"Propaganda in the pages of history textbooks." How to look at homosexuality in ancient cultures?

Some people are thinking about the distant past, piously believe that if manifestations of love in all its terms were acceptable. They imagine a time when sexuality had no boundaries and nothing special was not forbidden. We think so, because we perceive the past as a reflection of our present, but it is not.

Different cultures in ancient times have not always been a paradise for lovers of pleasures rather interesting bedding; just when manners were quite different. The ancient peoples had their own taboos, as well as their own beliefs about what was right and what was not. Many were significantly different from those values ​​completely different from what you imagine, and the then world-view of how we see life today. But if you grew up in any of these cultures, most likely you would be looking at the world as well.

Ancient Greece

It is said that the ancient Greeks were not such thing as homosexuality, and in a sense this is true. For the Greek man was quite normal, and most importantly legitimate to have as a lover boy, and some historians even believe that without such sexual relations ancient Greek culture could not be much the same as it has reached us. However, homosexuality in ancient Greece was not really just because the Greeks did not divide on gay men and straight except one little "but".

Such a "strong male friendship" was considered normal even as long as one of the orchestras has not reached the age of puberty. When screwing in the two adult males, by mutual agreement, the Greeks thought it was a little strange, because if one of the partners would have to take on the social role of women. Stones for this, of course, one would not have showered, but if a man older than 17 years, voluntarily went to a representative of another male, rumor would definitely go for it on the county.

Ancient Rome

The Romans looked upon homosexuality, about the same as the ancient Greeks, it is true, in Rome manners were still more severe. Men were free to sleep only with boys, slaves or boys-prostitute, but an adult free man, who wanted to be in the "lower role," would inevitably have incurred a wave of public indignation to the point that it would be considered sick. As for the lovely ladies, here the Romans used the good old approach "No man - no problem". The possibility of the existence of lesbians in principle they did not believe. This can not be, period.


in Assyria Act was very simple and stark: if a man lies under another man, it must be turned into a eunuch. Thus, homosexuality is officially in Assyria was outlawed, however, some loopholes still remain. Although free Assyrians could not sleep with it on equal social status of men in almost every city of Assyria could find dozens of young men of the oldest profession in which bloodthirsty laws did not spread.

Was there a separate category of priests, whose job was actually to change into a woman and make nice to other men. By the way, there is still some Assyrian myth that sex with young men-prostitutom supposedly brings good luck, so these contacts are often practiced before battles and other important events.

Medieval Europe

It is believed that medieval Europe was a bulwark of a such a strict Christian morality, where any sexual deviation had to be carefully concealed from the public. Even though Europeans did in the whole of homosexuality negatively, some loopholes in the system still had. For example, French law allows two men to create something like a civil partnership.

These partners are able to live together under one roof, together own property, and in case of death of one of them becoming the second of his rightful heir. Officially the law was intended to create the conditions for living together, for example, two brothers who, for one reason or another did not get married and not curled his family. However, as is usually the case, use this loophole in the law is not misused. Homosexuals often formalize their unions here to live together like a married couple.

Ancient Egypt

Since ancient Egypt that is what the ancient to modern historians have not reached a lot of information about the then customs, traditions and laws. It is known that archaeologists have to dig at least one Egyptian tombs, where the two men were buried together in an embrace with each other. Also came information about a homosexual Egyptian Pharaoh Piopi II, but, apparently, the contemporaries of his behavior was perceived more as a scandal than the norm.

If we are talking about ancient Egypt, special interest deserves the myth of Seth and Horus. Seth wanted to take away his nephew Horus the throne, and to gain power, he raped her nephew, and then said that if he managed to discredit the governor, it is worthy to take his place. About this and came down, all eyes on homosexuality in ancient Egypt. To sleep with other men was generally acceptable. It was inadmissible in this case act as a girl.