"Survival Rules", or where to get the strength to survive the hard times?

Life is not cloudless, and, alas, live it without losses have not yet managed to anyone. Sometimes live - this is a very difficult and painful, and at times it seems that there is no strength to endure troubles piled on her head. But it only seems. They say that God does not give people the trials that come to them are not able to do.

With every problem experienced we become stronger. After talking with the people who managed to find the strength to survive the difficult times, we have tried to articulate for you some basic "rules of survival" in a difficult situation.

Leave the past in the past,

The past - it's like a bad area from which you were able to escape, and therefore it is not necessary to go back there. Preoccupation with past mistakes consuming power and drives the depression. It is necessary to firmly remember the simple truth that you and your past - it's not the same thing. You - that's what you think, do and feel right now, at this particular moment. Do not waste your strength on the regret of the past, reserving them for the present.

To understand that the problem - it's good

And this is indeed the case, as paradoxical as that statement may sound, because the problem - it is a kind of stage for the individual growth and our self. Problems make us stronger, of course, if we undertake to solve them, and do not give up at the mercy of fate. And the best way out of the problem is simple - try to realize that any problem - it's not the end of everything, and the ability to change things for the better in their lives. The second option resorted to by many people, and that is simply to become a victim of circumstances, we simply do not consider here. Any problems are always open our new faces, skills and abilities.

Focus on the resources

In order to survive the difficulties and to cope with the traumatic situation, you need to think about what you have, not "sticky" on what you do not. In whatever situation you were not, the right mindset - it is half the solution. To win, you need to fight hard, and in this case it is necessary to struggle with restricting your thoughts and attitudes. It will therefore be not only appropriate, but also necessary to find at least a couple of positive thoughts that will keep you and the "push" forward, not to think about the impossibility and the complexity of the decisions or actions. Positive thoughts are encouraging, and this is what is essential to ensure that there are forces to live, create and win.

Take responsibility

In any difficult situation, first of all, you need to take responsibility and potential risk as well. Yes, that's your problem, and you have to solve it. It is therefore important in problematic situations do not allow others to make decisions for you, even if well-intentioned impulses. Remember that this is your life and your lessons, and learn they need you and not someone else. Even if your version of the decision does not coincide with the generally recognized.

To be able to relax

Learn to take care of yourself and take time out. You can and should sometimes allow ourselves to stay weak, simply because you have not made a commitment to always, always be reinforced concrete and unruffled as superheroes in the movies. Remember, you're not a superhero, but a man who sometimes need to cry and feel sorry for yourself. And no matter what will be thinking and talking around, the whole truth about himself only you know, and you determine the extent of their fatigue and their capabilities. In tough times you need to save power.

Hope for the best

Yes, here we go again about the same positive thinking and attitude towards life. Classic expression "it will pass" - the best medicine for when you are in a difficult life situation. Hope for the best solution to the problem - this is a step towards victory. Of hope, as a rule, to increase confidence in the fact that you have the power not just to live to a happy ending, but also to hasten the happy ending in this difficult situation. And, do not forget that sometimes our fears and lack of confidence in the successful resolution of the problem - it is an illusion. You choose your fears, and therefore, in your power to declare them irrelevant, if not abolished.

Do not be afraid of mistakes

To err is human, everyone knows about it, but once in a difficult situation, people under an hour to forget about it and start to blame themselves for wrong actions, judgments and assumptions. This is a road to nowhere. He never makes a mistake only one who never does anything. Therefore, instead of lamenting about the wrong decision, praise yourself for what you have at least made an attempt to solve something, and, if possible, correct the error and move on.

You can be happy

You can be happy, in fact, you and only you can do to make yourself happy. Only need to choose one of two things - to be the unfortunate victim, like a fly stuck in a jam and a stuck to their problems, or to be happy. Happiness - it's that simple. It is already within each one of us, you just let him be. It is a miracle that only depends on you.