Who actually created the famous love stories

When reading another novel about love, we imagine that these frank lines lies languid writer - a prototype of the main character. Want to know who actually created the cult novels about bubbling passion and fatal love?

Who actually created the famous love stories

Cecelia Ahern

36 years old, Ireland

Novels: "P.S. I love you, "" Love, Rosie, "" Gift "

Who actually created the famous love stories

Life writer no less romantic than the plots of her books. As the daughter of a prominent politician, former Prime Minister of Ireland Bertie Ahern, to the selection of candidates for the husbands girl seriously. Become elect Cecilia was lucky to British actor David Keoganu. In 2010, the life of the actor and writer happened two big happy event: they had a daughter, and six months later the couple were married.

Stephenie Meyer

43 years old, US

Novels: a series of "Twilight", "Guest"

Who actually created the famous love stories

Stephenie Meyer met her future husband, Christian as a teenager. Mayer - mother of many children (they had three children with her husband), a parishioner of the church, and the Mormon housewife - once had a dream about a girl and a vampire. Inspired by this story and songs Muse Group, Meyer spent several hours a day in a cozy cafe, where he developed the short story into a full book. Despite the fact that before the Stephenie Meyer novels already existed about vampires, "Twilight" are the most popular saga about vampires.

EL James

54 years old, US

Trilogy "Fifty Shades of Gray"

Who actually created the famous love stories

Eric James for many years married to screenwriter Niall Leonard. The couple have two sons. In an interview with EL James has often been said that it is the spouse is an ideal man for her. But, despite a happy marriage, before the birth of "Shades" Erika's life was monotonous and even boring. All leisure activities and household affairs while she spent reading romance novels, in particular - the same "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. Future writer was going through a midlife crisis, she wanted new experiences, and James found an outlet in writing first fanfic of "Twilight", and then full-fledged novels. Before you publish, "Fifty shades of gray" by EL James turned to Stephenie Meyer for approval. She did not find any similarity with his heroes James and gave a nod to the book release. EL James is different from other writers, housewives powerful character. During the shooting of the film adaptation of the first part of the trilogy EL James clashed with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. After Sam has stated in an interview that because of such a book was very hard to make a worthwhile movie, but the team tried hard. The second part of the director refused to work, citing "excessively active participation" in the shooting of the writer. It is worth noting that the place the writer of two films based on the book of James was devoted to her husband - Niall Leonard.

Danielle Steel

70 years, United States

Novels, "From Here to Eternity," "! Come, love," "Forbidden Love", "On the behest of the heart," "Forgive me for love" and so on and so forth

Who actually created the famous love stories

Despite the fact that the well-known novelist Danielle Steele 70 years old, it boasts a tumultuous personal life. The fate of the writer reminds maelstrom not worse, than the content of its own books. Steele barely turned 18, she married a fellow student, a banker Claude Lazard. The marriage lasted nine years, and after the divorce Steele released the first novel, "The House", in which the masks of the main characters lurk writer herself and her former husband: "How everything has become difficult these days! Everyone has their own idea about how to build relationships and generally how to live. Each problem. It's complicated. Relationships between people are regulated by some insane conditions that the work, do not work, and perhaps even can not work ever. "

The second time, Danielle was married to Dany Zugeldera marriage which was short-lived. Novels "The promise of passion" and "Memories" about the love of the heroine addict to reflect the attitude of the writer and her third husband William Tota, "she said aloud, and smiled through her tears, wiping his face with the edge of her nightgown. She felt as if she is smiling, too, Lucas. Wherever she was, it would be all over her, warming her. And she would smile at him. He will be with her always. "

Who actually created the famous love stories

The difficulties in his personal life never scared Danielle. In 1981, she again married. Danielle Steel and John Train gave birth to five children, and adopted each other's children from previous marriages. In 1993, the public learned that John Train is not the real father of the son of Steele - Nick. Once in the center of the scandal, teenager committed suicide. The pair failed to overcome this tragedy and decided to leave the decision.

