"I will do everything to ensure that I had children!" Or some stories about how the fair sex were at such a brutal crime, like kidnapping

What can go woman who wants to have children? Apparently, a lot. In today's article we will tell you a few stories about children being abducted women and passed off as his own. Sometimes babies were taken directly from the hospital, and there were occasions when delinquents want crept into the house of the young mothers and already there to commit his crime.

In the most extreme cases, women are sometimes killed with his own mother and the fetus was cut from her womb. Yes, in any case, all this is terrible, and God forbid such outlive anyone.

Lisa Montgomery

December 16, 2004 Becky Harper decided to go into the house, where she lived her twenty-three pregnant daughter Bobbi Jo Stinnett. What she saw, just a woman on the spot. In the living room lay the lifeless body of her daughter. Her abdomen was cut and the baby (she was in her eighth month of pregnancy) simply disappeared. Killer believed Darlene Fisher, who breed dogs for sale, but some time later, police found evidence pointing to another woman, namely Lisa Montgomery. Law enforcement authorities are faced with an unexpected problem, because the stolen child was impossible to make the orientation, because no one really knew how to look toddler. However, the flagrant crime was reported to the local Congressman Sam Graves, who ordered to lift all police and rescue workers in the district on alert. The evidence led the authorities in Montgomery Lisa's house. A woman found in the living room watching TV, where she watched a report about the search for the kidnapper while as a stolen child peacefully asleep in her arms. A woman was tried and sentenced to death.

Ashley Wade

In November 2015 Angelica Sutton was heading to the church, where she was to marry her fiance Patrick. Along the way she hopped on a visit to his old girlfriend Ashley Wade, who begged her to drop and pick up a wedding gift. Instead of a gift Sutton was stabbed in the throat, which damaged vocal cords, the woman could not scream. After that Wade cut the stomach of the girl and took her narozhdonnogo child. After graduating with his bloody deeds, Wade called her boyfriend and said excitedly that he had just had a baby, though in the process it seems to have done something terrible and killed a man. The man immediately rushed home and found that all of his apartment turned into one big bloodbath, and in the corner was lying lifeless body Angelica Sutton. He immediately called the police. The girl was saved, although the knife several times and hurt her back, but her mother died on the spot from the abundant loss of blood.

Koren Roberts

In June 2009, Yan Shubin of Oregon called his partner Koren Roberts, who through tears said that she went into premature labor. By the time the man came into the apartment Koreny, she had allegedly suffered a miscarriage. Ambulance, which arrived on a call, then took the woman and the body of her stillborn child to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead baby. However, when viewed from the mother they have made quite an unexpected discovery. Koren Roberts never given birth and had never been pregnant. The hospital staff immediately notified the police of a suspicious patient, who immediately went to the home Koreny. Heather found the body in the closet Snayvli law enforcement officers - present the child's mother. Further investigation revealed that the woman deceit lured to her future mother, stunned her knife and cut the baby right out of her womb.

Georgia Tann

Georgia Tann was not just a psychopath who wanted to imitate the own pregnancy. Between 1924 and 1950 she organized the whole business year for the sale of babies in Los Angeles and New York. Georgia fraud was taking the newborn child from the poor and single mothers under the pretext that provide them with a better life. When tucked opportunity, she also stole sick children from their mothers, pretending to be a medical officer, and then announced to parents that their child had died. Although many of the children did not wait for their "customers", died of exhaustion, complications and infections in the house Tann, business brought her huge profits. Although in 1950 a woman exposed, and it brought the case, Georgia Tann has not lived up to the court, as she was dying of an incurable disease.

Gloria Williams

Eighteen Alexis MANIGAULT was shocked when she was a loving mother pyatidesyatiodnoletnyuyu Gloria Williams was arrested for kidnapping. The girl's life was turned upside down when she was told that in fact the woman who took care of her 18 years, was thief and a criminal, and she Alexis was not beloved daughter and the victim. As it turned out, Gloria Williams in 1998 kidnapped a newborn baby from the hospital, pretending to be a nurse. Child, she decided to grow up as his own daughter. Police found the woman was only eighteen years old. However, the girl herself did not recognize his real parents and throughout the investigation continued to protect and cover Gloria Williams.