What studied and brought up as a future queen

Many European Queen are legendary. One admired, others still remember how crazy or violent. In any case, each first queen was a little girl. And the mystery of nature often lies in the childhood of these legendary women.

What studied and brought up as a future queen

Anne of Austria

The Queen, which we know as the giver of diamond pendants from the novel by Dumas, remained in history, first of all, regent for minor Louis XIV, known as the Sun. Her childhood, in spite of the title of "Austrian" Princess, held in Spain, she was the daughter of Philip III of, the same one in which the Moriscos were expelled from Spain and Roma. King Philip was madly in love with different rules and ceremonies, and it turned the lives of his family to hell.

What studied and brought up as a future queen

Little Princess Spain raised in severity. Day was painted strictly by the hour, a step away from the plot. They were forbidden to laugh, run and play, that it does not damage to their high dignity. In addition, the girls, including Anna, from an early age were hard and uncomfortable corsets tight dress with a train, trailing along the ground. Spoiled princess only overseas chocolate. Later, she taught him the whole of France.

Louise Mecklenburg

Queen Louise of Prussia is known that it was forced to negotiate Napoleon himself. It was she, and she, her husband, actually led the armed resistance to the French. In addition, it has been known for a rare beauty, but it was already a matter of nature, not education.

What studied and brought up as a future queen

Louise lost her mother at age six, but the injury did not it closed or sullen. On the contrary, she was cheerful and impish girl. As befits the girls of its origin (her father was out of the house of the Dukes of Mecklenburg-Strelitz), as a child she attended court etiquette, French and English (second - given the fact that it is among the Prussian princesses English kings sought brides), the native language, history, painting and playing the piano. Stars in the sky, it was thought, Louise is not enough, not too studied diligently. But she was very interested in modern literature. However, longer I loved books that concern the heart, than the philosophical spirit and content.

Surprisingly, becoming the queen, Louise pulled herself together and consistently fill all the gaps in education, for it to not have to blush subjects. The former frivolous Wives of such perseverance in the work, no one expected.

Isabella of Castile

It is thanks to Isabella of Castile, Columbus went on an expedition across the Atlantic Ocean, and found a way to America. That's when Isabella Spaniards conquered many lands in the New World, plundering and killing the local population. But the childhood of the future of the great Queen took place more than modest. She taught the same, so that most of the other notable Catholic girls: read, embroider and pray. All three classes she liked. They are equally useful to her married to a noble lord or the monastery - these are two possible fates it was theirs.

What studied and brought up as a future queen

Read Isabella first just what the teacher slipped, and then just everything that is in the castle library. So she learned of the great queens of the past: Semiramis, Cleopatra and Theodora. Their stories suddenly ignited ambition in the heart of the girl, and she promised herself one day surpass them. Well, maybe not as a ruling queen (this is not supposed to), but at least as a co-ruler. Just think of it, but she really got in a row with these queens!

, Marie Antoinette

Queen of France, which has become one of the most famous victims of the French Revolution, was born and raised in Austria. Program for her education was personally mother, Maria Theresa. Marie Antoinette was her fifteenth child. It was assumed that it will literally know everything from etiquette and art to math and several foreign languages. But before the wedding with a French prince it turned out that for the years spent under the supervision of the best teachers, the girl learned about ... anything. Urgently it taught again at least etiquette and French.

What studied and brought up as a future queen

Christina, Queen of Sweden

Father the king adored daughter, her first child, and made all the estates of Sweden swear that, if the king dies without leaving a son, they recognize their girl queen. Since the son is not in a hurry to be born, little Christina raised as the future ruler of the country. She hired the best teachers.

What studied and brought up as a future queen

For twelve years the Princess was fluent in German, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Greek, and Latin, versed in European ancient literature and history, had an idea about politics and military affairs. Teenager fascinated by astronomy and collecting coins. Christina idol was Elizabeth of England.

But not everything went smoothly in her childhood. At an early age she had a few injuries. As a result, one shoulder she was higher than the other, and even Christina limping noticeably. Given the fact that, as she thought of herself, her mother and hated at some point Christina moved to live far away from the mother, it may have been the result of a mysterious injury inflicted beatings or mistreatment.

What studied and brought up as a future queen

Although Queen Christina Swedes still remember with delight, the rules it ultimately short-lived. Abdicated in twenty-three years, from the throne in favor of his cousin and no one still does not know the exact reason.

Mary and Elizabeth Tudor

Daughter of Henry VIII, Mary first raised as a future queen. To strengthen the body she rode a lot, but for the strength of spirit - reading a biography of the holy virgins and ancient warriors. But it was a serious education gap is particularly important in light of the fact that one day she really sat on the throne. She did not teach the basics of governance.

What studied and brought up as a future queen

Her younger sister, the future Queen Elizabeth I, which is so admired later, Princess Cristina, were more fortunate. She worked together with his younger brother, Crown Prince Edward, and learned all that is required of the future rulers.