Who actually created the famous love stories

In the fifth time writer married to financier Tom Perkins, but the marriage was short-lived. After another divorce Danielle Steele released the novel "Clone and I", which is devoted to Him. Now the writer lives alone and is committed to the children and creativity.

Cassandra Clare

44 years old, US

Novels: a series of "instruments of death" and "Hell mechanisms"

Who actually created the famous love stories Who actually created the famous love stories

Cassandra Clare - creative pseudonym Judith Rumelia. Unlike EL James and Stephanie Mayer, Claire - professional journalist, who worked for The Hollywood Reporter. Writing "instruments of death" it has inspired Manhattan. Between the writer and the main heroine of her novels can be traced some resemblance: Woman call Clary, her red hair, too. The writer participated in the casting for the main male role, and personally approved hunk Jamie Campbell Bower. Fans are convinced that in the novels Claire set up her utopia: the perfect image of themselves and their lover's dream. Now Cassandra Clare lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats.

Elizabeth McNeill

1940-2011, Austria-USA

Novels: "9 1/2 Weeks"

Who actually created the famous love stories

The author of the cult novel by Ingeborg Day (real name) was born in Austria in the family of an SS officer. In 1957, Day went on a student exchange program to the United States, where she met her future husband, the priest Dennis Dey, from whom she had two children. After the death of the youngest son of Ingeborg fled with artist Tom Shannon to New York. Like the heroine of the novel, Ingeborg worked as an editor in the magazine and turned the giddy romance exactly 9 1/2 weeks. After parting with the artist, she wrote an autobiographical book under the pseudonym Elizabeth McNeil. And Ingeborg released another two years later autobiography, but on a completely different topic - refleksirovala writer on the subject of his Nazi father. In 1991, the writer has played a wedding with a man who was older than her 14 years. In 2011, Ingeborg was gone - Day committed suicide at the age of 70 years. After 4 days, he died, and her husband, who did not survive the loss.

Charlaine Harris

65 years, United States

Novels: a series of "The Southern Vampire Mysteries"

Who actually created the famous love stories

Charlaine Harris - author of a series of novels "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", for reasons which left the TV series "True Blood." Charlene was married twice. During his second wife Hal Schultz writer married after a second date. The couple have two children. Charlaine Harris can be attributed to the number of women who are missing a thrill, because all her novels are impregnated Gothic motifs. In addition, the author does not mince words when describing the tense situation in the novels.

Who actually created the famous love stories

She is the author of about 45 books about vampires, corpses and murderers, whose main themes are love and despair: "You have all the lips in the blood! - With these words, he grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me. If you kiss a master of his craft, it is difficult to answer. "

Anne and Serge Golon

The couple, France

Novels: a series of Angelica

Who actually created the famous love stories

Under the pseudonym Simon Shanzhe wife and Vsevolod dovish wrote one of the most popular sagas of love - stories about adventuress seventeenth century Angelica. Prototype Zhofreya de Peyrac became just Vsevolod, the husband of Simone. The success of the first book was an amazing 320 publishers from 63 countries, more than 150 million copies sold! After the triumph of the spouses had no doubt continue the series or not (of 13 books published). In 1964 he filmed the book. The image of Angelica, who created the Michel Mercier, made the novel even more spectacular, because after Angelica picture output can be presented only such as Mercier. In the late 70's Simon lost the copyright on the book, the author of "Angelica" was the only Serge Golon (at that time he was already dead - of pigeon died in 1972 from a stroke). Writer sues publishers print books without her name. The main argument was that it was Simon wrote novels, and her husband was collecting historical material.

Writer Simon Shanzhe known as Anne Golon, died this summer, she was 96 years old.

