"Evening revelations" or the truth that most of us do not want to hear

• "Evening revelations" or the truth that most of us do not want to hear

There are lots of things that people do not want to hear, even if the way it actually is. It is true - it is the universal savior and executioner all rolled into one. Some need it, while others reject it in all possible ways. For a moment think about whether your relationship business / personal / family relationships the same as before, if at some point you decide to speak a truth. We think not.

Everyone would lie better than to express the real claims, for example, to your loved one, or mom and dad. Lies rule this world, and in some cases, it is extremely necessary. To hear the truth about yourself is always hard, who would there not talking. Not because we do not want to know it, but because it's just ... awkward. So, we offer you the "truth-womb on a platter."

1. No matter how good a person you think you are, there will always be people in the world who will remember you as a real bastard. Get over it, in the end, you are not a dollar, not the euro, and even our native Russian Ruble.

2. You are not special. Even if the world lived only a few million people, you would still hardly be distinguished among them some global merit. And electronic cigarette, vegetarianism and sad fotochki on the background of the carpet certainly not make you unique and unrepeatable umnichki.

3. Some of your best memories of childhood - it is, no doubt, false memories (yes, your brain likes to get up such a thing).

4. People do not get what they deserve, because life is unfair. And besides, even if justice is done, most of us in any case does not deserve anything good.

5. You also insignificant for the rest of the world, as well as strangers, by whom you pass on the street.

6. There will come a time when you have no one to remember.

7. Scientists have almost a hundred percent sure that Tyrannosaurus Rex was not able to growl (yes, we know that you will be disappointed).

8. The tiny beetles eat the skin of your face while you are sleeping peacefully in her crib.

9. Studies show that attractive people have more opportunities to succeed in all areas of their lives, and they are better than the others to average people.

10. The majority of the nicest things that has ever talked about a person, it is pronounced their funeral (this is especially true for people who do not like the others).

11. It's your fault. Maybe not for everyone, but for some of the stocks in response to only you. The adoption of this may be inconvenient, but it is also the first step to the realization that you can control at least one part of his life, and, thanks to the control, you can do it better.

12. You may not hear the phrase again: "I like you, but as a friend." Yes it's true.

13. Most things in life can not be fixed with a simple solution. Quite often, both sides are wrong ... and at the same time both sides are right.

14. Drugs - is not only cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and so on. Among the food products also have their "opiates", and sugar is one of them. Remember this!

15. Some people really have to start in a much less favorable conditions. Yes, we are all equal, but if you grow up in a poor neighborhood, in your family does not have money, you have to quit school and go to work because your dad threw your mother, and so on ... In general, no matter how hard you try, you will always graze the rear. It is always easier to grow in a wealthy family with loving parents, where your life is not in danger, and you do not have to fight for every piece of bread.

16. Usually people without any problems watching your achievements, but this statement is true only if you do not metite climb above them.

17. Every time you drain the water in the toilet bowl with a raised lid, microscopic particles of faeces are scattered all over the toilet.

18. Everyone picks his nose, even the attractive guy / girl that you think.

19. At some point in their lives, your parents want you to be born.

20. In the 21st century, more people die from overeating than from starvation.

21. Generally, smokers cost the health care system is much cheaper than the usual average person. Why? They die early.

22. A person who, statistically, kill you ... is you most likely.

23. People are about 4 times more likely to die, drowned in his bath than at the hands of a suicide bomber.

24. Because of the prevalence of online dating today there are many people who first saw her husband at the time, when they were sitting on the toilet.

25. Our gadgets, clothes and food - it's mostly products of human slavery, poverty and brutal working conditions.

26. Nobody cares for you and your opinion. Nobody ever listens to a man who is nothing of itself is not, but only pretend.

27. Motivational training will not help you just because you're actually more likely to want to do nothing.

28. You will not be interesting to anyone, if you do not show the strengths of his character.

29. Girls / guys have not broken off once you have sex.

30. All the same, one truth will out, and then you lose your family because of some kind of affair with a stripper.