"Please wait, loading furry handcuffs and breast upgrade to version 3.0" or some very weird sex applications very strange people

Perhaps some avid fans of all sorts of gadgets and devices now do not agree with us, but, according to our standards, backward, very phrase "mobile application for sex" sounds like something to put it mildly, strange. But in the end, what can you do?

We live in the modern world of scientific and technological progress, and it is no wonder that all sorts heaped and ingenious technology piece by piece bite and pulls the realities of our boring everyday life and nekompyuterizirovannoy. And here it is! Bravo, it happened, mobile gadgets, we have finally made it to our cozy beds.

And no, we do not mean any "Tinder" and the other in the style of the application "Find yourself a girl easily accessible within a radius of two kilometers in two clicks." Here we have all much more interesting and a grown-up. So what we do? Today we decided to tell our readers about a couple of very strange sex mobile applications, which, obviously, have been specifically designed for a very, very strange people.


The name itself already as it suggests. Yes, this is the same good old "Instragram" which is perfectly familiar to many of our readers, with filters, hashtags and other pleasures of life, except for one little innovation. Instead selfie on the couch, in the bathroom selfie, selfie in the gym selfie in an embrace with a statue of Lenin and food photos are dominated by ... well, you yourself have probably guessed.

In contrast to the original version, in Pornostagram completely free of any restrictions on the "nudity", so that the pictures of your beloved pisechek is not only not punished banhammerom, but on the contrary, strongly welcomed and encouraged. Those who hesitate to shine the charms can, for example, secretly subscribe to an account of his favorite porn star or participate in video chats dedicated to discussing "important and pressing issues."


Yes, yes, yes, we promised that the banal applications to search for other people like you are desperate and ready for anything fellows will not, but wait a little while to throw us slippers. In contrast to all these your "Find Love" in this masterpiece of engineering has a clever and entertaining joke.

Wingman not just looking for people who are logged out of your city for a given set of parameters, this program allows you to see the insidious craving tender and passionate love strangers, and strangers who fly with you on the same flight in an airplane.

In short, when at the height of 10,000 meters above the ground, you suddenly notice how few passengers from different rows long and thoughtfully stuck in the small screen smartphone, and then sync rise from their seats and shyly pushed toward the toilet, you know, they have little with absolute probability was set Wingman.


So we quietly and began to approach the real trash. Ever heard the bearded jokes about teenagers, who for lack of a better learning kiss on tomatoes, and if life is very much out of luck, and the cucumber? So, these sad realities once and forever left behind, because today we have to LickThis, Lickster and other similar applications that are indispensable in the household.

Well, you probably already knew about what exactly kissing in question, is not it? Application developers promise in a jiffy to teach the male population of the planet all the details of oral sex, and in order to become perfect in this difficult art, and only some require that go to their website, download the app and start licking your phone.

Yes, you heard right, start licking your phone. That is, about something like that, it looks from the outside. Doctors in infectious wards washed with tears of happiness, applauded, and now began to prepare beds in the wards for the unlucky smartphone owners who rushed to lick the granite of science, pre forgetting to wipe the screen spirtikom phone.


And our winner today. Glance - this you will not just there for some application, it is the real next-generation technology, so they need the Google Glass glasses, otherwise it will not. The very brilliant idea to application, in fact, is as follows.

The developers vowed to "open up to you a whole new level of fun," because you are now, so to speak, will be able to look at your "bedding battles" not only with his bell, but to see the whole picture.

What does it mean? This means that the application will be removed as you have sex on video and broadcast recording in real time, so you can look at what is happening through the eyes of your partner, or even from the side. Google Glass a Glance Annex - the main sponsor of your systems in just one and a half thousand dollars.

Oh yeah, if viewing the footage in the record, you still vote their "performance" with a plus five (and in the difficult task of mastering the sexual skills of vertices you definitely will LickThis of the last item), you can save your home video memory, then to solemnly put in Pornostagram with the hashtag "# UraSegodnyaBylSeks". Lord, how is so great - to live in a world of technology!