Copperfield ordered to reveal the secret of the trick

• Copperfield ordered to reveal the secret of the trick

58-year-old David Cox sued magician after a concussion and a shoulder injury after falling while attending a stunt called "Thirteen lucky."

Copperfield ordered to reveal the secret of the trick

Copperfield was summoned to the court in Las Vegas, when chef David Cox sued for malpractice, was injured during the show illusionist.

At the request contained in the lawsuit, the secret trick "Thirteen lucky" to be made public.

Lawyers famous Americans claim that the disclosure of the secret trick inflict considerable financial damage to the illusionist, whose condition is currently estimated at 560 million pounds.

However, the referee was adamant because he was informed that the trick for all time of its existence participated about 55 thousand people, and they all know how it works.

David Cox suffered a concussion and a shoulder injury as a result of participation in the trick

Cox said he had received a concussion and a shoulder injury, falling construction debris while participating in a stunt.

Thirteen trick members selected from viewers at random, catching balloons which launches Copperfield. Selected audience is placed in a suspended cage on the stage. Cage completely close the curtain and into the hands of the participants given torches to light under the curtain gave the impression that they are still there.

Copperfield ordered to reveal the secret of the trick

After a few moments the curtain is removed, and everyone can see that the cell is empty, but all participants trick then suddenly appear at the end of the hall.

Cox's lawyer Benedict Morelli said that behind the scenes during a stunt going on chaos.

Participants quickly removed from the cell, until she closed the curtain, and jogging are secret corridors and open areas back to the theater.

Cox says that's where he fell.

Copperfield ordered to reveal the secret of the trick

Members trick "lucky thirteen"

Member stunt says injured when without any escort passed through the dark corridor with debris, on which he stumbled.

"The defendant was obliged to ensure the safety of participants trick - the lawyer says Morelli. - Cox did not know that it will happen during the trick, he simply said, "Get up, let's go. '"

Morelli sure that someday something like this was going to happen.

Also, the victim's lawyer added that Cox was not warned about the likelihood of injury while participating in a stunt. "Sam Cox (and other stakeholders, probably also) expect that everything is safe," - said the lawyer.

"Why is David Copperfield by me for his stunt, did not care about my safety?" - is perplexed Cox.

Copperfield ordered to reveal the secret of the trick

Participants quickly take away the secret corridors, until the curtain closed around the cage

Cox also added that the hotel and entertainment complex, where the show was held partly in a state of repair.

In his lawsuit, he claims to have spent more than 280 thousand pounds for treatment.

The viewer sued not only in Copperfield, but also in the hotel complex and the construction team.

The lawyer of the hotel complex Jerry Popovich said that Cox just tripped and fell so.

He explained that the platform on which the accident occurred, is seven meters from the entrance to the theater and has a slope of only 1 degree.

He also said that ten minutes earlier Copperfield himself passed along this route during another trick, and if noticed any problems, be sure to tell the staff.

While the court has not yet ruled on the case.