The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

The history of Jewish artistic family of musicians-midgets from Romania who survived the Auschwitz and monstrous experiments of Dr. Mengele.

Among the many prisoners of Auschwitz, that January 27, 1945 met the Soviet soldiers was also a Jewish family Ovitz. Seven brothers and sisters come from the Romanian town of Roswell lived in a labor camp for almost a year. However, it is not important, but the fact that the family consisted of midgets and normal growth of people and during the conclusion of Ovitz investigated Mengele.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz


Ovitz family was originally from Romania. Father named Samson was a dwarf, which, however, did not prevent him twice to be married to a tall woman. From them he was born, and ten children, seven of whom were Lilliputians, and three others - no.

Samson died in 1923, when the youngest daughter, Pearl, was not yet two years old. His second wife Batya left to raise their children alone. She knew that children dwarfs have a hard time in life, and therefore decided from an early age to teach them music, so that they can later make a living.

Ovitz children were very talented, and soon they were organized family ensemble, there were guitar and violin, cello, drums and other instruments. The family concerts attended by not only children, dwarfs, but also all the large family.

Dying, Batya bequeathed children always stick together, and in no case do not give up. Yet Ovitz were always together. Killed only one of the brothers, who, by the way, left the rest.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

Family Ovitz successfully toured Romania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia in 1930-40-ies. Lilliput teams in pre-war Europe a success. Ovitz in the early 1930s began to act musical group, calling it "a troupe of midgets." Using the tools of reduced dimensions, they played in the 30-40-ies in Romania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia and became pop stars.

Ovitz sang in Yiddish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and German. Between the tours they lived with their wives all in one house, the mother carrying the mandate not be separated: every time someone got married or getting married, the husband began to live with them, helping the troupe. Who married midget forbade doctors to give birth, but one of the midgets had a daughter without deviations: a genetic disease Shimshon it was not passed. The family had a car, the first in the county.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

When, in September 1940, Northern Transylvania was ceded to Hungary (ally of Nazi Germany), on its territory to take effect the new racial laws: the Jews were forbidden to speak to the Gentiles. But Ovitz was able to get the documents, which are not mentioned their Jewish origins, and so they continued to give concerts until 1944. At the same time they continue to observe the Sabbath, affecting patients, not to be carried out in the day of the concert, if necessary.

In 1944, Hungary was occupied by German troops; At the same time, Ovitz is no longer able to hide their origin, and they were forced to wear yellow stars breastplates. April 15 Germans collected their among other Jewish residents in the synagogue for further transportation to the camp. There they saw a German officer, carried them to the apartment, and the next evening forced to entertain their colleagues. It was not until May 15, when all twelve members of the family were sent to Auschwitz.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

The sisters Perla and Elizabeth Ovitz

Auschwitz and experiments Dr. Death

Upon arrival at Auschwitz (Auschwitz) Ovitz already on the platform attracted the attention of camp workers, when Miki Ovitz began to distribute promotional cards company. Just arrived in camp 12 family members - from 15-month-old baby to 58-year-old woman. About them reported to Dr. Mengele, who settled Ovitz separately from the other prisoners and freed from work. Mengele, in particular, interested in the fact that there are in the family as dwarves and humans with normal growth. Later, the family joined Shlomovits family (parents and six children) and called their relatives (and their own Ovitz was not given).

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

following the precepts of their parents, Ovitz kept together. Only one of the usual growth of the brothers decided to take a chance and escaped

Mengele, who pitched "human vivarium" in Auschwitz, had no compunction for torture, abuse and murder of large numbers of people. No wonder he got his nickname - Dr. Death. His enthusiasm, ambition and cruelty distinguished him even from other doctors who worked in the death camps. One of the first tasks in his career was to cope with the typhus epidemic in the women's barrack. He solved this problem by sending all the 498 women in the gas chamber. He also instructed to kill the family of Roma, to explore their eyeballs. However, with regard to Ovitz family have Mengele had other plans.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

Josef Mengele with a colleague at the Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics and Eugenics them. Kaiser Wilhelm. End of 1930

