Culinary mistakes of the older generation

Youth of our grandmothers and mothers came in a difficult period of hunger, poverty and scarcity. In those days, the main principle was to feed the family and occasionally - guests. It is clear that the dangers and benefits of products at that time almost no one thought.

Times have changed, and the eating habits remain. And the habit is not always good. Zabaka says that is wrong with the dishes prepared by most housewives aged 50+.

The monotony of

Culinary mistakes of the older generation

Even though our mothers and grandmothers lived in the era of shortages, those days are long gone. Today cheap diversify the diet may orderly in a hospital, and a school teacher.

But things are there, and in the homes of women okolopensionnogo and retirement age are prepared the same as in the canteen: Hercules porridge, mashed potatoes on the water, boiled noodles, and on holidays the chicken with mayonnaise.

If such a hostess recognizes Korean carrots, olives and crab sticks, we can assume that it is in the forefront.

Most often, these guardians of the antediluvian power museum are stuck in the past because of poverty, but because of the total fear of the new. Generally, any tips and suggestions from the children and grandchildren of those mistresses there are phrases in the spirit: "All my life I ate, and nothing else!".

boiled pasta

Culinary mistakes of the older generation

unheard of in Soviet times that the pasta should be cooked slightly al dente - "with tverdinkoy". And the word "paste" was associated only with the tooth. Macaroni fall apart until they become sticky and starch. Pasta, cooked according to the rules, the Soviet people would find it too hard and undercooked.

Digested "by grandmother" pasta not only seem tasteless, but also have a high glycemic index, raising blood sugar levels. it is not very useful for overweight diabetics and people.

"For Beauty"

The dish is cooked for everyday food, decorating usually not accepted. But if the hostess will meet guests fed, then such bells and whistles, and so "decorate" that for one species may be given a Michelin star.

Presentation housewives of beauty are usually limited to the computation dishes "gorochkoy".

Culinary mistakes of the older generation Culinary mistakes of the older generation

But there are also some more inventive daring options.

Culinary mistakes of the older generation Culinary mistakes of the older generation Culinary mistakes of the older generation Culinary mistakes of the older generation

This author calls "Stump with julienne". We believe in the word, but try as something not desirable. Is that with hunger.

Sticky rice

The rice was more crumbly, it is necessary to rinse with water. If this is not done, it will be more porridge.

Unfortunately, many housewives 50+ either ignore this knowledge, or do not know what is really possible. Like pasta, rice for some reason, it was decided much to digest. Until the rice reached the consistency of mucus, it was thought that he was not yet ready.

Aqueous buckwheat

If you like crumbly buckwheat, it is better to add to a glass of cereal, two cups of cold water. "Grandma's" method of cooking buckwheat means more water, which is why it is not evaporated, and the croup goes watery liquid.

No spices

Soviet kitchen not know other spices, except salt, pepper and leafs. This generation of housewives in the best case there are ready-made mixtures of spices "for chicken" and "for ravioli" with already expired.

Deciding to experiment with spices, they are likely to add them to any place. For example, thyme in pasta.

Giant portions

Culinary mistakes of the older generation

This point is not so much about the food as much as quantity. Many people remember from childhood that the mythical "Society of clean plates" do not accept children who are not undernourished portion to the end.

Most people in the Soviet Union was forced to work long and hard, burning more calories than modern man, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Lunch in the spirit of "first, second and compote" - a heavy load on the digestive system, especially on the nursery.

Nowadays all nutritionists urge to disobey his grandmother and eat more often, but in smaller portions. And certainly it is not necessary to push the food in their children