Rating US president's popularity

• Rating US presidents popularity

Rating US president's popularity

As president of the USA stayed a number of outstanding personalities. Among them are the 5 most famous statesmen:

George Washington.

Abraham Lincoln.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

John F. Kennedy.

Ronald Reagan.

Thanks to his leadership qualities, these people managed to make a significant contribution to the history of formation and development of the United States.

George Washington

As an active supporter of the idea of ​​independence of the North American states, in 1774 George Washington was a large landowner and former military became one of the founders and leaders of the Continental Congress - is actually the first of the US government. Due to the authority and military experience, he was elected chief of the Continental Army, and then won the victory in the War of Independence. In 1789, a panel of voters elected the first American president, the only one in US history who have received 100% of the votes in his support.

Abraham Lincoln

In 1854, Abraham Lincoln was one of the founders and leaders of the Republican Party. An outspoken opponent of the slave order and supporter of democracy in 1860, the politician won the presidential election. Initiated by him in 1862, abolition of slavery, has led the United States out of the composition of the 11 southern states and the Civil War. Thanks to the skillful leadership of Lincoln, northerners managed to win this war and restore the unity of the country. In 1965, the 16th American President, was shot dead a supporter of the Confederacy.

Franklin Roosevelt

With young Franklin Roosevelt in politics, he was an active member of the Democratic Party. In 39 years, polio. Due to the wrong treatment prescribed by a doctor Roosevelt was stricken with paralysis. Until the day the politician was forced to move around in a wheelchair. In 1932 he was elected US president.

During his reign, Roosevelt was able to implement a number of radical economic reforms and lead the country out of the Great Depression. By the beginning of World War II, the US economy is strong enough that the United States was able to provide substantial financial and military support of the European allies in the fight against Nazi Germany. After Japan attacked the United States entered World War ended with the victory of the allied troops. Roosevelt is the only US president who was elected more than 2 terms. In the presidential election, he won 4 times.

John F. Kennedy

Born in a family of influential politicians of John F. Kennedy, whose biography is very interesting, it was doomed to engage in political activities from a young age. His energy and natural charm won the hearts of Americans, who elected their President Kennedy in 1961. At age 44 he became the second-youngest US leader after Theodore Roosevelt. Thanks to the struggle against racial discrimination, Kennedy became one of the most popular politicians in the world. In 1963, he was able to carry out successful negotiations with Soviet leader N. Khrushchev, which helped resolve the impending new world war, the Cuban missile crisis. In October of the same year, he was shot in Dallas. The circumstances of the murder are not clear until now.

Ronald Reagan

Few people in the 30-60-ies of XX century would have thought that an actor of second-rate American movies Ronald Reagan will be in 1981, the US president. Back in the late 50's he became interested in politics, eventually becoming one of the Republican leaders. Twice he ran unsuccessfully for the presidency, but the third time the Reagan managed to win the votes of the majority of voters. Years of his government was marked by rapid economic growth, one of the richest and most stable period in the lives of ordinary Americans.

All these presidents ruled at different times and eras. However, their activity left a vivid memory of not only American, but also world history.