Who he was Stirlitz in life

• Who was Stirlitz in the life of

Who he was Stirlitz in life

Max Otto von Stirlitz, created by the imagination of Julian Semyonov, could have a lot of prototypes. There are few real personalities who might well inspire a writer. One of them - a Soviet spy, the security officer James Blyumkin. Among his many nicknames - "Max" and "Isaev" (Isai called scout grandfather). Hence, the name could appear a literary character, the Soviet agent in the rear of the fascist enemy, Maxim Maximovich Isaev.

Confirmation that Blyumkin could be the prototype Shtirlitsa is another fact of his biography. In 1921 he was mishandled in the Baltic city of Reval (now Tallinn). There's a scout under the guise of a jeweler tracked the possible links of the Soviet employees Gokhran with foreign agents. Semyonov used this episode when writing a novel, "Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat."

Sport Past

Character and biography Shtirlitsa going, like a puzzle, scattered episodes of the lives of different people. In one series of the epic he is referred to as the Berlin champion in tennis. Only one Soviet spy was a tennis player - AM Korotkov, but the champion in the sport, he was not, or would not have a good agent. Scout can not be a noticeable figure.

The Germans could also inspire Semenova

Another prototype of the "Soviet Bond" is considered a German SS Hauptsturmführer and "true Aryan" Willi Lehmann. About this person knows that he has long collaborated with the Soviet Union and was one of the most valuable agents. The exact reasons for his actions are not known. Obviously, a significant role was played by ideological considerations. Not everyone in the camp of the Third Reich were sympathetic to the dominant ideology.

There were also versions that Lehman became a spy because of one defeat in the race in 1936. One friend, who turned out later the Soviet intelligence agent, lent him money. After this episode, and there was a recruitment Lehmann. For very important information he had received from the Soviet Government a good fee. In 1942, the Nazis opened the traitor in their ranks, and Lehmann was shot.


The fourth prototype Shtirlitsa different sources referred to another scout - Mikhail Mikhalkov, the brother of the poet Sergei Mikhalkov. During the war, Mikhail was in German captivity. He managed to escape and hide from persecution. This experience provided the impetus for his future activities as an agent-illegal immigrant. Mikhalkov Soviet army supplied valuable military information. In 1945, he was arrested by counter-espionage "SMERSH" and accused of spying for the Germans. 5 years Mikhail stayed in prison, and only in 1956 was fully rehabilitated. Yulian Semyonov was married to his cousin, Catherine Konchalovsky. Surely a person Mikhalkov could inspire him during the writing of the novel.

"Muse" Semenov could well be a scout Norman Borodin, the son of comrades of Lenin Mikhail Borodin. With Norman writer spoke personally knew a lot about his challenging and exciting life. People who could become prototypes Shtirlitsa set. A similar fate was in many Soviet agents working for the victory in the enemy rear. Indestructible spy Isaev - a brilliant collective image of all these characters.