"If I were you ...". Several reasons men envy the fairer sex

Ladies, let's now imagine that we have an opportunity to fulfill one of perhaps the most important of our desires - "to get into the head" to our men and find out (no, not all of them there is arranged, on this we may talk next time), for example, what they envy us.

To do this, we asked our friends men and systematize the information for you have made this list. So, your attention is invited to "Hot Eight".

The terrible secret of motorists

One of our fellow motorist opened our eyes to the fact that man turns out to be envious of the fact that we, the women differently than men, arranged in the eye, and, thanks to this device, many of us peripheral vision reaches as much as 180 degrees, which means that, looking forward, the woman perfectly see everything that happens on the sides. This, in turn, means that we (even if "we" - is blonde) is not so bad drive cars like talking about it man. And secretly they are very jealous of this cute "physiological characteristics" and want to imagine the same. That's how it was.

"Come give your mother"

An acute attack of envy in seven out of ten surveyed men, it turns out, is the absence of women Tiffany. Basically. Yes, that's how they like our mother. About as a joke, when his wife tells her husband that his jeans had given his neighbor, because they in fact he still did not like, and in response I hear: "So what? Now let's give him and your mother. " Just these seven do not know what a mother in law.

"The simulators B Gone, let me teach"

Yes, you read that right, men, macho cool and including, occasionally envy women because these smart girls know how to in a clever fake orgasms. Woman mol, well enough, first tensing extending in a chord and then relax and drawling groan "and E-and-ily" or bite it somewhere in the area of ​​the carotid artery and all - "client is ready." But he, poor man, you should always be on top. Here moans will not be enough, then all the evidence can be seen as the palm.

"To marry an oligarch"

No, men do not dream to marry an oligarch (well, at least the majority of men), but they are jealous of the fact that a woman, for example, can marry a solid (not to say old) millionaire, and no one at this is not to call her gigolo. But if the man you are lucky, that is, we wanted to say, if a man marries a solid (not to say elderly) millionaire, it Well, the poor thing, certainly will tease gigolo.

"Braid bald is not a friend"

Trite, but true. They are jealous of the fact that women do not go bald so globally as men. And on occasion of the fair sex also can buy a wig, and it will look stylish even, in extreme cases, just fun and "mimishno", but the man in a wig and looked and called already be different. The main thing that the guys in the yard in caps, sports pants and seeds do not beat.

"buffer" - is the power of

Yes, many of them still believe that the presence of a beautiful breast guarantees women many privileges, which they, the men, not even dreamed of. That is, they are to be strong, you need to at least go to the gym and pump muscles, while women (once "buffer" - a force) is enough "to spread the breast" and forward the atomic icebreaker "Yamal".

PMS - it's cool!

Yes, you heard right, some of the surveyed men are jealous of the fact that women have PMS ...! Ostensibly it is an excuse for women to any whims, tantrums, inappropriate behavior and senseless many hours walking on the shops in search of positive emotions. That is because, found something to envy, they would have more hair removal in the bikini area envy!


For many men - it is the most serious cause for envy. A woman can have a child myself myself, and the new little person, and may even be born without direct participation of the men at the current level of development of medicine. Even "parameters" of the future offspring can be "ordered" and "select". A man without a woman in this respect can not do. In addition, a bonus to the mother of the child has, as a rule (see para. Two), given also her mother, which in itself for some men, it sounds ominous. And at this point (not in step two, in "Children"), we are sincerely sorry for the men, as this is the rare case when we consider that they are the envy of quite justified.

And that's about what women are jealous of men, will be discussed in our next article. To be continued.