"Your mother-in-law is not needed?". Internet wearer divided most failures "pearls" that the guys managed to give them on the first date

We all know how important it is to provide good impression on a girl on a first date, so this is the first date smoothly moved into the second, and ideally also in the horizontal plane. So, the hero of our today's article to do so catastrophically failed.

So, today we have prepared for you a selection of funny stories from young ladies hanging out at the expanse of the most popular Reddit, which are divided into the most epic and failures "pearls" that young people tried to separate them in the continuation of the banquet on the first date.

"Brotherly love - a sacred thing"

"At first, he seemed normal, and then he began to actively make me compliments and tell what I am beautiful and sexy, but in the end has given that, in general, I said to him very like me, because I look exactly like his older sister. No, seriously, he even showed her pictures on the phone. "

"Do not have a hundred rubles ..."

"At the end he asked me to lend him two bucks. Exactly two bucks, I do not know why he did not say. "

"Double date"

"He brought with him his grandmother. Yes, he knew that it had to be a date. No, we had not been in kindergarten, and were not even in high school. Just a 25-year-old jock in the truest sense of the word, that is, I mean, literally, no joke, brought with him on a date with a girl, her 73-year-old granny. "

"Love at first sight"

"We met for the first time in his life after two phone calls and a few days of online communication. Five minutes later, he said he loved me for life ... God, man, you did not even know me, do you, a maniac or something? "

"Important telephone"

"Well, first all, kind of like, went well, and then we came to the cafe, and he did not know what to order. Therefore, he apologized and said that he urgently needed to make an important call at work, walked a few meters, scored her mother and began to ask her what the ice cream it is better to choose to impress a girl. Oh, and every time I asked him to tell us something about himself, he is also running back to consult with Mom. The guy was 27 years old. "

"It was very noble of him,"

"So far, we had nice walking in the city park, he told me that women - is the root of all evil in the world, the universal evil, precisely because they happen all the wars and disasters, including the September 11, and when the men find a way for self-procreation, all women expect povalny genocide. But he liked me, so, so be it, he would leave me alive so that I could become his sex slave. Hooray, I'm going to live! I think it was very noble of him. "

"Current topic of conversation"

"We had him with him exactly 45 minutes, exactly 40 minutes of them he is not breaking off, telling me about his penis."

"B - Security"

"Went to a couple of months ago on a date with a guy who looked quite normal and adequate man, very liked me. And then he somehow accidentally mentioned that when he met with the former, then spent a couple of thousand dollars on all sorts of "bugs", beacons and video cameras to follow her, and I quote, "for security reasons". First date and the last. "

"Documentary evidence"

"He asked me if I could do with it selfie, so he sent him to his ex-wife and the bastard knew it all perfectly, and he did it for the least bit bored."

"Hello from Panin"

"When we drank kofeek, he casually asked, do not wonder whether I'll ever topic of sex with animals that I think about it, and if by chance I did not attend the desire to try something such things".

"Fight Club"

"Went on a date with a pretty nice and intelligent guy. All would be good if he suddenly began to talk about how last week he had a fight with five different homeless, and yesterday potsapalsya with some guys on the street and nearly stabbed him with a knife. "

"father of many children,"

"He said I could be a great mother to his four small children, and a couple of months, if all goes well, we could make him the fifth."

"Uncomfortable happened"

"I met a guy on the Internet, decided to meet and go somewhere to drink coffee. After the meeting, he offered to drive me home. When we were within a couple of kilometers away from my house, around the corner it taxied police car that started it signals him to stop. So, damned if he stopped. He gave by gas and started to run away from the cops.

In general, I'm somewhere in twenty minutes sitting in the passenger seat next to the guy who was driving 120 km / h in the city until he was haunted by the police. In the end, when he was pressed, it turned out that he had already for some time is wanted for corruption of minors. I went, say, on a date. "

"The most terrible insult"

"We have agreed that he will call me, and we go somewhere we descend. He came with flowers, I went out to him, when he saw my cat, and said that it "kapets, what a terrible". He threw his flowers in his face and shoved out the door. No one will hurt my Abigail! ".