Rules of life the best biathlete Martin Fourcade

Rules of life the best biathlete Martin Fourcade

Rules of Life biathlete Martin Fourcade, who made him the best in the world

Frenchman Martin Fourcade reigns in the world biathlon for two Olympic cycles. Six wins in the overall World Cup, the 25 world championships medals (including 11 gold) and three awards of Sochi 2014. At the Games in Pyeongchang Fourcade admitted offensive mistakes and still adding to his collection of two individual gold, becoming the best in the pursuit race and winning Photo Finish mass start. And there is still the relay. Forbes looked through the athlete's autobiography "My dream of gold and snow" (its promise to publish in Russian) and collected 11 vital rules that help Martin to win.

Rule №1. Be the first to

Ski trip with the family, hiking with snowshoes, velovyezd, ski runs, hiking trails - any kind of activity from childhood Martin perceived as a contest in which he must win. Study? Only good grades in all subjects! School competitions? Only the first place! "In our college sports were a lot of guys who are engaged in athletics. I was a skier, but was upset to tears, when I failed to win a school cross! I came to the finish line in sixth. But it was the first and last time I took in the final report is not the topmost spot - until the end of my studies, I did not lose any more start "!

Rule №2. Act on the plan

Fourcade very rational, it all thought out. Sometimes it seems that the reasonableness of the border of tediousness, but damn it, it works, and once running, it means that something is there. Martin is not just dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion, he broke the way to the top for a few steps and with his characteristic persistence and vehemence throws each. "I have always clearly understood: it is impossible to say to yourself" I will be the best biathlete, "and the next day they become!. This only happens in the movies and fairy tales for children. Your development should go according to plan: small victories give satisfaction and motivate new workout. Yes, it can be hard, yes, sometimes even lose the desire to do, but you know what all of this ... I knew that to become an Olympic champion, we must first win the race at the World Cup, then - at the World Cup, and then to win the general classification. What for? Then that, according to statistics, the overall standings winner is more likely to win Olympic gold. If there is something that increases your chances - do it! "

Rule №3. To be able to stop and rest

Olympic season. Before the first World Cup stage Martin decides to test himself and his fortune in Syusone where Team Norway holds preliminaries. Fourcade results are such that it would not have taken the Norwegian team. "It's doomsday! You were ready and confident, why did the Norwegian juniors overtake you like a stand-up ?! When something goes wrong, it's discouraging. You start to doubt yourself and wonder: but it was really good your plan in general and the training plan in particular? What and what did you do wrong? As always in this situation, I decided that I should just stop be exhausted. You just need to relax. Do not think about anything, read, watch your favorite TV series, get some sleep. We often sacrifice the rest, trying to catch everything. A vacation is useful and important. So this respite returns me confidence. The desire to prove to myself and everyone that the statement - just an unfortunate accident, gives strength and the right attitude. I can see all of their children's mistakes and know what to do, so as not to repeat them. I'm back in the game! "

Rule №4. Do not regret their decisions

In 16 years, a promising junior Martin Fourcade told friends at boarding school and his coach that goes from professional sports. Goes completely and for all - with determination boy who terribly homesick, my friends, for carefree summer, who suddenly felt unprepared for adult life, who is afraid of responsibility and independence, who does not want to sacrifice anything for the sake of some hypothetical victories . Enough! It is better to get the right to control of the boat and take the helm ... Of course, his "forever" ended a year later, when the autumn he returned to the orphanage and started training again. "I have never regretted that chose to leave. Even when I had to train a lot more than the others to catch up. I had to leave then, really need. This demarche taught me a lot. Now it seems to me that I do not go away then I would not be where I am today ... In contrast to the departure of the return I am absolutely clear idea of ​​what I want and that is ready for this. For all!"

Rule №5. Go to the end of

Spring in Premanon, where there was a sports training center and where Martin first met with Stephen Bute (future coach of the France team biathlon), very capricious: the sun and the blue sky can not be trusted at any time they can turn into a blizzard. But unless it can stop the one who decided to become a champion? "During one of the bicycle exercise sharply colder, and it started to rain soon turned into hail. But we still skated our route with hundreds of ascents and descents. When I returned home, my fingers are cold enough that I could not even bend them as necessary to undo the helmet. And I stood there in the shower ... "

Rule №6. Do not consider yourself the coolest, not being that of

During the World Junior Championships in 2007 Martin first met with all of its future rivals from other countries, but the most interesting to him to compete with compatriot - Jean-Guillaume Beatrix. "The main reason for my quick progress as a biathlete - a desire to defeat Jean-Guillaume in each race, each workout! But it is with the same passion I wanted to win, so we pulled each other forward and very soon became the best biathletes in their age category: first in France, then Europe, and then in the world .. Of course, dizzy with such success! could not come. It happened at the World Junior Championships in Ruhpolding, where we hoped not particularly straining to collect all the medals. As a result, in the sprint and pursuit, we were made so that we were invited to the coaching advice. No one screamed, raised his voice. The question that immediately sobered drunk from our own slope of the head, there was no malice, quietly and clearly: "Guys, who are you? You think you are those who are not! "The first time I looked at myself, and I was disgusted. I left the room with tears in his eyes, but had learned a lesson for life: I became more modest, and I know now that the favorites do not automatically become winners. "

