Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Who are the youngest billionaires, included in the Forbes global ranking, yet not bound by marriage

In March, Forbes published an annual ranking of the richest people in the world. In 2018 the list included 2208 people from 72 countries. The total amount, which is owned by the participants rating, reaching $ 9, $ 1 trillion, which is 18% more than last year. Edition of Forbes Woman has chosen billionaire bachelors, whose age does not exceed 45 years.

The gallery Forbes 18 the youngest member of the world ranking, is not related by marriage. Among them, the creators of the messengers and founders of start-ups, the heirs of corporations and investors.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Bobby Murphy

Rank: 514Costoyanie: $ 4, 2 billion

Age: 29Ctrana: CSHA

Bobby Murphy - co-founder of Snapchat messenger, an application for photo sharing and video messages that self-destruct after a short time.

In 2016, together with his friend from Stanford University fraternity Evan Spiegel he founded Snap Inc.

Murphy got a supporting role in the company: he was the CTO and his business partner, Spiegel took over as CEO. But that did not stop him from becoming one of the largest owners of the company, whose market value is estimated at more than $ 17 billion. According to Forbes, Murphy owns a share not less than 17%. Service continues to gain popularity among users, which will undoubtedly attracts investors.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Patrick Collison

Rank: 2124Costoyanie: $ 1 billion

Age: 29Ctrana: Ireland

Patrick Collison - co-founder and CEO, Stripe, which allows businesses and individuals to easily accept payments via the Internet. Together with his brother John Collison started the project while studying at a college in Boston. Among the major investors Stripe number of billionaires Elon Musk and Peter Thiel.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

John Collison

Rank: 2124Costoyanie: $ 1 billion

Age: 27Ctrana: Ireland

John Collison - 27-year-old founder of the Stripe payment system. He became the world's youngest billionaire, made his fortune rather than inherited it. John and his brother Patrick were born and raised in the countryside near the city of Limerick in Ireland, where his parents ran a hotel on the lake.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Julio Mario Santo Domingo III of

Rank: 1103Costoyanie: $ 2, 2 billion

Age: 32Ctrana: US

New York DJ Julio Mario Santo Domingo, inherited his fortune from his grandfather and namesake of the late Julio Mario Santo Domingo, which belonged rather big share in the British brewer SABMiller. In 2005, the grandfather Domingo III transferred the rights to his Colombian brewery in return for a 15% stake in SABMiller. Beer magnate divided the inheritance between his two sons, who are included in the rating of the richest people in America, and grandchildren went to one sixth. Their family owns controlling stakes in Bavaria Brewery and Valores Bavaria.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Tom Persson

Rank: 1477Costoyanie: $ 1, 6 billion

Age: 33Ctrana: Sweden

Tom Persson - the third generation of the family who made his fortune by selling inexpensive clothing. His grandfather Erling Persson founded H & M network in 1947. Sister, brother, aunt and father Tom are also billionaires. The young man lives in Stockholm and works in the film industry.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Drew Houston

Rank: 1999Costoyanie: $ 1, 1 billion

Age: 35Ctrana: US

Drew Houston - founder and CEO of Dropbox. In 2007, at age 24 he invented a device to exchange and synchronize files Dropbox with a friend Arash Ferdowsi. Co-founders met at MIT, were both members of the fraternity Phi Delta Theta.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Brian Chesky

Rank: 588Costoyanie: $ 3, 8 billion

Age: 36Ctrana: US

Brian Chesky - co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, an online service for short-term rentals of private housing. Services service used by more than 160 million people in 190 countries.

Cesky born into a family of social workers. Before Airbnb base on a professional level bodybuilders.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Marcus Persson

Rank: 1650Costoyanie: $ 1, 4 billion

Age: 38Ctrana: Sweden

Markus Persson - the creator of Minecraft game. In 2014 he sold his Microsoft Project for $ 2, 5 billion. Due to the problems in the family Persson dropped out of high school, but despite this, was able to succeed in life. In 2004 he took a job at Midasplayer company that later became famous as, but left after five years. At the same time there was a Minecraft: he went round the world trip, and in his spare time programmed game. By 2011, it sold 1 million copies of the game and another 10 million in the next 10 months.

