Beckham 43

• Beckham 43

Beckham 43

On May 2, the legendary football player, an exemplary family man and a handsome David Beckham celebrated his 43 th anniversary. In honor of the holiday remembering the best sayings birthday.

"I do not regret anything, but it does not mean that sometimes I do not look back and wonder," What I did was thinking? ".

"I always tell my boys - if you work hard, you will achieve a lot in football and in life."

"Everyone has the opportunity to express their feelings, my way - a tattoo."

"I was from childhood had high hopes. So I had no choice but to become famous. "

"I never did anything half-heartedly. And now, I continue to work hard in order to be successful, no matter what was engaged in business. "

"Before I met Victoria, I thought, I like quiet, quiet blonde. But Victoria - the exact opposite: a brunette, and also constantly screaming ".

"I never forget where I come from, never forget where my roots are. And no matter where I live. I - an Englishman, that's it. " "In football, it is important to have a good haircut, because a lot of girls with cameras come to look at you. From your appearance depends on the popularity of the game. "

"I love Harper no more than sons. But it's a little different love. When the boys grow, they fool around, fall, rise and everything is fine. And Harper can be flipped and immediately cries. I still sometimes think: "My God, my daughter, I can not believe it."

"I have a wife. I have four children. I have parents, grandparents, and three true friend. This is all you need. I am sure that the 3 really good friends - better than 20 good friends. "

"In the world there is a place for both male and female football - that's what I believe."

"I respect all religions, but he did not is a deeply religious man. But I try to live my life correctly, respecting other people. "