Kim Jong-un went to China on the train

Policemen guarding the train North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at a train station in Beijing

Kim Jong-un went to China on the train

To travel in North Korea's leaders have a unique train

Arrive in Beijing dark green train with yellow piping, personal train of the ruling Kim family, caused a lot of talk, before confirming that he, Kim Jong Un went to his first trip outside North Korea since both led the country after his death his father Kim Jong-il in December 2011.

There is no information on how often Kim Jong-un has used the train for traveling within their own country.

However, it is well known that his father hated flying, and still had a tendency to loose way of life. It is said that he adapted train for loud parties with lots of alcohol and karaoke. These parties he organized during his movement on the rail.

According to the report, published in 2002 by Konstantin Pulikovsky, the official representative of the Russian Federation, followed by leaders during a three-week trip to Moscow in 2001, the train carried boxes Bordeaux and Beaujolais from Paris, and passengers could try live lobster and pork barbecue.

Kim Jong-un went to China on the train

A former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, waving from the window of his armored train, August 2002

A replica on display in Pyongyang

A copy of the train, open to the North Korean public seems to be more suited for the business.

The model of a train wagons in full size is among exhibits constant exposure exquisitely decorated mausoleum on the outskirts of Pyongyang where lie North Korean state founder Kim Il Sung and his son Kim. According to an official conclusion, Kim Jong-il died of a heart attack during a long trip.

There in the exhibition hall and a map of the leaders travel on this train, each stop is marked by a small lamp.

On one of the many paintings in the hall depicts Kim Jong Il standing near a train during one of his trips.

Kim Il Sung also always used the train in his travels in Eastern Europe in 1984.

Inside the car exhibition can be seen table leaders, chairs and a sofa.

Guides in the mausoleum told that the car was used as a mobile office, which confirms the hard work of leaders for the good of the people.

Kim Jong-un went to China on the train

The train that brought the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang in 2010

Reinforced with flat-screen TVs and safety measures

Kim Jong Il has made about a dozen trips abroad. Almost all of them have been to China, and everything were made by rail.

The first trip took place in 1983, when he was only the heir of Kim Il Sung. It was the only time when the train was traveling not the leader of a leader.

The first trip of Kim Jong Il abroad as the leader of North Korea took place in 2000, six years after his father's death. And now it was six years after the death of Kim Jong Il.

The main feature of the armored train - security.

According to reports in South Korea, North Korea has 90 cars, and while the leader travels on rails one after another go at once three trains: the first train goes to check the rail, followed by a train with the leader and his immediate environment, and then - the third train with all the others. Advanced communications and flat-screen TVs provide leaders with an opportunity to give orders, and receive news and posts.

The Secret Travel

Precursors of Kim Jong-un is most often kept their trip a secret until they are completed.

Experts still count how many times the North Korean leaders have traveled abroad, because some travel secret to this day.

Chinese and North Korean media in this regard are not assistants. They are subject to state and follow the instructions of their ruling parties.

For example, the journey of Kim Jong Il to China in 2003 was not lit until recent days.

When in 2009 he went on his train to visit Russia and meet with President Dmitry Medvedev, Russian photographer to shoot this trip was forbidden.

Whole cities in Siberia were given instructions not to go out until the train will pass. Travel Kim Jong-un this week showed how times have changed.

Kim Jong-un went to China on the train

Train privozshy to China Kim Jong-un

The news of the arrival of the train to Beijing does not hide, ordinary people laid out in the Internet video from the train recorded on the phone.

Japanese media quickly picked up the video and broadcast fresh footage from the heavily guarded hotel in the state and the arrival of a long convoy.

In the age of social networking and the ubiquitous camera phones to maintain confidentiality it is becoming increasingly difficult.