These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

The most reliable cars in 2018.

Choose a quality car that would properly served, a high level of reliability and stretched finances of his pocket of its owner - not an easy task, but doable. We offer you a selection of 7 very reliable cars, which, according to the influential publication Consumer Reports, quietly will pass 300,000 km without major repairs.

1. Honda Odyssey

These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

Honda Odyssey - one of the most reliable minivans.

In this class, Odyssey is more than just a car for the cheerful company. It's a minivan with a soft suspension and a fine control, which will be a pleasant surprise for future owners. Dynamic V-shaped six-cylinder engine of 3.5 liters, 6-speed automatic and fuel consumption of 11.2 liters per hundred - fine details.

Inside, more comfortably accommodate the company of 8 people, but the car itself, if necessary, can also be used for small cargo transportation. Odyssey godsend as a family vehicle. Among the disadvantages of the machine can be noted in the understanding of a complex dual display panel, as well as the quality of materials used and the level of interior finish itself - after all for its price you want to see something better.

2. Honda Accord

These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

Honda Accord - a popular and reliable family sedan.

This is a wonderful family car with a high level of reliability, excellent stacking and adequate price. Accord has good handling, regardless of the conditions, a spacious and comfortable interior with high-quality upholstery. Two modifications are presented in the Russian market - a four-engine 2.4 liters, at a rate of 7.9 liters per 100 km and 3.5 l six-cylinder - consumption 9 liters per hundred. In both variations of the continuously variable automatic transmission is installed.

3. Honda Civic

These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

Honda Civic - a 5-door hatchback.

In 2015, the people came out an updated version of the compact, and many well-known Civic-a. If we compare the latest release of the previous generation, it can be seen happy to major changes for the better. The four base modification proposed engine of 2.0 liters, 158 liters capacity. from. Alternatively, you can consider the Civic 1.5 liter turbo engine with a capacity of 174 liters. from. You can choose from a stepless "automatic" and a six-speed mechanics.

It should also be noted that this option is much better managed and improved on a trip Civic is very comfortable. Improved insulation and comfortable saloon car presented in a favorable light. But there are also disadvantages. For example, the front seats lack the option regulating lumbar support, which can cause discomfort during long trips. The car itself is quite low, which probably will cause many problems with getting into the salon, and an exit from it. Buyers Civic, Honda offers a variety of safety features, however, the option control the "blind" zones is not yet available.

4. Toyota Camry

These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

Toyota Camry - the latest generation of business-class sedan.

When buying a car, you want to get the convenience, comfort, reliability and attractive design in one "bottle", the Camry is an excellent choice. Particular attention should be paid to the latest models with improved dashboard and interior. Changes were made and the suspension of the car, so now ride on the Camry has become more comfortable, and the car is now much more stable. Inside, the car was noticeably quieter due to improved sound insulation. In the present Camry line has modified with 1.8-3.5 liter engines, which make the car quite powerful, and the average fuel consumption varies between 8, 4-9 liters per hundred. It is a machine with a rich history, has earned an excellent reputation in practice due to its reliability. Camry is so loved by the Russians that in 2011 it engaged in assembling near St. Petersburg, in Sec. Shushary.

5. Toyota Prius

These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

Toyota Prius - the most popular hybrid.

The new version of the car is wider and lower than its predecessor. The car was constructed on the basis of the new suspension McPherson, which makes the Prius stable and comfortable process control. According to the company, the new upgraded version of the car with a hybrid system, and an advanced battery received an additional 10% mileage. The car is very convenient dashboard with an intuitive interface, which greatly facilitates the process of working with her. Prius has always been associated with low expenditure on maintenance and high reliability, and now developers want to reward model is more modern aggressive design.

6. Honda CR-V

These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

The crossover Honda CR-V 2017 release.

This is one of the best and most spacious SUV in its class, which in 2017 appeared an improved version. The Russian official dealers represented variation with a gasoline engine 2.0 and 2.4 liters, 188 liters capacity. from. and variator. On average, the fuel consumption rate per hundred - 9.8 liters.

The foregoing modifications, in principle, also be perfect if not for the difficulty in understanding the set on the display panel. The car differs excellent handling, but his stiff suspension, why are felt all the flaws of the roadway. Among CR-V cons can be noted that unless poor noise isolation. Rear passenger seat to the best of comfortable and spacious, fast and easy to fold, if necessary. Despite limiting overview tiny rear window, due to the presence of the back of the camera negative is leveled. All the advanced security features are available only in luxury modifications, but that does not stop, and "budget" version of the car to be reliable.

7. Toyota Corolla

These cars are easily overcome 300 thousand kilometers

Toyota Corolla.

It is not surprising that comfortable Corolla is the most popular among car buyers. With a relatively small size, the machine has a very comfortable and spacious interior. In addition, developers are not standing still and regularly improve his creation. Among the novelties of the latest edition received an automated climate control system, Bluetooth wireless technology and radio with touchscreen. The rear seats for passengers at Corolla considered almost the most spacious in comparison with cars in its class.

It is not that excellent controllability of the car, but very comfortable. The line represented with modification engines 1.3-1.8 liters and three variants of the gear. According to the results of crash tests, the car has a five-star rating in terms of safety. As above presented models, the proper care of the car will allow him to pass 300,000 km without major problems.