Interesting facts about the author of the novel "Dracula"

• Interesting facts about the author of the novel "Dracula"

April 20, 1912, 106 years ago, died on the Irish writer Bram Stoker, whose name is most associated with his most famous work, the novel "Dracula". This hero of many readers know far more than on the author himself, while his extraordinary personality deserves no less attention.

Interesting facts about the author of the novel Interesting facts about the author of the novel

The present writer's name - Abraham Stoker. He was born in 1847 in the capital of Ireland, the son of a minor official. As a child, the future writer was seriously ill and up to 7 years was confined to bed - because of an unknown illness, he could not walk. But then he went on the mend, began intensively engaged in sports and has achieved considerable success in athletics and football. Despite the fact that due to illness Abraham was deprived of all the joys available to its peers, it is believed that this gave impetus to his future: "I was naturally thoughtful and long-term illness gave background of many thoughts that have become fruitful in the coming years. "

Interesting facts about the author of the novel

After graduating from the Faculty of Mathematics carts, like his father, he began his career as a public servant. As a hobby, he wrote theater reviews and reviews in the newspaper. One day he published an approving review of the staging of the famous actor Henry Irving, who in gratitude, invited Stoker for dinner. Since then, between the two began a friendship and the future writer for many years, became manager of the actor. Henry Irving suggested that he take the post of Managing Director of the Theater "Lyceum" and move to London, where Stoker became acquainted with Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde.

Interesting facts about the author of the novel

The first edition of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula * *

In 1874 Stoker engaged in literary activities. The apogee of his artistic biography was the novel "Dracula", which brought him international fame. On this piece the writer worked for 8 years, during which collected European folklore, studied the legend of the vampire. The final concept of the novel has matured after the library he found a book about Vlad III Basarab known as Vlad Tepes Dracula, or, about which he wrote as a harsh ruler and tyrant who did not know any mercy to loved ones or enemies. According to legend, he disposes of the undesirable, putting them on a stake. He did not drink human blood, but loved watching the agony of dying and constantly invents new ways of execution.

Interesting facts about the author of the novel

The most original edition of the novel by Bram Stoker's Dracula * *

Bram Stoker was not the first who wrote about vampires (a great influence on him had a novel Le Fanu's "Carmilla"), but that his novel has spawned a huge number of imitations and caused an unprecedented surge of interest in "vampire" theme. Literary critics have called his work one of the best end of the XIX century gothic novels. "Dracula" made a big impression on many writers, among them were Arthur Conan Doyle and Alexander Blok, who thanked his friend for his advice to read this novel and confessed that two nights spent reading and "desperately afraid." After "Dracula" author has published several works - "Miss Betty," "Sea Mystery," "Personal memories of Henry Irving," "Treasure of the seven stars," "Lady in the shroud," "The Lair of the White Worm" - but none of they could compare in popularity with the notorious novel. "Dracula" was repeatedly filmed, this image does not lose its popularity to this day. To date, about Dracula written more than a thousand novels and shot about 200 films.

Interesting facts about the author of the novel

Film Actors * * based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker

All his life the writer was married to Florence Belka, which was once in love with Oscar Wilde. Both writers have made her an offer, she chose Bram Stoker, but between the rivals to maintain friendly relations. In a happy marriage, the couple had a son Noel.

Interesting facts about the author of the novel

A manuscript page of the novel Dracula * *

Bram Stoker was known not only as the creator of "Dracula", but as the author of popular scientific works "Famous impostors", which exposes the known scams and mystifies. In the last chapter the writer suggests that the British Queen Elizabeth was actually ... a man! The author was convinced that the real Elizabeth died of illness at the age of 10 years, and her governess to keep silent about the girl's death, fearing the wrath of King Henry, and instead of her daughter showed her father disguised as a boy. How could he not notice the substitution - remains a mystery. Bram Stoker does not convincing evidence of its paradoxical hypothesis, using as arguments only those facts that the Queen never married, she refused to be examined by doctors, wigs and loved ... was smart! (Obviously, the writer doubted that this quality can be inherent in women).

Interesting facts about the author of the novel

In spite of its popularity, the last years of his life Bram Stoker spent in poverty. He died in 1912 from progressive paralysis. In memory of the writer was established by Bram Stoker Award, which is awarded to authors of works in the genre of horror.