What makes us sluts

What makes us sluts

What exactly should not do to avoid being branded a slut.

Be clean and neat is very important, but it should be in polite society. However, it is possible to observe the basic rules, but lose sight of the "little things" that completely spoil the appearance. We bring you the top 10 mistakes that most people, making their way becomes sloppy.

1. Crumpled clothes

What makes us sluts

Do not be lazy to iron.

This is especially true top, t. E. Blouses, shirts and so on. N. But it so happens that the material from garments is particularly fast wrinkle, even if its preliminary carefully ironed. For example, how would you not carefully ironed linen, everything will still crumpled in a couple of hours it. Same thing with the moody pop. But there is one trick - start ironing cotton things need to be at the stage when she did not have time to dry before the end. And yet, things need to iron cotton on both sides - inside and out.

2. It is not enough white

What makes us sluts

White, but not enough.

White always looks rich, even if the thing purchased for just a few hundred rubles. But exactly as "aged" and even slightly overlaundered white multiply cheaper way. Therefore, in such clothes worth watching as carefully - only wash whites with white, do not throw in the car white clothes with linen and towels, even if they are perfectly white. The fact that at the time of washing, they can lose the fiber, which is no good effect on the clothes.

3. Rubber bands on the wrist

What makes us sluts

Down gum.

Now the hands of many women "flaunt" gum "invisibobble", which in appearance is very reminiscent of an old telephone wire. But whatever fashion was not all stylists unanimously repeat, that the hands have to be bracelets or watches, rather than rubber bands, which all ports. This in particular should not be allowed if the woman works in the office. And remember, the best place for gum - hair or cosmetic.

4. Cracked nail polish

What makes us sluts

Careless nails - mauvais ton.

Better to let the nails do not be color coating, as will paint chipped. If you do not have time to follow the nails, but I want to give them a well-groomed appearance - use colorless coating, which even for an apparently will not be evident.

5. Too long pants

What makes us sluts

And do not forget to put a pants!

We are talking about the very same length when the pants climbs under the heel and are continually pridavlivaniya shoes. Men in this area was more fortunate - shoes at the same height, so just trimmed and ready. In women, the different height of heels, so long pants and can not guess once and for all. Tackles not an option, they also look sloppy. The only way out - to buy and sew pants for a specific height of shoes. Yes, it can be expensive, but as they say, beauty demands victims. Or, pay attention to the short-cut trouser styles, in this respect, they are universal.

6. The faded jeans

What makes us sluts

Too old jeans do not add to the attractiveness.

Bright things always look beautiful and expensive, so they are fading, on the contrary, gives the untidiness and cheapness. Therefore, no matter what your favorite things were not, in the case of fading - throw them in the trash! And to dress for a long time retain their color, just wash them in cool water, after removing the inside out. Warm and especially hot water "washes out" the color of thing, and "fade" almost before our eyes.

7. A huge number of bags

What makes us sluts

Bags should not be much.

Difficult to look beautiful and attractive, when the teeth clamped tenth bag of groceries. Undoubtedly, things look quite different when an abundance of bags observed during shopping, t. To. The packages with such ladies tread lightly. And for a hike or walk to work better to choose a miniature handbag, which fit just everything you need, and purchase products with a better car.

8. The dust and hair on the clothes

What makes us sluts

Pets at home - that's fine, and pets fur on clothes is not very much. If the house is inhabited by someone other than completely bald sphinx, do not neglect the tacky roller to clean clothing every time before you go out somewhere.

9. The pellet of

What makes us sluts

We say goodbye to the spool.

Unfortunately, with time on their clothes, and optionally knitted, there are pellets. But their presence is not a reason to give up your favorite sweater or svitshota. Just as soon as noticed a nuisance - gently "shave" the problem areas using a sharp razor.

10. Shoes are not the size of

And you know your shoe size.

No matter how attractive the price tag was not on sale, if the shoes you big or small - forget about it. Moreover, it is fraught with problems with the health of the feet and the constant rubbing, so still and looks horrible, and indeed the shoes wear out faster.