Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

The electric sedan Tesla Model 3 was not so good. | Photo: geektimes.com.

Last year in showrooms, a new electric car Tesla, which the driver had pinned high hopes. But the car, called the Model 3, although it costs a lot, was not so good. Car enthusiasts, journalists and the master at the station found major shortcomings fashionable electric car. More on Tesla Model 3, which has been called one of the most low-quality cars for the last 10 years - later in the review.

1. Eliminates the details of

Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

In the new car has some details disappear. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

Many American motorists complain about the poor quality of Tesla Model cars and compare them with Korean models of the 1990s. At that time, Kia and Hyundai have had a reputation for cheap brands, producing machines with multiple disabilities.

In the current Tesla approximately the same situation: the hood and trunk are closed is bad, disappear plastic window frames and trim hood.

2. Rust

Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

Rust stains on the body's new sedan Tesla Model 3. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

The owners of brand-new sedan Tesla Model 3 already complain that their machines with little mileage even begin to rust. In the photo shows the lower part of the door, which has acted as corrosion. Also, a lot of drivers Model 3 divided by the observation that the paint on the car is very easy to scratch.

3. Poor picture with rear camera

Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

The rear view camera on the Tesla Model 3 gives a clearly visible effect of "fish eyes". | Photo: electrek.co.

The forum owners Tesla Model 3 drivers complain that the picture from the rear view camera is twisted and blurred. And it's really a problem, because parking is very inconvenient. But the owners of the Tesla Model S, have reported that this model is no such problem.

4. The total failure of the touch screen

Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

Defective touchscreen Tesla Model 3. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

The electric Tesla absolutely all the controls and instruments "tied" on the touch screen. That is why the failure of the display actually leave the car "laid up". Such cases are unfortunately known.

Also, there are breaking the touch screen when a plurality of lines of the screen, and the image twitches. Use of such a device is absolutely impossible.

5. The touch screen functionality is

Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

Front panel in electric car Tesla Model 3. | Photo: youtube.com.

Another problem associated with the touch-screen is its redundant functionality. The driver constantly having to break away from driving, to check the speed or direction of movement. And to control the available functions, such as the same navigation system, the driver must select the submenu, and already there to seek the appropriate button. Again, on the road at the same time very few people watching, that is potentially dangerous.

Most of the problems can be solved by setting the traditional instruments, as well as the projection system on the windshield (HUD).

6. The lack of access to the car

Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

Sometimes Tesla can become completely inaccessible. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

The owners of the Tesla Model 3 can also be a problem of access to the vehicle. There are cases when drivers generally can not get to a salon without specialized assistance. simple metal key is not provided for, Tesla, an electronic key card or application for the iPhone simply does not work. We have to call the technicians with Tesla, so they opened the hood with the help of special equipment.

7. Switching off while riding

Why owners are disappointed in Tesla

warning that the car is now very "reboot". | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

One American motorists recorded a video of the problem that happened with his Tesla Model 3. The display of his car, it was reported that the car will be "reset." Immediately after that, the system really rebooted.

At first glance, there is nothing wrong, if not one "but": it happened right on the street, during a trip to the bustling city. The company Tesla this video and prokommetirovali noticed that there was a "high-voltage controller failure." Undoubtedly, this is a very dangerous failure, t. To. Can happen at the most inopportune moment.