Specific prohibitions in North Korea

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

The absurd prohibitions in force in North Korea.

It would seem that in the XXI century, freedom of speech should flourish everywhere, thoughts and so on. D. However, now you can find a lot of countries where people live under total state control. Today we collected 18 specific prohibitions that exist in North Korea.

1. Listen to foreign music

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to listen to the music of foreign artists.

North Korea is forbidden to listen to music of foreign artists. To get this kind of music can only be illegal, but it is strictly punishable by law. Television and radio stations are tightly controlled by the state, so the main repertoire is music on patriotic themes.

2. Wear creative hairstyle

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

A ban on unusual haircuts and painting.

In North Korea, it is forbidden to wear unusual hairstyles. Moreover, in the catalog of hairdressing, which consists of 18 female and 10 male haircuts. Other hairstyles masters forbidden to do. The country does not dye their hair, as hair colors simply do not sell. trendsetter for the population is the country's leader Kim Jong-un, it is not surprising that most men wear a hairstyle like his. Among women, the most popular square up to the chin.

3. To leave on holiday abroad

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to travel abroad.

North Koreans can not go on holiday abroad. And it is not a small salary, and state level. Moreover, people do not have the right to move freely throughout the country. On any trip to another city need a special permit. The only exceptions are the athletes, diplomats and officials, whose job is to travel and negotiations.

4. Drive the car

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to drive a car.

In North Korea, possess personal transport only military and government officials who have received special permission to do so. Prices for cars and even bicycles simply sky-high so that afford only very wealthy people can have the luxury. If an ordinary person who does not have permission to drive, is caught driving a vehicle, he faces a prison facility. And for trying to manage a military transport, the offender awaits the death penalty.

5. Being a religious person

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

The ban on religion.

Most of the North Korean people - atheists. And this is not surprising, because all religions, without exception, are strictly forbidden in North Korea. And violators waits imminent death penalty. In 2013, for their faith in God 80 secret Christians were executed, who discovered the Bible.

6. Tear posters

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to tear the posters on the streets and in institutions.

North Korea is full of posters and billboards that carry ideological propaganda. These posters decorated the streets, government offices, cafes and hotels. Local residents are strictly forbidden to tear posters. This prohibition also applies to tourists who wish to take the memory of a bright picture. Violators waiting for years labor camp and sometimes imprisonment.

7. Wearing blue jeans

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to wear jeans blue.

DPRK citizens can be worn only black jeans. According to authorities, blue jeans are a symbol of imperialism, and those who are such, are automatically committed to the policy of the enemy and the enemies of the state. It is worth noting that this prohibition applies only to the citizens of North Korea, and violators face imprisonment order.

8. to drink alcoholic beverages

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden drinking drinks on certain days.

In North Korea, there are hours and days when drinking is strictly prohibited. In addition, on the occasion of certain holidays or days of mourning authorities may prohibit a drink at all. Violators of this law are punished to the fullest extent, up to execution.

9. Moving to the capital of

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to arbitrarily move to the capital.

The North Korean capital Pyongyang is the provision and development of the city. Move there dreaming about 70 percent of the population. However, to do this can only be elected, that is, those who had been referred for service or special permission from the authorities. Citizens who reside illegally in the capital waiting for a long-term prison sentences of up to life.

10. Use of Western technique

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

Do not use the technique, had been brought from the west.

All, without exception, technology used by the citizens of North Korea, made in Korea. The authorities believe that those who buy western technology, support of the imperialists. Of course buy such equipment in North Korea is impossible, and the attempt to bring something like this from a business trip is regarded as an economic sabotage.

11. Watch movies for adults

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to watch porn and erotic magazines.

Viewing pornography is one of the most serious crime in North Korea, and its punishment - the death penalty. Adult movies and magazines erotic content can not be found in the free market. And those who somehow got hold of a video banned at any moment can be caught and punished to the fullest extent.

12. Call abroad

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to call abroad.

Cellular communication is now being introduced in North Korea. However, even the availability of mobile phones does not allow citizens to make international calls. This prohibition applies even to those whose relatives are legally abroad. Troublemakers waiting for the death penalty.

13. Watch foreign films

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to watch foreign shows and movies.

North Korean authorities closely monitor television and other media. Watching foreign shows and movies, including South Korean, is considered the ideological sabotage and involves a penalty of arrest, many years in labor camps and even death.

14. Do typos

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

It is forbidden to make mistakes and typos in newspapers and magazines.

Journalist in North Korea should be a high quality, competent and responsible person. As mentioned above, the authorities closely monitor all media. In this country, for the slightest mistake, at best, you can lose your job. Moreover, it is known that in 2015 the journalist was executed for the typo in the article about Kim Jong-un.

15. Internet and Wi-Fi

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

Internet and Wi-Fi disabled.

Internet in North Korea is forbidden, or rather it there is simply no. There is a kind of a closed network, which has about 5000 sites. There is even an operating system called "Red Star", similar to MacOS X and developed by order of Kim Jong-un. But Wi-Fi in the country is not as mobile access to the Internet. The tablets sold there, not even a Wi-Fi-module.

16. Escape from prison

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

Strict punishment for escaping from prison.

Jailbreak is a crime in all countries, but such punishment as in North Korea, not anywhere. In the DPRK, for attempting to escape from prison or labor camp, punished not only the fugitive, but also three generations of his family, beginning with the older relatives.

17. Buy housing

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

You can not buy a house.

In the DPRK, it is impossible to legally buy a home. Apartments and houses gives the state. The country has a black real estate market, but the average price of housing is 70-90 thousand dollars, and it is a colossal sum for an ordinary citizen.

18. Tampons and condoms

Specific prohibitions in North Korea

You can not buy tampons and condoms.

Surprisingly, in North Korea, there are no condoms. Also for the people stores no tampons. Most women are in the old wool and cloth.

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