Swaziland decided to rename

• Swaziland decided to rename the

State Swaziland more on the map, you will not find. The last absolute monarch in Africa, King Mswati III declared that the Kingdom of Swaziland renames Esvatini.

Swaziland decided to rename Swaziland decided to rename

On his decision to give a new name to the state the king announced during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the independence of the Swazi nation and the 50th anniversary of the Mswati III.

"Many African countries after independence, have returned to their ancient, original name. From now on we will no longer be called Swaziland "- Mswati III said.

Swaziland decided to rename

state will now be known as the Kingdom of Esvatini as it was before colonization by Britain. In a translation from the local language "esvatini" means "land of the Swazi." In recent years, the king several times used the name "Kingdom Esvatini" in the speeches at the UN General Assembly and the African Union.

Swaziland decided to rename

In addition, the President noted that there was some confusion with the name "Swaziland": it is often confused with Switzerland (Swaziland - Switzerland).

"When we go abroad, we are called Switzerland".

Some Swiss after the announcement relieved, because the country is often confused in the online forms. Mswati III said he wants to have his people "was the name with which he could identify himself."