"Send to fool attractions to watch ..." or three of priceless and unique items that were accidentally destroyed by idiots

Nuisance happen and there's nothing you can do about it. As you know, we are all people, and none of us is immune from that, from time to time receive from life savory kick on the fifth point.

Send to a night in the kitchen to drink some water, you can easily smash your favorite cup of your beloved other half and be out of it on the brink of divorce. Your cat is nothing to do, is to decide what your brand new sweater is ideal for the role of the field dry closet one day.

Your beloved son, who took the computer for half an hour to play, "the GTA 5", can easily accidentally delete important working papers on which you Brokeback for the last week, and dump it on the insidious ghosts that live in the depths of the system unit.

In general, in most cases we automatically learn to "understand, forgive and move on," however, there is one little "but". As a rule, our small schools do not lead to an immediate and irreversible destruction of priceless and unique heritage of cultural heritage.

That's what we'll stand out from the hapless hero of our today's article, which we have now will tell our dear readers. So, meet three priceless works of art that have been hopelessly destroyed enchanting idiots.

Gauche teenager who holed "Flowers" and a half million have. e.

In 2015, the art gallery in Taipei decided to conduct a large-scale exhibition, in which the visitors were presented 55 priceless paintings donated by renowned collectors gallery. Among the exhibits was the famous painting by the Italian artist Paolo Porpora "Flowers" age a little more than 350 years old and worth a little more than half a million dollars.

The most important thing, the guys from the gallery decided to admire the paintings of the 17th century with the normal distance - it is not fashionable, so visitors insertion allowed to approach the priceless exhibits at a distance of almost arm's length that, in the end, was the reason incident, which nearly brought the curator of the gallery to a massive heart attack.

Passing by the most ill-fated "Flowers", the 12-year-old boy, whose parents have decided to voluntary-compulsory to attach to high art, stumbled, lost his balance and not to fall off the fifth point on the hard floor, grabbed the first that came to hand.

This "life-saving straw" was the picture, which cost much more than the man and his parents, taken together, could make in his life, in which the hand of our hapless hero has done a considerable hole sizes.

Fortunately for Man, the painting was insured, and the plow to death on the plantations exquisite painting under the ringing blows of the whip in the humanities and art he did not have, however, the painting itself is not subject to restoration, and museum owners learned the bitter lesson that the general public is still better not to trust.

Eager construction company disassembled 2300-year-old pyramid in the stones

In 2013, one company from Belize received an order for construction of the road and looking for where to cheaply get several tons of quality limestone to work. Of course, they could be ordered from the supplier stone or dig in the near quarry, as do all normal people, but why bother if you're looking a huge pile of stones lay them right in front of?

Maybe, then, that this pile of stone was a famous pyramid Nohmul age more than 2300 years? No? In any case, it does not matter, the question was purely rhetorical, because our builders went to the pyramid army bulldozers and excavators, dismantled it on the stones even before the government has managed to recover and understand what they get up.

It seems this nuisance Mayans in your calendar no means provided. In any case, when the Belize government finally came to their senses, the pyramid is left is almost nothing, and the company put up a fine of 24 thousand dollars that you will agree, is not such a big fee for the archaeological site for three hundred years older than that Jesus Christ himself.

hipster, who wanted to make the Self, and eventually destroyed the historic monument of

More than 120 years the main entrance Rossio Station in Lisbon adorned statue of King Sebastian - monarch era of the 16th century, which was considered something of a national hero in Portugal. So, the emphasis here is worth the word "decorated" in the past tense, because a fateful meeting that took place in May 2016, the life of King Sebastian is clearly not ready.

The young 24-year-old tourist decided to climb to Sebastian on the handle to make spectacular selfie for "Instagrama", however, little has calculated its weight, and under the influence of gravity, both insidious officially fell to the ground.

Tourist escaped with a couple of bruises and scratches, but Sebastian has carried an order of magnitude less. The statue was destroyed without the possibility of restoration. By the way, the police catch the intruder was able to pretty quickly on the trail lukewarm urine, left them in the act.