Jojo Moyes

48 years, United Kingdom

Novels: "Until I met you"

Who actually created the famous love stories

Joe has always been a workaholic. Excellent school attendance, scholarship from the publisher at The Independent university studies, work in publishing and insatiable desire to become a writer. Her novels are not just found acceptance, but were marred by serious literary prizes. And after the movie "Before I met you," Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke novels Jojo Moyes began snapping with book shelves like hotcakes. What is the secret Moyes? Sama writer says: "Today, the book market is very strong competition. It is not enough just to write a book. It is important that each book was better. " Here is a careerist attitude to writing romance novels.

Belle de Jour

41 years, United Kingdom

Novels: "Diary of a Call Girl"

Who actually created the famous love stories

The present name of the writer who hid behind the pseudonym of Catherine Deneuve in the film 1967 - Brooke Magnanti. Attempts to reveal the name turned into a sensation, not only for the British society. Passages of the novel, which was originally published some Belle de Jour in his online blog, told how the main character works as a prostitute and leads a double life. Most interesting is that the novel was based on personal experience Brooke Magnanti. Not being able to pay for his studies, she worked as a call girl. Later, when the situation improved, she continued to do it for fun. Now Brooke is working Neurotoxicology and examines the epidemiology of cancer in children, he lives in Scotland, married, but her husband's name is a writer prefers to keep secret.

Johanna Lindsey

65 years

Who actually created the famous love stories

Joanna was only 18 years old when she married, and 25, when the distance of her first novel - "bride kidnapping". Immediately after school Joanna met her future husband, and devoted himself entirely to the family. For a girl, that her childhood traveling with his family, it was hard to deal only with the house and children, and she began writing novels. "I began to write as a hobby. In his youth, I did not think that I would be a writer. And now I do not want to do anything else! "- says Joanna.

Action novel takes place in the Middle Ages or in the Wild West. Heroes Joanna noble and impulsive, looking for adventure and dizzy love, "Amelia took hold of the lower edge of the chain mail and lifted it, then, when he sat down, took off her ... She felt him incensed, but she was not touched, although it experienced a satisfaction he realized how passionately he wants it. Amelia leaned back, resting his hands on his chest so that he could not cling to her lips again. "

Johanna Lindsey books have become popular precisely because of the historical story about knights, princesses and social life of those times. Lindsay has written more than 50 novels that have been translated into 12 languages. In 1980, Lindsay wrote a book about the Vikings' Winter fires ", which is then turned into a saga of Haardrad family. The success of the trilogy inspired Joanna to release as many as ten sagas.

Lynne Graham


Who actually created the famous love stories

The Irish writer Lynne Graham has produced more than 100 romance novels with a twisted plot and frank description of love scenes. Typically, the main characters are modest Lynn defenseless women who are lucky enough to meet a rich husband. Lynn Graham loves luxury and attention to detail, describing the intimate scenes, "Elinor could not breathe from the desire and delight. In his bronze body and rampant erection lurked pagan beauty. He laid her down beside him on the white sheets. Her fingers light butterflies flying over his powerful thighs. Confident in their abilities, Eleanor touched him as she had always wanted. The intimacy of her erotic exploration and the effect it has on him, excited her even more. " Lynne Graham - mother of many children. She and her husband, four children and one foster child blood. The couple met in 14 years and at the same time engaged.

Anne McAllister

Who actually created the famous love stories

The writer was born and raised in California. Summer holidays Anne often spent on the beach, watching the surfers and volleyball players. Perhaps that is why the ideal heroine Anne - sports man with an adventurous character and athletic physique. "Kind of a naked Sam Fletcher shook it. However, there was no time to indulge in contemplation. Sam Fletcher, looming over her, suddenly penetrated her, and her whole body clung to him. "

Anne herself was always meek. She has taught Spanish for a long time and worked in a library. Sitting for hours reading romance novels and dreaming a dream to meet her lover, Anne began writing erotic stories herself. Anne met her husband there, in the library. The couple are still living together in Iowa, they became the parents of four children.