Rule №7. Trusting intuition

In autumn 2008, during training on roller skis Martin Fourcade falls very unfortunate way. The visit to the doctor confirmed the worst fears of an athlete - a dislocated left shoulder. , Surgery is necessary to guarantee to put it into place properly. "I quickly figured in his mind: it is the end of October, the biathlon season starts a month to recover from surgery I need six. What does this mean? This means that I miss the season, and as it pre-Olympic, and even miss the Olympic Games in Vancouver ... "Was not was - I said the doctor. - Let's still try to do without operation "That was brave - go against the opinion of a reputable physician, but this decision was a turning point in my career. I agreed to the operation, and then skip the Olympics, I would not have won her a medal, would not have wanted more and would not result in the Martin Fourcade, who know everything. Trusting your intuition, I said that I accept all the risks that could lead to "wrong" treatment. I was only 20 years old but I already knew how to stand your ground and do not back down under pressure. "

Rule №8. Defend its interests

Distributing start numbers in front of the Olympic sprint in Vancouver 2010, coach of the French team decided to replace: the first group, which promised an advantage over the other (according to the weather forecast, during the race, had to go to the snow), instead of Martin Fourcade was put Vincent Zhai - he eventually won the race. Martin came to the finish line 35th and terrible evil. "They gave him my number, my number is in the first group, the right to start where I was due to their good performances in previous races! This I had to win! I was angry! I tried to tell the coach, but he shouted at me. "Yes, brother raped you ..!" - I was reminded of the words of Simon (brother of Martin Fourcade -. Forbes) after the ill-fated distribution numbers. And that's exactly what I felt at that moment. In the company of Simon and Vincent Defrasne, for whom the race, too, there was not the best way, I came back to the Olympic Village ... The mood was - only to get drunk. But the sale of alcohol in the territory of the Olympic Village is forbidden, and somehow it is difficult to combine the drinks with exercise. But self-destruction like, and so we went to a well-known fast food with the intention of really there something off! But we and a bunch of losers to us and there is not lucky - they ended makflurri! What a day! But I was able to benefit from it, deciding that from now on no one and never let do something disadvantageous to me! "

Rule №9. Be perfect in everything

Marty for a long time nothing happened in the individual race (20 km, four abroad and minute penalty for a miss). How well he managed mass start and pursuit, which can be pushed to act on the nerves of the opponent, to his game, just as unattractive Martin looked when he had to compete only with a stopwatch and himself. But starting in 2013 and up to the current season of 13 individual races, in which the athlete participated, he won 11. "I wanted to know why I did not get. And I realized that you need to learn to look beyond the competitors, but for themselves. Alone - it is not so much load on the body, but on the head. You stay in it alone. I have increased the number of threshold training to get to know yourself, your body and its limitations - how far I can go beyond the limits of their own capabilities and how long I can stay there. The results of this work not long in coming. Individual race - the only one at the start that I go out quite calm, I know that everything here depends on me, and now quite confident in their abilities. "

Rule №10. To control every little thing

Athletes are fond of rituals and superstitions. But Martin is sure: the ritual - it's just a way to bring surprises to a minimum. "My preparation for the race begins in three hours - with food. The plate white meat and carbohydrates. Mentally pronounces his plan. I begin to collect the bag with the things that I take with you to the start. Gathering, again ten check, nothing if not forgotten. Making sure that nothing, getting on the bus to the stadium. An hour before the start I go to the techniques and greaser: the guys have already selected out of thirty two pairs of skis, which are best suited to this snow and this weather, I can only try them, and the right choice. It takes ten minutes. Check the rifle, boots, poles, overalls, glasses - everything. For fifty minutes to warm up and begin to heat up. Forty-five minutes rented robe and go to the start, where I put on electronic chips on each ankle, my technician helps me to shake off the snow from his shoes and put on skis. He slaps me on the arm and disappears. All this is my last contact with the outside world. Then myself and only myself. "

Rule №11. Being the best # pryamoseychas

"No! We have no time! You need to immediately take whatever you can get. Laid out for a maximum of every moment. If you did not take advantage of his chance, a second and you can not be. I know that in your eyes I am often called insatiable, accused that I cannibalistic greed out to hunt for a new title: why should he, he's got it all? So just so! Because I have the opportunity to do so. But I know that it will not always, because I want to be sure that now took everything that I was asked, and I could take! "