"Deadly Valentine" or the terrible and mysterious murders, committed on 14 February. Part 1

For many people, on February 14 - a joyful date, which many lovers are waiting with impatience. You give gifts to your significant other, go to restaurants, doing rough sex and so on. However, all of the above does not mean that Valentine's Day can not happen any strange, dark and very tragic things. In fact, one of the most notorious killings of all time even bears his name.

In 1929, the mafia group, which is believed to be law enforcement, worked for Al Capone, dealt with the 7 members of the rival gang, and the incident forever became known as the "Saint Valentine's Day Massacre". We suggest that you read a few bloody stories that are shrouded in mystery, and occurred in the Valentine's Day.

Murder Yodiny Serrin

On Valentine's Day in 2007, the Art and Lois Serrin went to visit his 39-year-old daughter Yodinu, who lived separately. She was an invalid, and, although she might live alone and take care of themselves, it is necessary that its someone visited and checked whether all the drugs she has. Serrin when the couple arrived, they do not open the door because it was closed to the inside of the chain. It has been seen that in someone's home is, because the light was on in the hallway and the bedroom. When the Art several times called her daughter by name and does not wait for an answer, he knocked the door. When they went into the room to his daughter, the light in it was turned off, and on the bed lay in unequivocal pose two bodies. Yodina had sex with some strange and stranger.

Art shouted, so that they immediately got dressed and Yodina escorted her boyfriend back home as quickly as possible, until he and his wife will be waiting in the other room. Fifteen minutes later, the girl did not come out to meet the parents of her bedroom. Serrigny did not wait any longer and decided to again descend to his daughter. As soon as the door to her bedroom opened, the couple saw a terrible picture, which they will never forget. On the bed lay the lifeless body Yodiny. It was all black and blue, and on the neck were visible marks of strangulation. Killer girl and concurrently the gentleman with whom she had sex, he had managed to kill her, while her parents were in the next room, and then somehow mysteriously escaped.

According to investigators, it is possible that a sexual relationship between Yodinoy and her killer did not take place by mutual consent, and her parents went to her room when she was raped. Different fingerprints and DNA was collected from the scene by police, but so far the killer Yodiny Serrin was never caught.

The disappearance of a tea rose Sims

In February 1988, furniture maker from England David Sims went on a business trip to the Philippines. Met a young girl, who was his junior by 20 years, the man decided to marry her. China has decided to go along with her new husband in England, and there they began to live in a cozy house in Southend. But after a while, their marriage has cracked, and one young girl complained to her sister that she wanted a divorce with David because he was too jealous, and showed cruelty to her. She even claimed that David told her that he would hire someone to kill her, because it will cost several times cheaper than the entire divorce process.

The Valentine's Day in 1993, Chyna was invited to a family party, and it was the last time someone saw her and could tell that she was still alive with confidence. Despite the fact that she wanted to return to their homeland to the Philippines to visit his elderly and ailing father, no one has received any news from her. Not only that China was missing, so still and David disappeared from all radars. A man last seen in his own home, two months after the disappearance of his wife, but then he disappeared without any explanation.

Despite the fact that David had two daughters from a previous marriage, he tore them any communication. Years later, the police hunt down Geoffrey Paston, who had previously been acquainted with David and Tea. According Paston, David asked him to sell the house, and the money put into the account of a certain Anthony Peter Lewis. About 40 000 pounds of this amount is cashed man who said he represents the interests of David, and at least another 10,000 and hovered in the bank.

In this case, there is a mass of inconsistencies, and the police often came to a dead end, not knowing which direction to go. China herself or her body so have not been found, in principle, as David himself. Relatives of the couple say that the girl was killed Sims, and he disappeared, so as not to fall into the hands of justice, but this version would have a place to be, if David would not have two daughters, with whom he was inseparable. According to them, the father would never let them quit.