The president, who did not die a natural death

• The president, who did not die a natural death

The president, who did not die a natural death

Every nation has its own traditions, mysteries and legends. In America, one of the legends that survived to our time, was the mysterious curse of Tecumseh. For years, the curse takes the lives of the presidents.

It all began with the fact that one of the leaders of the Indian tribe of dying on his deathbed uttered a terrible curse. If you believe in its power, every head of state, elected in a year divisible by 20, dies.

How did the conflict began

It is known that in the United States between the colonists and the tribes of Indians fierce battle for territory was carried out, starting from the XVII century. Naive leaders believed "white", concluded a treaty of peace and hoped for good neighborly relations. On the part of the colonists these promises not only performed, but also entailed a brutal methods of punishment. Thus, according to legend, the story takes us to 1811. Between the great tribal chief Tecumseh and the current Governor of Garrison another conflict occurred. The authorities then offered the tribe of redemption for the land. The Indians did not agree with the proposal that has led to the beginning of the fierce battles that later turned into the so-called war Tecumseh. In this war, the Indians defeated. Dying great leader delivered a terrible curse from which really began a series of deaths.

The Curse in action - believe it or not?

The first in a string of curses himself became Harrison, who was the cause of the conflict. Indiana Governor in 1840 was elected to the presidency. Exactly a month after taking office, the head of state he died of colds. Was it a coincidence or a curse came into effect - to judge is difficult. But from Harrison went a chain of mysterious deaths, which are largely associated with the curse of Tecumseh.

Next on the list was the Abraham Lincoln. The date of his election to the presidency precisely fit the context of the tradition. After becoming president in 1860. Lincoln died in 1865 from a gunshot wound. Garfield was as follows - in 1880, he took over as head of state and a year later also tragically died from a bullet. At age 25, he died from a gunshot wound, and William McKinley. Next came Warren G. Harding was elected president in 1920. Him from life tragically left Franklin Roosevelt. Seventh in this chain was John Kennedy. His death was one of the strangest. Subsequently, all these deaths, many linked with a terrible curse. The most interesting fact is that according to legend the curse works to the seventh generation. If you keep track of the entire chain of strange deaths, it is possible to establish that this law violated Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980. He survived an assassination attempt in 1989 and successfully passed his authority.

If you believe the scientists who will find a scientific explanation for any, even the most bizarre situation, no curse does not exist. And all of these events can be considered only a sinister coincidence. But such frightening regularity in the sequence of the tragic deaths of even the most inveterate skeptic raises questions.