There are times when the water to drink, you should not

Water is the our all. It is necessary for us as air and sleep. Where there is water there is life arises. Without this important component we prosuschestvuem and a couple of days. In addition, the lifeblood of H2O helps us to avoid overeating and even burn calories. However, as with every rule, there are exceptions. Here are 6 cases when the water to drink, you should not:

1. When you are already so drink plenty of water

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

It is an incredibly rare situation, but it is still the place to be: drinking a lot of water, you are harming your health and risk to acquire a serious illness.

The consequence of consuming large amounts of water, as well as products that are low in sodium may be the development of hyponatremia.

Experts say that too much fluid leads to an imbalance of electrolytes in the human body. body cells saturate consumption contact water and swell. It carries a huge risk for our brain and can even lead to edema.

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

So the so-called "rule of 8 glasses a day" does not always work to the benefit of us and our body.

Hyponatremia is often found in athletes athletes, if they have any problems with the liver, kidneys or heart. Over long distances cross-country they are tempted to sip water from the tube.

But this is fraught with drunk water can lead to swelling of the cells, cause nausea, vomiting, seizures, and even provoke a fatal outcome. In other words, a large amount of water can only afford a completely healthy person.

2. When your urine is clear

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

So how do you know, it is best to forget about the "Rule 8 glasses a day" and just listen to your own body.

Better yet, take a look at the toilet. Yes, you heard right. In fact, the color of urine can talk about many things, including, and the existing problems with the body and how much water can be consumed.

If you see a light lemonade urine color, you have achieved an optimal hydration status.

But if the urine color pure without yellow tint, you probably need to reduce water consumption. Dark urine, on the other hand, says that you need to drink more water.

3. During the meal, as well as immediately after a meal

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

Everyone knows that the easiest way to cut calories is to drink before eating a glass of clean water without gas.

So naturally you are driving to the fact that during the feast you eat much less food, because the liquid is already takes up some space in your stomach.

But drink water during meals or immediately after a heavy meal is not the best idea. In such case, the liquid will lead to disruption and digestion imbalance in the body.

The fact that mixing with the gastric juice, the water breaks the level of acidity in the stomach, causing the food begins to be digested worse.

In addition, the sensory receptors are in our stomach. If water gets into the stomach, its contents were quickly sent to the intestine. It is also about not enough chopped food that has not yet had time to go through to our stomach enzymes.

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

As a result, we get a feeling of heaviness, bloating, belching and other unpleasant sensations.

Drinking water during or immediately after a meal will only lead to the fact that you feel even more bloated, - experts on nutrition claim.

Therefore it is recommended to drink water, not earlier than half an hour after a meal. If you are thirsty while eating, make a couple of small sips to moisten the mouth and get rid of the dryness.

4. During intense exercise and increased physical activity

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

Surely, many of you have heard that drinking water during intense training and exercise, you should not. What is the reason such a ban?

The fact that high and prolonged physical exertion through sweat our body displays important electrolytes such as potassium and sodium.

If you sweat heavily in training, you definitely need to restore lost nutrients, you will not find in plain water.

Instead eat sweet sports drink, you can get the same bonus from coconut water, which is naturally rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium and vitamin C. In addition, coconut water is low in calories and, at the same time, a large amount of fiber .

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

It is not necessary to drink plenty of water when you are in training. Excess fluid can also cause swelling, as well as with the genitourinary system problems.

In addition, our heart experiences an increased load level because of the need to pump an additional volume of fluid received in your body. This is especially dangerous for people who have problems with cardiovascular system. It is recommended to drink half a liter of water an hour before the workout, and make no more than a couple of sips during the workout itself, just to moisten your mouth.

After most training is also recommended to restore fluid balance by drinking a glass or two of water.

5. When you have water with dyes or stabilizers taste

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

Very few people want to drink plain water, odorless and tasteless, when there are many temptation as sweet drinks or beverages with different flavors.

However, as a rule, any flavored water, flavored with a variety of stabilizers and flavor enhancers, is a potential threat to our body, which rejects any kind of supplements and requires a simple clean water.

By and large, all of these sweeteners contribute to the development of feelings of hunger, while pure water without additives, on the contrary, it dulls.

Therefore, sweet water and other drinks with flavor enhancers bring you more harm than good.

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

And if you really wanted to, and treat yourself to something of such things, try to add to the water the juice of lemon, lime, squeeze various berries or fruits. A good idea to add to the water the juice of cucumber.

In other words, pick your favorite flavor and enjoy the water, flavored naturally.

So you will rejoice themselves extraordinary taste, and bring benefits to the body.

6. Drink water at night, when you are going to sleep

There are times when the water to drink, you should not

Drink water at night is also not a good idea. First, you will not be able to sleep at midnight and will run to the toilet. In addition, it is worth remembering that during the night our internal organs also have a rest, as we are.

Kidneys practically do not work, because of this water will be trapped between the tissues. Whereby swelling may occur organizma- both external and internal.

This swelling will be manifested in the fact that in the morning you wake up tired with a swollen face and a so-called "bags" under the eyes.

To avoid this, do not get drunk on the night of water, drink it during the day (preferably, most of the liquid consumed in the morning). If bedtime need arises, make a just a couple of sips, to get rid of thirst and dry mouth.