"Lion - is not only valuable fur," or five reasons why to get a cat is vital

And let's talk seriously, because apart from the approval is that the seals - is "mi-mi-mi, what a miracle" and "just lovely, that is," there is also quite scientifically valid reasons to be happy "kotovladeltsem" and the reasons for these both psychological and physiological order.

Having your own research, we found five good reasons why you urgently need to have a seal.

1. Plus ten years

Clinical studies have shown that the life expectancy of those who live a long time, "side by side" with cats, ten years longer than those who had seen only in pictures of cats on the Internet. Cat - the perfect remedy for insomnia. Question about our favorite "cat owner". Have you ever paid attention to the fact that, if your tailed pet likes to sleep next to you, you fall asleep faster and sleep soundly?

We are not saying anything, we simply suggest you pay attention to it. But scientists say that when you pet a favorite cat, your heartbeat and breathing related measures, which are usually fixed at the person in a state of rest (well, for example, as if you read a good book).

By the way, those who are wondering whether you should try it acupuncture or something else in this spirit, may be asked to act as an acupuncturist for my cat, because when your pet, purring, climbs on your lap, it releases claws which automatically irritate the reflex zones. That is your cat produces a "manipulation", which are used on a session of acupuncture, and completely free of charge and at home.

And still humming reduce stress, and hence the load on vessels and heart. So, to choose, of course, to you, but your heart will thank you if you decide in favor of the acquisition of such fluffy "psychotherapist" and "cardiologist" in one person, well, that is, in one mordahe.

2. Plus physiotherapy and increase immunitetat

It is proved that, if you listen to on a daily basis (just listen to it!) Cat's purring, you improve your immunity. And why? And all because the purring, to be exact frequency at which your cat purrs, very similar to the frequencies that are used in the treatment of ultrasound, so here. Cat purring - it is nothing like the sound at a frequency of 20-140 Hz, and the doctors argue that the frequencies in the range 18-35 Hz beneficial effect on the mobility of muscles and joints after injury, relieve the symptoms and can heal osteohandroz mikrotavmy.

In medicine it is called Biomechanical Stimulation Therapy. And it's all in your hands, or rather you have on hand - a little fluffy ball, which can be more effective than a physical therapist (at least, because the kitten is something you definitely loves). And yet, officially registered more than a thousand cases where cats were taken from their owners coma.

3. Less infection

If there is a babies and cats at the same time, the latter by its very presence helps kids strengthen the immune system and at times reduces the risk that the baby will pick up an infection. Furry pets reduce the risk of respiratory infections, ear infections in children, as well as reduce the risk of gastroenteritis. Study of Finnish researchers, for example, show that babies born in families where the hold cats much less sick and recover much faster.

4. Plus Mental Health

Owners of cats are united in the fact that their furry friends to help them cope with daily stress. And it happens because these cute pets switched to our attention, distracting from everyday worries and sorrows. A couple of years ago, the British expert company surveyed more than 600 people, some of whom suffer from mental disorders.

Among them were, like those who have had cats, and those who did not have any pets. After analyzing the responses of survey participants, the researchers concluded that 87 percent of those who have had cats, argued that animals have a beneficial effect on their psychological well-being and help cope with stress.

5. Plus communication skills

Cats improve the ability to communicate, and this fact is "not subject to appeal." Moreover, scientists from the University of Missouri as a result of targeted studies have established (and it is a wonderful result!), Which is especially the children, in this case we are talking about children with autism, began to more effectively acquire skills of social interaction with others, if the house appeared cat. And it's not only great for kids with autism, but also all those who believed that his life was a failure because of his shyness, isolation or shyness. The verdict is simple: if you have a cat, your life has gone right!

And, clearly, if you have a cat, your life has gone right!