"Horse Style" in the lens of the photographer Wiebke Haas

• "Horse Style" in the lens of the photographer Wiebke Haas

"Horses are laughable, - says German photographer Wiebke Haas. - My greatest passion - to seek from their almost human expression. " This hobby Wiebke turned into a photo series titled "Horsestyle", which was among the finalists of the photo competition Sony World Photography Awards 2018.

Wiebke Haas (Wiebke Haas) grew up surrounded by animals that may explain why her horse look so at ease. "The most difficult thing is to keep them in front of the camera", - says Haas. What is its secret? Horse treats and occasional tickling the ear.

Punk alive

Wiebke Haas said: "The young stallion Pauli clowns around. It was hard to illuminate his dark hair on a black background. It took me a powerful flare. "

valiant prince

"Linus with his bright mane - a real heartbreaker. he relaxed in the studio, and patiently worked as a professional model. "


"The long fluffy mane Polly looks like a fantastic vortexes on the head. Her black-and-white wool complicated was given my cell. "

Mr Perfection

"Allaus learned flap mane of gesture hands in just a few minutes before the photoshoot. We are very quickly captured this amazing hair. "

Captain Fantastic

"Arabian stallion Hafid prefer first proudly laugh in the studio, but then he realized that the three girls are in a state of euphoria from his strokes his head."

An ideal crest

"Anton tickling in the ear, so he shook his head. A thick mane of his horse like a chignon. Most of the time, he lowered his head low to the ground, so it took a long time to make that shot. "

The Little Rocker

"This is a kid on Flekki nickname. He loves to play for tasty treats. "