For any misconduct deprived of "Hero of the Soviet Union" the honorary title

During the Great Patriotic War, more than 11,000 Red Army soldiers were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union the honorary title. They were pilots, engineers, tankers, gunners. But finding an honorary title - a reversible process. 72 Hero of the Soviet Union lost the status of serious misconduct, and with it freedom, respect, and some - and life. What crimes were unforgivable in the Soviet Union, even for the characters?

For any misconduct deprived of For any misconduct deprived of

The theft of socialist property

Events in which Lieutenant Nikolai Arsenyev distinguished himself as a hero, worthy of creating an action movie. He participated in the crossing of the Dnieper River in Zaporizhia region. This area is especially Germans defended fiercely, as for the defensive line were the approaches to the most important economic regions.

For any misconduct deprived of

At the end of October 43 Soviet soldiers landing, among whom was Arsenyev, boating capture and hold the island Khortytsya. During the first day, while Soviet soldiers defended busy bridgehead intensively shelled from German machine guns, many were killed or injured.

Next Arsenyev, who became the commander of the infantry battalion of wounded predecessor, was given a new task - to expand the bridgehead. After several difficult battles in which not only used the firearm, but also digging tools and stones, the task has been achieved. The bridgehead extended to 250 meters to the front. The Nazis were desperate to regain the territory, having made 16 counterattacks over the next few days. Heavy losses among Soviet soldiers caused the order to leave the island. The Nazis destroyed the ferry and tried to kill all of the retreating Red Army soldiers who left the island by swimming, among them was the surviving battalion Arsenyev.

For any misconduct deprived of

After these events, when it was demonstrated the ability to lead the fight in the most difficult circumstances, Nicholas received the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Subsequently, he bestowed the Order of the Red Banner and Patriotic War of 1 degree.

General Arsenyev in 1962 and lost the title of Hero of all awards, and was sentenced to 8 years in a penal labor colony with confiscation. Such a severe sentence was due to the theft of state property on a large sum - 4700 rubles. In addition, the severity was due to the desire to prevent further economic crimes in the Soviet Union were among the most serious.

The betrayal of the motherland

Cooperation with the occupiers was considered a very serious crime that it was impossible to atone for heroic deeds. Known story of the hero of the USSR, which after the war ceased to be a respected citizen, at the time of becoming a traitor.

For any misconduct deprived of

This person was Ivan Dobrobabin, one of 28 Panfilovtsy that without the proper anti-tank weapons opposed powerful tank grouping Dubosekovo at the junction (7 km from Volokolamsk). After the specified battlefield 1941 Dobrobabina posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

But the fighter still alive - he received a concussion and was taken prisoner, where successfully fled to his native village, which at that time was under the control of the Germans. Here he worked in the police - it is this fact of biography guardsman was regarded as an indelible disgrace. Although after this episode Dobrobabin again fled to the territory controlled by the Soviet Union, honestly served in the Red Army, taking part in the fighting and risking their lives to the end of the war. Guards arrested Panfilov division in '47, for their cooperation with the Germans, he was imprisoned for 15 years, and all the well-deserved rewards.

The killing of

Murder is considered less serious crime in comparison with treason or theft of socialist property. The title Hero of the Soviet Union in such cases served as a mitigating circumstance. There is only one case of a sentence of capital punishment for the murder of WWII hero "in the civilian world." This fate befell the pilot Peter runners.

He participated in many battles, including the defense of Odessa during Raisins Barvenkovsky-operation (it took place in the same time as the Battle of Kursk and largely led to its favorable outcome). Poloz was also back in the Halkin-Gol battle.

For any misconduct deprived of

Poloz took part in a spectacular FUNCTIONING May 1, 1945, when the defeated Reichstag group of Soviet planes dropped bombs instead of red flags as a sign of the triumph of the Soviet Union. These paintings contain inscriptions glorifying the Soviet soldiers who have installed the red flag over Berlin.

In 1962, Peter Poloz committed an intentional double murder, the motives of which were never clarified. The victims were Fomichev (Khrushchev's security chief) and his wife. There is an opinion that it is high profile fatalities caused sentence to death. Posthumously brave pilot stripped of all awards.

According to the lawyer Seeds Ostrovsky, a bloody crime Peter urged his wife. In an interview for the publication of "Telegraf" he made it clear that the accused is not the first wife of her husband incited to murder, abusing his mental instability and love for her.

The dashing character out of place in a peaceful life

The problem of self-realization in the conditions of peace was urgent for war veterans. Many of the Red Guards, with the dignity of the past all the hardships of war, proved themselves brave heroes, and could not get comfortable, when the silent sounds of sirens and the sound of tank tracks.

This happened with the Red Army sergeant Vladimir Pasyukova, which by 1943 was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star. Chief feat Pasyukov committed during the crossing of the Kerch Strait (1943). Being in the forefront among the landed Red Army, he destroyed a German gun, shooting at boats.

For any misconduct deprived of

During the same event Pasyukov took an active part in repelling several counterattacks, the numerically superior forces of the USSR. Once again, the soldiers showed extraordinary skill and courage by destroying German gun, entered even in a close fight.

After the war, he continued to serve as a soldier, but discipline is pressed him. Cases of desertion became more frequent and prolonged, orders Pasyukov management often ignored, regularly drank. Hooliganism - fights and insults - by Pasyukova become commonplace. In 1947, the military was sentenced to serve a sentence in a forced labor camp for 7 years for acts "incompatible with the status of order bearer" was stripped of his titles and awards received during the war.