"Emergency call". Operators 911 describe the worst call in the emergency services, which they had a chance to take

Our world is far from perfect. Every day, committed various offenses, which are not immediately even know. In today's article, rescue operators decided to tell us about how a single call to 911 could frighten them terribly.

Despite the fact that the 911 call is usually in the case of threat to human life and the phone calls, which will be discussed below, we were able to make a stir even among rescue operators.

"He killed himself, and before that shot six children"

"My sister works manager 911 for several years. After that incident, which she told me, my sister took a vacation for a while. One day she had to answer the call of one man, whose voice was surprisingly calm. This surprised her sister, because basically called her and shouting into the phone. The man quietly said hello, asked how things were going with my sister, and then announced that he had just shot his own daughter and her six children. In addition, he added that the eldest was eleven years old, and the youngest - five months.

After that, he said he would kill himself before the police arrive. According to the sisters, the police arrived at the scene at the very moment when the killer brought to my mind the gun. He shot himself in front of them. Doctors managed to evacuate only the killer's daughter. The bodies of the children were all over the house. It was clear that they were trying to hide. No one knows why so turned to the woman and her six children, because the city, where there was a mass murder, a little, and everyone knows each other. This case is very much crippled locals, including my sister "- sweetlemon12.

"The little boy burned to death in his own home"

"I have been working in the operator 911 for a long time. During my hard work only a few cases have been on my mind, that shocked me, and now I'll tell you about one of them. Once I answered the call, and on the other end was not an adult and a child. He introduced himself and said through tears that in his hallway and the kitchen fire, and he was calling from her bedroom. I immediately notified the fire department, but given the fact that before the boy go home for about ten minutes, I began myself to help him get out.

I gave him clear instructions, how and what to do, until you arrive fire. But instead, that listen to me, boy, it seems, finally fell into a panic. The boy died while talking to me. Everything happened exactly two minutes before the room burst fire. After that incident, I started a terrible depression. I went on vacation for a couple of months. 911 dispatcher working in awfully hard "- AustynCunningham.

"The woman died during a conversation with me"

"Once our customer service call from a woman who was screaming that her house was on fire, and she does not know what to do. She was trapped in a fire in their own living room, where she could not get out. Stairs to the second floor was filled with smoke and fire. In addition, the flame passage to overlap the windows and to the front door. She screamed for help, but eventually died directly during a conversation with me "- SpecialistWerewolf.

"The children call the emergency services and told that their dad kills mom"

"I work in a rescue service for eight years. During all this time there was a lot of different awful call, but, of course, there are those that I remember forever. About five years ago I received a call, and at the other end, I heard the voice of a frightened child. The boy spoke in a whisper that his dad beat my mom and said that he would kill and it, along with a three-year sister. The baby was very scared, but almost did not cry. Of course, I immediately contacted the police and medics, but with kid I did not cut the connection so long until he heard that the police broke into the apartment.

Since then, many years have passed, but I still remember this incident. Boy with whom I spoke on the phone, always said that his dad is actually pretty good, he just drank a "no-water" and become so. Of course, I immediately realized that under the "no water" means the alcohol. It is a pity these children. I remember because my heart bleeds "- tinylittlegnatTCmark.

"A man shot himself in the head while talking to me on the phone"

"I worked as an operator 911 in 2011. At that time I lived in California, and in parallel with this work, I had another one. One day we got a call a man, and the voice I knew it was the best friend of my husband. I was shocked and very surprised and frightened by what he said. As it turned out later, he had a fight with his wife, who, according to him, had died from multiple blows to the head. He said that his wife had no pulse, and he wants to commit suicide because his gnawing sense of guilt.

I did my best, that he was talking as long as possible with me, but unfortunately, he pulled the trigger of his gun before the police could get to his home. Incidentally, it is worth noting that the woman who beat the best, turned out to be one of my husband alive. I remember that it is almost six months spent in the hospital. But there she was cured only physical injuries, not psychological. As far as I know, it is now seen by a psychiatrist "- inkinkimalergic2me.