judged that looks like the Russian beauty.

At the age of 17 years Alferov moved to Moscow from Novosibirsk provincial and enrolled in drama school where classmates nicknamed her "the girl with the eyes." Unfortunately, "lips and eyes, nothing more" - so, according to rumors, talked about it some directors. However, this did not prevent her from becoming a true legend of the Soviet cinema.

Lyubov Polishchuk

Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

One of the specific features of Lyubov Polishchuk - is its uncanny (and totally non-Russian) ability to look as if she is not aware of its beauty. Polishchuk never bothered, if one were to look at the screen silly.

This theater and film actress, who arrived in the capital city of Omsk, continued to play until his untimely death from cancer in 2006, when she was only 57 years old. It will forever remain in the hearts of Russians for his role in the movie "The Twelve Chairs" and countless other brilliant roles in the movie.

Lyubov Orlova

Sexiest star of the Soviet cinema according to Western critics

For decades, Lyubov Orlova in the Soviet Union was considered the epitome of beauty, style and grace. She had a rare artistic talent, which can only be born. Honored Artist of the USSR and the Stalin Prize winner - it's hard to imagine that her road to fame was long and arduous.

Poor childhood and crazy dreams of the Moscow Conservatory in the end led to her chance encounter with her future husband, film director Grigory Alexandrov, whom she married when he was serving his sentence in the Gulag. Movies such as "Jolly Fellows", "Circus" and "Volga-Volga", forever in the history of the Soviet cinema in the Soviet collective consciousness, and Orlov remains their main pearl. The actress died in 1975 after a long battle with stomach cancer.