Things that wanted to carry on the plane

The official instagram account, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - a great example of how to even the most serious work can be treated with humor. Here you can find incredible things that are not smugglers, and the most ordinary Americans are trying to drag with them on board or pack in the luggage. Also, here are answers to some questions about the interests of passengers, whether you can take with this or that object, simply Tips air travelers. All of this is provided with a very witty comments unknown genius SMM.

Things that wanted to carry on the plane

Machete, found in hand baggage at San Diego. If you just can not do without his machete, please put it in your checked baggage.

Ax, found in hand baggage at Baltimore Airport.

Bulgarian, was found in the hand luggage in Atlanta. We remind you that all power tools should give up the luggage.

These are just a few of the 70 pistols found in a week in the hand luggage at US airports. 61 of them were charged.

This filled with powder flask was found in checked baggage in Boise Airport, Idaho. Please note: the powder is an explosive and is absolutely forbidden for air transportation.

Dear TSA, may I take on board these boiled eggs? - Yes!

It would be funny if it were not so sad. It seems that in the airport Charlottesville, Virginia, found this Batman with three boomerangs in hand luggage. Dear passengers! The planes are no bears, we guarantee. Please do not try to take on board the means to repel them.

Do not believe it, another Batman! Who knew that boomerangs are so popular ... This year, TSA officers found the whole collection. This was found in the hand luggage at the airport in New York.

The list of things on the road: socks - put the toothbrush - on-site, post-apocalyptic gold mask decorated sleeves ... and here it is! Discovered in hand luggage at Miami International Airport.

Dear the TSA, we're painted pumpkins, and this has turned out so well that really want to take her home. It can be with her on board? - Yes!

hunter weapons on zombies, judging by the blood on the handle - is clearly successful. It is found in hand luggage at the airport in Houston.

Dear TSA, if I can take with you on a flight from New Jersey to Minnesota wooden chicken? - Yes!

We kindly request! Do not bring in a copy of baggage homemade suicide vest. Man in Richmond, the airport, in the bag which the jacket was found, claimed that it props for role-playing games. However, TSA employees had to immediately call the experts on explosives and the police. Fortunately, it was found that the vest is not dangerous. It is still not clear whether the officer discovered the vest, took my pants.

Attention! All instruments are longer than 17 cm must only be transported in checked baggage. And especially such monsters, such as the 45-inch adjustable wrench, discovered by our staff in your hand luggage at the airport in New York. Dear TSA, I can take it in your hand luggage crocodile head? - Yes!

At first glance it may seem that this kindergarten art project. But no! In fact, under a layer of clay and sticky tape ... hiding a loaded 9-mm pistol. This creativity has been recently detected in checked baggage at the airport in Houston. We remind you that the weapon can be taken in baggage, but it must be unloaded and packed properly declared.

Knock Knock! Who's there? Ax! WHAT?!! We remind you that the axes are forbidden to be carried in hand luggage. Please take them to the luggage.

While some passengers are going through, is it possible to bring to the board nail clippers (by the way, they are allowed), while others are not really thinking, take with them this. You guessed it, is transported in carry-on baggage is prohibited. If there where you are flying, you did not do without it, hand over it to the luggage.

Dear TSA, can I take on board these antlers? - Good question, Patrick! We urge still pack them in your luggage.