Rules of life of the actress Emma Stone

• The rules of life of the actress Emma Stone

Rules of life of the actress Emma Stone

Could someone interesting to read about the red-haired girl from Arizona?

Before each interview, I locked in a room and try to calm down, because it is usually very nervous and shaking.

Recently, I often go to sites for young mothers. There's talk to each other a girl of my age, and they have a mother! And I can not even clean the house.

My real name - Emily Stone, but the Screen Actors Guild already has one of Emily Stone, so that in the sixteen years I have decided that I will call Riley. And six months that my name was Riley, I did not react to the name, so was the Emma.

It seems from all the Hollywood actresses I have very poor eyesight.

If you live in Arizona, your house is a few meters from the golf course, or directly on it. So, on my page in the "Wikipedia" is written is true: most of my life I spent in the house of the sixteenth hole.

Cinema - is forever.

I hate to see my films because I was annoying my face. When the White House showed "servants", I tried to get away, but Michelle Obama caught me and said, "Sit and watch the film, Stone! You're in the White House! " It seems about Spice Girls I say more than that about their roles.

Ryan Gosling loves Twizzlers candy. He eats them all the time. His pockets are stuffed with them. Bring on the interview with him Twizzlers, if you want him to be talkative.

Before filming "La La Land" with Ryan, we were engaged in dancing at the same teachers. And they told me: "Ryan is brilliant, great with all handles and exceeded our expectations." By the beginning of filming, I imagine that he is the most extraordinary dancer of all time. And when we began to dance together, I thought: "pF, are you serious?"

You do not need to do everything right.

In seven years, I woke up in my room, and it seemed to me that our house was on fire. It was not a hallucination, but a panic attack, I could not breathe and move. This has happened more than once, and then I opened a notebook, which wrote. "I am strong, and anxiety - sucks", and drew on the shoulder of the little green monster I thought he occasionally whispering in my ear something like " Stop it, Emily, all right, you're home. " From birth in my gut there is something hernia, which no one dares to remove, and therefore I do not eat too much spicy food. Since childhood, like an old woman.

Until I was eleven, I was sucking his thumb. It's very soothing.

Singer and dancer of me, not a fountain, so that on Broadway I did not even stutter.

In the theater, you have every day there is a new chance.

On his first "Golden Globe" I took my mother, we were seated at the same table with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and my mother began to ask them various stupid questions: "Do you have children?", "Are you a producer?" And with every word I am increasingly slipped under the table.

Sit in silence, fingers crossed.

Faith and works - the most important thing in life.

I played dancers, girl superhero, zombie killer, but the real-life person - more than ever.

Even the most mediocre film can save a good song in the final.