"Unbelievable but true" facts, or 11, which will open your eyes to our digestion

Let's be honest, have you ever thought about what wonderful surprises can give us our digestive system? No? Then this article is for you. Today we have prepared for you 11 amazing facts that will open your eyes to our digestion.

1. The pipe length of 9 meters

The digestive tract - is not nothing but a nine-meter tube that begins is in the mouth, and ends in there ... well, that is, the anus. And by the way, 4 meters of 9 falls on the intestines.

2. Upside Down

Good news for those who love to stand on his head. So, starvation does not threaten you, because it is not necessary to be in an upright position (at the top of the head - feet below), that food came from the mouth to the stomach. No matter what position you're not eating, the food will still find his way there, because it provides the movement of the esophagus peristalsis - that is, contraction of muscles, rather than the body position in space.

3. Tennis courts within each of us

The surface area of ​​the small intestine is the area of ​​a tennis court for doubles, that is about 250 square meters. This is due to the peculiarities of the intestinal apparatus. intestinal walls are composed of a great many folds and villi, and that's not all, the villi themselves, in turn, covered with even smaller microscopic fibers. And if straighten all these folds and villi villi, just turn out the required 250 square meters.

4. All the stomachs of different

Everyone can see and understand that the human stomach is different from the animal's stomach, but also the animals themselves stomachs very different and look different. For example, in ruminants - cows, bulls, deer, giraffes - four-stomachs for easy digestion of plant foods. What do you think vegetarianism - a serious thing! But the platypus and sea horses it do not exist, the stomach, that is, and the food comes straight from the esophagus to the rectum. Quickly and conveniently.

5. Six cut glasses

Every day the human body produces about 1, 7 liters of saliva. For clarity, it is more than 6 cut glasses filled to the brim filled with liquid. And this process is regulated by the autonomic nervous system, that is done automatically. That's why you just imagine something tasty, and "process has already begun," and if it is delicious to see, then ... look, saliva and develop into a glass.

6. 72 hours and voila!

In order to digest the holiday, such as Christmas dinner with the indispensable Christmas turkey, pies and cakes, we need 72 hours! That is, it's all we eat for half an hour, considering how long we've been waiting for is finally possible to start this dinner, but to digest the carbohydrates, proteins and fats are already 72 hours. In order of priority, first go carbohydrates (pastries and cakes), then protein (turkey), and then the fats (sauces and whipped cream). Poor workaholic stomach, and after less than what some 8-10 hours, we load it again ... postprazdnichnym breakfast.

7. 500 kg per year

And that's it. We allow ourselves to write it in large letters: FOR THE YEAR person eats an average of about 500 kilograms of meal. It makes you want to cry out: "People, come to your senses!". But, if you remember the previous point, or rather the menu from the previous paragraph, it is 500 kg. for the year - it is not much, especially if it is delicious.

8. Money is not happiness

Happiness is not about money, it is in the gut! Do not believe me? Now we'll prove it quickly. About 95 percent of the hormone that causes a person full satisfaction from life (read "Happiness") - serotonin is synthesized in the small intestine. So, the phrase "A Moveable Feast" - that's about it, my dear, our own gut.

9. pica

pica, or in other words "pica" - a violation of the power inherent in some members of the human race. A man with such a violation feels the urgent need to eat inedible, such as chalk, ground paint. And the cause of these outbursts are unknown. The most common assumption - the lack of minerals in the body. But we thought, whether the tendency to excessive consumption of alcohol considered pica?

10. Chew, chew, swallow!

and joyful information! The statement that, if swallowed chewing gum, it will stay in your stomach for seven years to complete digestion - is a myth! The human body does not digest gum, but "hang out" in the stomach and intestines of 7 years, she will not, and will prespokoynenko his chair almost intact. Still, we would not be advised to ingest it daily because it is still in rare cases it happens that a large number of chewing gum can lead to blockage in the intestines, and it you want?

11. wholeheartedly Paul Hann

And finally, a bit of Records. The loudest (from fixed) volume had belching 107, 1dB. Well, to make you understand, it's volume is comparable to the sound, to issue a chainsaw "Friendship". I set the record straight Englishman Paul Hann live.