Persson was married, but divorced in 2012, have been married for a little over six months, which is not slow to inform its readers on Twitter.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Robert Pera

Rank: 499Costoyanie: $ 4, 3 billion

Age: 40Ctrana: US

Robert Pera is the founder and CEO of the American company Ubiquiti, which specializes in the development and manufacture of equipment for computer networks.

Pera began his career as an engineer at Apple equipment in 2003. However, two years later, he left the company and founded his own Jobs - Ubiquiti Networks. In 2011, Pera took the company public and became a billionaire at the age of 34 years. He owns about 70% stake in Ubiquiti, as well as 25% Memphis Grizzilies - American basketball team, which is part of the NBA. Billionaire takes an active part in its development. Pen is not married and is trying not to publicize their personal life.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Travis Kalanick

Rank: 422Costoyanie: $ 4, 8 billion

Age: 41Ctrana: CSHA

Kalanik - founder of the Uber network carrier. The organization works in 76 countries, according to data for 2017, Uber drivers made more than 5 million visits. June 21, 2017 Uber Kalanik resigned as head of scandals related to corporate culture in the company. In early 2018 he sold his shares Uber for $ 1, 4 billion. In March Kalanik reported the discovery of 10100 Fund Fund for investment in real estate, e-commerce and innovation in India and China.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Jack Dorsey

Rank: 766Costoyanie: $ 3, 1 billion

Age: 41Ctrana: CSHA

Jack Dorsey - co-founder of the microblogging service Twitter. Before 2006, together with Avon Williams Bizom Stone and Noah Glass and his associates he created a Twitter, Jack was a massage therapist and studied fashion design. He is also the CEO of the payment company Square, which was founded in 2009.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Saket Burman

Rank: 1756Costoyanie: $ 1, 3 billion

Age: 41Ctrana: Britain

Saket Boorman is a representative of the sixth generation of the legendary clan Burman, who founded Dabur - the fourth-largest consumer goods company in India. He inherited a 12, 4% of the shares and the seat on the board of the company from his father, Siddhartha Burman, who died in 2015.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Yoshikazu Tanaka

Rank: 1756Costoyanie: $ 1, 2 billion

Age: 41Ctrana: Japan

Yoshikazu Tanaka - founder of Gree, which is developing free games for mobile and social networks. Yoshikazu founded in 2004, he is its president and owns 46% of shares.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Jan Koum

Rank: 170Costoyanie: $ 9, 1 billion

Age: 42Ctrana: US

Jan Koum - co-founder of WhatsApp. In 2009, Kum Yang co-founded WhatsApp, the largest mobile messaging service in the world. Facebook bought the startup for $ 22 billion in 2014. Before you run WhatsApp, Koum almost nine years at Yahoo.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Daniel Kretinski

Rank: 924Costoyanie: $ 2, 6 billion

Age: 42Ctrana: Czech Republic

Daniel Kretinski is co-owner of the largest energy group in Central Europe EPH (Energetický a průmyslový Holding). He owns 94% of the company, he also owns a stake in the Czech mediadome Czech News Center, which produces the most read newspaper in the Czech Republic Blesk.

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Mark Shainberg

Rank: 422Costoyanie: $ 4, 8 billion

Age: 44Ctrana: Canada

Mark Shainberg founded the company online poker PokerStars with his father. When he launched the project in 2001, he was only 28 years old, and it was at that period was pokersky boom that gripped the United States and the rest of the world. In 2014, he sold the Rational Group - the parent company of PokerStars in The Stars Group for $ 4, 9 billion Mark owned about 75% Rational Group, so he earned more than $ 3 billion..

Singles from Forbes billionaires list

Wong Jin

Rank: 1650Costoyanie: $ 1, 4 billion

Age: 45Ctrana: China

Wang Jin - President and CEO of telecommunications company Xinwei Telecom Technology Group. Wong has also invested in the construction of the Nicaraguan canal between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. However, in recent years, the project is almost does not move.

Pete Bodharamik

Rank: 2124Costoyanie: $ 1 billion

Age: 45Ctrana: Thailand

Pete Bodharamik - CEO of Jasmine International, the second-largest provider of broadband services in Thailand. The company was founded by his father in 1982, but went into decline after the 1997 financial crisis.

In 2008 he took the management of the organization in their hands, and returned to her former position in the market. Now Pete's 68% stake in the company.