Fads Russian empresses

From Catherine II, Empress in Russian princess became mainly from the German lands. Each of them brings a new homeland habits. Some take root, and some remained in the discharge of foreign fads.

Fads Russian empresses

Catherine A. and medicine

Catherine II (before her marriage - Sophia Augusta Frederica) tried as much as possible to settle in Russia, only use the Russian language, to adopt local habits. But she could not give up the two German habits. Every morning she will drink a cup of coffee and every disease treated with cupping.

And if morning coffee brought into the palace customs More Anna Ioanovna, the bloodletting in Russia was not the most popular procedure - and this despite the fact that it is actively trying to impose more Tsar Alexei quietest. First, be sure to try something to drink or anything pounded and left bleeding in case of emergency.

Surprisingly, after a hundred years of bloodletting it was the most common way to treat virtually all in the Russian village. For information on how patients with cholera is brought to death by bleeding, with horror a country doctor wrote.

Fads Russian empresses

Another habit Catherine had nothing to do with its origin. The queen loved to ride in a man's suit. Men's suits, I must say, she loved to wear and Empress Elizabeth, from which Catherine and could adopt this passion.

Maria Feodorovna and corset

Sofia Maria Dorothea August Louise was born in the same places as Catherine. When the son Catherine Paul widower, King of Prussia, Frederick introduced him to Sophia Maria Dorothea as a possible bride. She liked Paul, but here there was a happy girl - the big question. Paul was considered almost a knight of the ugliest in Russia and, moreover, Sophia Maria Dorothea was already engaged to Prince Ludwig of Hesse. However, girlfriends bride insisted that the new groom dotes, and tried hard to please Paul. Before marriage she was baptized under the name of Maria Feodorovna.

Reared on purpose in order to be married to the prince, king and emperor, Maria Feodorovna special habits had - it would be considered the probability of interference to ensure that the husband to join the environment under any circumstances. But she loved the different visual arts, badly painted, carved cameos on a lathe and make sure that all children learn to draw crazy. Even Nicholas I, which seemed dry technician embodiment, made technically very lively and drawings.

Fads Russian empresses

It was her and another feature. Usually ladies between the publication will be charged on a corset and bonnet throws. Maria Feodorovna tight dragged on in the morning and went well all day, without even thinking to dress comfortably. So, in the palace a magnificent dress, and she was working on a lathe.

Elizabeth A. and wont be offended

Maria Luisa in August was born in the family of the Duke of Baden, which is actively copied and Catherine, and Paul. Perhaps the girl from the beginning viewed as kandaditku bride still little prince Alexander. Anyway, when Mary Louise Augusta was eleven years old, the Duke of Baden Rumyantsev visited on a mission to explore from Catherine and her and her younger sister. Rumyantsev watched the girls for two years - that is, they are the candidates were basic.

According to the results of observation of girls invited to visit in Russia, now to explore in person with the prince. Alexander liked Louise. Not surprisingly, he was not quite fifteen, why would he seriously interested eleven child? With Louise he was easier to find a common language.

Fads Russian empresses

Louise was not peculiar habits, but the whole court was surprised that when her husband got himself a de facto second wife, she, instead of feminine wiles to draw his attention to themselves and snuggle on the contrary, is blown and the only worsens their position. This "strange" behavior attributed to its special scholarship.

Alexandra Feodorovna and Christmas tree

The wife of his brother Alexander, Nicholas I, became Frederic Louise Charlotte Wilhelmina, daughter of Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm. With Nicholas Louise I met in 1814, and between them broke out love at first sight. For the sake of the marriage, Louise was baptized in Orthodoxy under the name Alexandra.

Fads Russian empresses

It is for Alexandra Feodorovna in Russia for the first time in history made a Christmas tree - a way to celebrate Christmas, to which the Empress used to Prussia. Before her husband's accession to the throne, she traveled every year on fancy resorts in Europe and each year visited the German lands. Followed by the resorts and the tree loved and Russian families.

Maria Alexandrovna and love for my aunt

Maximilian Wilhelmina Maria Sofia in August was the granddaughter of Ludwig of Hesse, which from under the nose of the bride has withdrawn Paul I, True, there were rumors that she was the granddaughter of his only official and her mother betrayed her father. Unlike previous brides Maximilian future Emperor Alexander II does not slipped, he met her at the Opera House, when traveling in Europe.

Maria Alexandrovna was fascinated by the history of his native aunt, the wife of Emperor Alexander I, Elizabeth Alekseevna, and a lifetime collecting documents written by her hand or something related to her life. The collected archive it could compete with those that have professional historians!

Fads Russian empresses