In Japan, invented the "hoof" for women

• In Japan, invented a "hoof" for women

Women's shoes - a strange thing. Men wonder how women can walk on high heels, on which to stand, it is difficult, it is better to sit and not to breathe. But manufacturers of shoes, apparently felt that little in the proportion of women dropped out of suffering, and released sandals as hooves. As they walk and do not break legs remains a mystery.

In Japan, invented the In Japan, invented the

By Japanese brand Walpurgis wooden sandals as hooves look like a real threat of dislocation of the ankle. But does it matter when you want to become a graceful doe?

In Japan, invented the

The first thing that catches your eye - the lack of heel. That is, in these sandals never provided support for the heel. Therefore, a reasonable question arises: how to walk in these shoes? We can not imagine how many abrasions and bruises you nabete before learn at least flat on these "hooves". But the effect is worth it. There is hardly a single person who does not pay attention to a lady in a shoe (and, most likely, wagged his finger to his temple).

In Japan, invented the

It is worth the dubious pleasure of 410 dollars, that is more than 20 thousand rubles. "Hooves" were available to pre-order in September 2017, and at the beginning of 2018 there were on sale. At the moment, the model with black and white ribbons are already sold out. Apparently, women like to suffer, and even pay for it.

In Japan, invented the