Nuances of Russians living in England

Under the wearer Pikabu SweetSummer anybody about three years living in the UK, near London. The history of the Siberian life in Albion have already collected a lot of subscribers, and we also did not remain indifferent.

Nuances of Russians living in England

When you get to a new place, then over time you get used to everything and there is little to be surprised. A native of Novosibirsk SweetSummer emigrated from Russia in early 2015, after her favorite person proposed to her, and took them to his teenage son to him in England. Her impressions of life in a new place - an attempt to share my impressions, but not the comparison, which is better or worse to live. Next - the words of the author.

1. The cost of cigarettes

I was shocked when I decided to replenish their stocks of cigarettes. On average, the price was higher than in Russia, 10 times! But as far as I know, this is the norm for Europe - to be a smoker then expensive.

Nuances of Russians living in England

a packet of Marlboro by 10 and 20 pieces

Many people buy tobacco, paper and filters separately and twist yourself is cheaper.

Nuances of Russians living in England Nuances of Russians living in England

The design of the cigarette packages have recently changed, added even more frightening and unpleasant images.

Nuances of Russians living in England

Maybe now something else has changed, I have 5 years as a non smoker and do not follow the industry.

2. Public transport

Public transport in England dear. Directions to our town will cost about two pounds per adult per trip ticket for the day - 4, 6 pounds a month - 61 pounds, and for the year - 610 pounds (1 pound = 77, 6 rubles).

Nuances of Russians living in England

Double-decker buses are generally only in large cities, the metro is only in London (the oldest in the world), Liverpool and Newcastle.

Nuances of Russians living in England

Map of the London Underground

Many people travel by train every day to work and back. Spend 4 hours per day only on the road here in the order of things. Therefore, most buses and trains have free Wi-Fi and power outlets for charging phones and laptops.

Nuances of Russians living in England

Bus with Wi-Fi and USB-charging

3. The Hardened children

As my mother, I was very much shocked. Quite often you can see the children during the cold season in the same T-shirts, shorts. Babies in strollers, barefoot and bareheaded in the average winter +5 ° C is also not uncommon.

Nuances of Russians living in England

There is also mention an abundance of children a few days old in stores and other public places. They are right even purple, and Mothers already being demonstrated around them.

4. Higher Learning "on credit"

Very convenient scheme: the state pays for your education in any university (you can add and credit for living, if the school is in another city), and a debt payment occurs after graduation.

Nuances of Russians living in England

And not once, but as soon as you find a job and your annual income exceeds 21,000 pounds. Only then you will have to write off 9% of salary on a monthly basis. After 30 years, the loan is canceled, it does not matter, you paid him or not. So if after learning you have not worked or have worked with a salary lower than required - consider that the learned free.

5. There are no mosquitoes

Absolutely. Nowhere. Neither in the woods or by the river or in the room with the window open and the lights on. The first time I was able to enjoy life in the campaign for mushrooms in the woods, when I did not devour the clouds of midges and other bloodsucking insects.

Nuances of Russians living in England

The only thing that can get stuck in - it's in the web as there are many spiders. Maybe that's why no mosquitoes?

6. About mushrooms

Mushrooms nobody collects. Well, except for Russian and Polish. Therefore, the minimum competition - to collect as much as you want. The season starts in July and lasts until December. Is there anything in Siberia we grow, there are more interesting companions.

Nuances of Russians living in England

The process of collecting mushrooms knife constantly have to hide, for rare and random passers-by will not believe that it is for the mushrooms, and the police may be called.

6. The nature of

I was very surprised by the abundance of wildlife in the near availability.

Nuances of Russians living in England

We live 40 minutes from London. And over the last year, especially anywhere without having to travel, but just walking through the nearby neighborhood, I met: three foxes (one of them used our yard as a toilet), lots of birds, deer, a few pheasants, partridges, a couple of peacocks. And I'm not even talking about the ducks, geese and swans - they are there everywhere, in every pond.

Nuances of Russians living in England

In addition to the wildlife, it was unusual to see such an abundance of blackberries - here it grows like a weed anywhere: on the roadside, in the woods, in the fields. If the city is small and dirty, in the woods and rivers very good. Also with her son in autumn collected hazelnuts and chestnuts on trial - I loved it.