The next day after arriving in Auschwitz little people were in the doctor's lab. It looked like the most common hospital - doctors in white coats, nothing extraordinary. They thought that all he wanted staff - take from Ovitz blood test. Tiny price to pay for what they have saved lives. However, repeated bloodletting every week, along with X-ray irradiation. For observations of dwarf Mengele arranged for the camp a special quarter, created for them a slightly better sanitary conditions and food than other prisoners (after seeing that they are weakening from the usual camp food), and allowed them to remain in their clothes and shave. family members taller he forced to wear a dwarf in the experiments.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

As a rule, Nazi human experimentation led to the death, disfigurement or permanent disability

Ovitz, like many other prisoners of the camp were subjected to various experiments. Employees Mengele take them in a large quantity of blood for tests were extracted bone marrow pulled teeth the hairs for signs of hereditary diseases, was subjected to radiation, injected bacteria poured hot and cold water in their ears and eyedrops to the eye, blinding them to the noon. Gynecologists surveyed married women and injected them into the uterus of the scalding liquid of unknown chemical composition.

Worst test has undergone an 18-month Shimshon Ovitz, because he had the parents of normal height, and he was born prematurely; Mengele took his blood out of the veins behind the ears and of the fingers. Ovitz also saw the two newcomers dwarf were killed and welded to expose their bones in a museum.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

33-year-old Dr. Josef Mengele and his colleagues at Auschwitz

Probably, Mengele did not know I was looking for. In his papers there was no mention of the fact that he wanted to find a gene dwarfism - only routine analyzes and results of the examination of the kidneys and liver. Psychiatrists asleep Lilliputians questions to find out the level of their intelligence. Doctors have repeatedly checked their syphilis. Dora Ovitz, the wife of the eldest of the brothers, Abram, Mengele was interrogated about her sex life with her husband. Based on the memoirs of Ovitz themselves, Mengele became attached to them. According to the accounts of one of the sisters, Mengele called them by the names of the seven dwarfs from Disney's cartoon. Ironically, one of the inmates of Auschwitz artist Dina Gottlieb makes including documentary sketches seven midgets, after the war, married the lead animator "Snow White" Art Babbitt.

Ovitz became the only family survivor of Auschwitz entirely

When Mengele was transferred from Auschwitz, the mass destruction of people, and Ovitz almost resigned, as they all die, but everything turned out differently. In January 1945, the concentration camp was liberated, and it was absolutely amazing, Ovitz family has survived to this day in its entirety. It was a kind of record - 12 members of one family, the youngest of whom was 15 months and the oldest - 58 years old, survived Auschwitz. We used them for a while in the Soviet refugee camp, before being released.

7 months Ovitz to walk to his native village. Find your home in Rozavle looted, they first moved to the village of Sighet, then they were able to get a Belgian visa, and they settled in Antwerp. Touring in post-war Europe was not possible, and in May 1949 they moved to Israel, settled in Haifa and again started concert activity, using the success and collecting large halls. At the same time they changed the program: instead of songs in foreign languages ​​played a one-act plays in the life of the town. In 1955, they left the scene and purchased two cinemas and cafes.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

Sarah, Elizabeth and Perla Ovitz in Haifa, Israel

The descendants of Lilliputians-born men the usual growth. The first dead one of the brothers in 1972. The eldest of the sisters, Rozikov, died in 1984 at the age of 98, the youngest, Pearl, in 2001, 80 years. They also buried all together in one section of the family cemetery.

The history of Jewish dwarfs that survived the experiments at Auschwitz

All members of the Ovitz family lived a long life

On the history of a family troupe of midgets Ovitz whole world learned through the publication of the memoirs of Auschwitz Perla Ovitz. About experiences woman told only after the death of all other family members. Shortly before the death of Pearl, once he said in an interview:

"We were the only family that came out of the death camp unharmed. If I were a normal Jewish girl growth meter seventy, I would be sent to the gas chamber, like hundreds of thousands of other Jews. Therefore, the question of why I was born a dwarf, I would have said that, apparently, my ugliness was for the Highest only way to save my life. In our hearts we were giants ... "