Who is the most intelligent of animals

Many people are mistaken, considering human only intelligent beings on Earth. Although animals are not able to produce complex calculations, there are a number of specific tasks they can perform. In this article we will acquaint you with the living beings, the intelligence which is much more developed than you thought.

Squid 25.

Who is the most intelligent of animals

Squid is not in vain considered to be one of the smartest animals in the world. The structure of their brains is significantly different from the structure of other inhabitants of the ocean, as the brain squid by function similar to human.

Just like humans, squid are often very curious and are able to learn the skills that will help them to escape from boredom and to protect themselves in case of danger.

24. Spiders

Who is the most intelligent of animals

These creatures seem to many people to dangerous and even disgusting, but at the same time they have developed intelligence, which distinguishes them from other arthropods. According to studies, the spiders are able to successfully and quickly learn various skills.

23. Ants

Who is the most intelligent of animals

Despite the diminutive size, these insects are able to survive even in the most severe conditions that would destroy any other kind. They gather in large cohesive groups that are carefully controlled and coordinated, as well as search for food together and build a home.

22. Baboons

Who is the most intelligent of animals

Mental abilities are similar to baboons and chimpanzees abilities of orangutans. Watching their behavior, it is easy to notice their striking resemblance to human beings.

Numerous studies have found that baboons, unlike many other animals are able to recognize stress and cope with it. In addition, they create a whole complex social systems and are able to think critically, when faced with difficulties.

21. Sea lions

Who is the most intelligent of animals

Studies show that despite a slightly ironic view, sea lions are able to think logically, and even do some simple conclusions from the situation given to them.

20. Orangutans

Who is the most intelligent of animals

As well as chimpanzees, orangutans intelligence is manifested in their ability to imitate human actions.

It's hard to believe, but they also have an amazing ability to learn skills such as sawing wood or the use of a hammer and nails to fasten the individual components. Orangutans are able to abstract from the outside world and, in this context, is much easier to adapt to even the most severe conditions than many other animals.

19. Pigeons

Who is the most intelligent of animals

There is good reason why the pigeons for millennia been used by people for the delivery of mail as well as on the battle field. Studies have shown that these birds are perfectly oriented in space, and even able to remember places and people throughout his life.

18. Crows

Who is the most intelligent of animals

In addition to the doves, crows are the most intelligent birds in the world. They are able to solve complex problems and perfectly cope with various difficulties encountered during the production of food or gather the necessary resources to them.

17. Sheep

Who is the most intelligent of animals

It is assumed that the sheep is the long-term memory among all the animal world, as well as some studies have shown that some situations even more effectively cope sheep people. For example, they can recognize that one of the lost sheep in the herd. In addition, they are able to experience and express a wide range of emotions and react to what is happening around.

16. Raccoons

Who is the most intelligent of animals

These cute and interesting creatures are known for their unusual inventiveness - they can form complex social relationships and find complex solutions to various problems. It is for the amazing ingenuity when faced with difficulties raccoons got into the ranking of the most intelligent animals in the world.

15. Horses

Who is the most intelligent of animals

The horses are beautiful in every way - they are beautiful, graceful, and often are indispensable helpers for humans. They are used for riding on the farm, and many other important areas for humans.

In addition, the horse very quickly and easily trained. They have an excellent memory and can perform complex commands, even in stressful situations.

14. rhesus monkeys

Who is the most intelligent of animals

In addition, these macaques are, oddly enough, suicidal and prone to aggression towards each other, it is fair to say that they are very intelligent and resourceful animals that can be easily adapted to all event.

13. The Falcons

Who is the most intelligent of animals

These are natural born hunters as well as doves were used for reconnaissance and send mail over long distances. All this was possible due to their unique ability to remember details and follow commands.

12. Rats

Who is the most intelligent of animals

People often underestimate the rat, considering them dangerous and unpleasant, but the rats have a high intelligence.

Hollywood has provided them a reputation disgusting slum sewage, and we often do not think about the fact that this is a very clever and resourceful creatures. They have an excellent memory and ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

11. Owls

Who is the most intelligent of animals

Owls considered wise birds and many people believe that the way it is. Yes, owls, of course, does not have the most low intelligence and are even able to remember some of the details, but often exaggerate their mental abilities. We put them on the list only 11th place, to dispel stereotypes about the wisdom of these birds.

10. Cats

Who is the most intelligent of animals

The owners of these graceful and incredibly cute animals know firsthand that neither have amazing hunting skills. They are quick, accurate and highly sensitive.

Despite the fact that cats are not so easily trained like dogs, they are extremely skillfully and quickly learn new skills for them.

9. The proteins

Who is the most intelligent of animals

Although they are small in size, do not underestimate their intelligence. Often proteins are falling from the trees and hit by a car, which is the basis for the stereotypes about their intellect, but the thing is that there are abilities protein specific direction - the collection of food.

When it comes to searching for food, proteins show a remarkable ingenuity and amazing memory - they are capable of in the smallest details to remember the place where food is stored.

8. Elephants

Who is the most intelligent of animals

As for other living beings, the elephant brain is much more. But it is not as important as the size of the brain does not affect the mind. The important thing is that elephants really have high intelligence of the inhuman standards.

These amazing animals are able to form complex social networks, and even feel empathy, ie. E. A sense of empathy.

7. Octopus

Who is the most intelligent of animals

When it comes to invertebrates, it is worth noting that the octopus - the most intelligent of them. They are born hunters, using a clear and complex strategy for the production of food.

Along with the many animals on this list, they have fantastic skills to solve complex problems.

6. Dogs

Who is the most intelligent of animals

Despite the fact that their mental capacity will vary depending on the breed, in general, dogs are trained to quickly acquire new skills and successfully respond to human commands.

For example, dog breeds such as the Labrador Retriever, Border Collie and Poodle are very curious and are able to notice even the slightest change in their environment. High emotional intelligence - this is exactly what makes the centuries dogs man's best friends.

5. Whales

Who is the most intelligent of animals

Many people know about whales is that it is the most large animals, but do not have any idea about their intelligence.

For communication and orientation in a herd of whales use certain complex sounds, each of which has its own value. These animals are also excellently solve problems and tasks.

4. Parrots

Who is the most intelligent of animals

It is no secret that these birds are able to imitate the human voice and even to utter a few words. In addition, they have an excellent memory, and, like many living things on this list, can solve relatively complex tasks and adapt to the environment.

3. Dolphins

Who is the most intelligent of animals

When it comes to the proportions of the body and brain, it is fair to mention that the dolphin brain is one of the biggest in comparison with the body among all members of the animal world. These marine animals are known for their amazing ability to communicate with the outside world and, incredibly, even dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror.

2. Pigs

Who is the most intelligent of animals

According to research, intelligence middle-aged pigs can be compared with the intelligence of a three-year child. Pigs can be easily adapted to changes in the environment. This is due to their ability to easily acquire the skills they need.

1. Chimpanzee

Who is the most intelligent of animals

In addition, these animals have some outward signs similar to those of men, they are also able to act as people in many situations. They can adjust the environment for themselves and help their fellows in solving various problems. Chimpanzees are considered the cleverest among primates, and rightly can be called the most intelligent animals on the planet.