Radioactive lake in the world

• Radioactive lake in the world

Kazakhstan - the ninth largest country in the world. But few know that in Kazakhstan, among the beauties of nature lies the most radioactive lake on the planet. It is the result of a thermonuclear explosion, produced in 1965 at the test site 100 kilometers south-west of Semipalatinsk. Chaganskoe lake was part of a program to study the possibility of using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, such as the creation of reservoirs and canals, oil drilling and the rapid movement of large land masses.

Radioactive lake in the world

Let there be an explosion

The bomb was planted in the floodplain of the river bed of the Chagan at a depth of 178 meters. When detonated, a crater with a diameter of 430 meters and a depth of 100 meters. In the spring of 1965 a funnel connected with the riverbed Chagan channel by filling it with water.

Radioactive lake in the world

atom peace

Use the program "peaceful nuclear explosion" was borrowed from the US, who conducted their own tests for similar purposes, and was named "Nuclear explosions in the interest of the national economy." But if the United States stopped the test after 27 attempts (the last was held in 1977), when the results are no longer justify the effort and money, the Soviets continued testing until 1989 and produced a total of 156 nuclear explosions before surrendering.

Radioactive lake in the world

Lake death

The water in the lake Chaganskom very dirty - water pollution by total radioactivity of nearly one hundred times higher than the permissible value. There are no fish, wild animals and birds do not come here to drink. Swimming is prohibited for obvious reasons. There is evidence that the water from the lake is now poured into the Irtysh River.

All the swim!

When the experiment is to create an artificial lake failed, the Soviet Government was pleased with the results and very proud Chaganskim lake. The person responsible for all of the Soviet program to build nuclear weapons - Minister of Medium Machine Building Yefim Slavskii was captured on film while swimming in the lake.

Radioactive lake in the world

Chernobyl water

Chaganskoe lake becomes a popular tourist destination, which is often known as the "atomic lake". To view a radioactive lake and surrounding neighborhood, all visitors must wear protective clothing and masks. On the hill, which is a rough dirt road, hidden concrete bunker control center.