"Eats, Blogs", or how to react if your girlfriend talks to the former?

You know how it is: you are all wonderful, and you are not an example to all your friends and acquaintances, almost happy, you even have joint plans with your partner, and almost no problems and scandals. Do you trust each other, so you have long told each other everything, everything, everything about their previous relationships. And here, as in the movie, "bang, and the second shift," well, that is in the life of your girl starts to appear and actively manifest her ex-boyfriend.

First, as if by accident, then as if in an insignificant occasion then "for a minute" dropped into a bar, "Well, you know, he and I are just friends." Well, yes, in that case, if you, as a former boyfriend and current friend a couple of times met his last girlfriend, the friendship with the former case, and it's even normal, but how you react to your girl friendship with her ex? Riddle ... So, let's understand why she needed it, and what to do sweet communion?

Dating behind your back

One of the most unpleasant option - it is when it is rewritten secretly (perhaps this is meaningless, "Hi how are you?", But still), and meets with the former. In life, it can be any, and perhaps you are not lucky, because your girl at heart believed it the former, and you - temporary. Probably so it flatters their vanity. But more often it happens that the former man, who himself left, slamming the door, he suddenly realized his mistake and is trying to return the girl, or just wants to forget about the problems with a person with whom he used to be comfortable. And your good friend just could not refuse him mercy, well, nothing human is alien to it, and it just feels vindictive pleasure from his suffering.

What to do in this case? The fact that your girl hid from you its "charitable" actions seem to say that it is not very much you trust. In this case, it is most expedient would be all quiet (without charges and "raids") to discuss and give her a chance to speak. Chances are that as a result, it turns out that she long ago it seems that she does not need you, unimportant and uninteresting. And then the best thing you can do is give her to speak out, to let her know that she is the best, and this is no doubt, and at the same time promise (and, if possible, and the promises) to be more attentive.

If the former - "holy cow"

If from the very beginning of your relationship it is stipulated that the communication with the former - it's almost holy, as he practically - an artifact that you should not be surprised. That is her ex - has semi-mythical, but the way her character as a memory. Perhaps he carried her out of the burning house or gave written off in the fifth grade on the test, not the essence. It is important that forbid them to meet - this is the worst thing you can do. This is almost certainly provoke her care. Not to the former, and not because he is - an object of worship, or passion, but because she feels aggrieved in the right to privacy.

So the best way in this case - to treat (have your overall) to the former, as an elderly relative, periodically arise on the horizon, that is - restrained, indifferent and very little mockingly. A noble, peace of mind and confidence your girl will appreciate.

The former as a reason for jealousy

A pretty common option when a girl uses her ex, to make you jealous, and that is because it is clearly not enough of your attention, and it is clearly not enough adrenaline in your relationship. Well, it is a child or reread chivalry and still wants to "go" on a jousting tournament. Out of this situation is very simple: to play along with her. If it seems that you are somewhat cooled, it may be wise to "crank it up"? A certain amount of jealousy scenes will be very helpful.

But if such games are not your thing, then the situation can be simplified utterly: ask his girlfriend to introduce you to her ex. Well, if they are friends, and she's your girlfriend, it is logical to get acquainted with her boyfriend, and if a girl dreaming of a jousting tournament, then here it is, please. No, cook the spears do not need, but cleverly and gracefully to show you - now, and he - a bleak and possibly inglorious past, very necessary.

If your girl is a fool

Yes, sadly it sounds, but it happens. And sometimes this is the case, if your girl is not just constantly meets with his ex, but also constantly compare, and comparison is obviously not in your favor. And if to compare your literary and cinematic tastes can close your eyes, then comparing your sex life with the exploits of the former to do so is not worth it. As would be sad as it may sound, but your girl - a fool. Give her ex back. With things. Without a fight. He still would not last long.

Instead of an epilogue

And another tip instead of an epilogue. If you have a girlfriend, do not meet up with his ex. Accept it as an axiom. To meet with the former can not be, especially if you have recently split up, and it thus still pretty and lonely. Explain to a girl that you're just friends with another girl, it is practically impossible, and it is absolutely impossible to explain the current girl, you're just friends with his ex-girlfriend. The more that you do, and, although not so much just friends, right?