Monster, trapped in fishing nets

• Monsters, trapped in fishing nets

When fishing in the open ocean, you really do not know until the last moment, who is at the other end of the line. The ocean is so huge and has not been studied, that does not cease to surprise even the seasoned fishermen and researchers. This year is not finished yet, but already rich in strange, sometimes unearthly sea creatures that have been accidentally caught by fishermen.

1. Ateleopovaya fish

Fishermen who caught the fish off the coast of Florida's plan to get myself dinner, but certainly lost appetite. After a lot of attempts to identify the fish was designated as jellynose ateleopovaya or fish.

Monster, trapped in fishing nets

On these deep-sea marine life is little known. It is assumed that their natural habitat - is the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic and partly Pacific and Indian Oceans.

2. Fish-Dragon

If the previous finding has been identified, then the instance is closer to fiction film than to the understanding of the underwater world. Experts identified it fish-dragon or black dragonfish.

Monster, trapped in fishing nets

In a very incomplete scientific data, it is more like the character of the film "Alien" creature lives at depths of more than 2 kilometers and can reach a length of up to 40 centimeters.

3. Shark goblin

This specimen was caught well off the coast of Florida, near Cape Key West. Accidentally fell into a network goblin shark was more than 5 meters long and looked as if she sailed to the coast of Florida directly from the prehistoric times.

Monster, trapped in fishing nets

It turned out not far from the truth. According to scientists, in the last 125 million goblin shark has not changed much in appearance.

4. Piranha with human teeth

Piranhas are the heroes of many not the most pleasant stories in Brazil, but this copy is not quite normal. Fish much larger average piranha and if you look at her teeth, they look more like a human than fish.

Monster, trapped in fishing nets

By the way, this specimen was caught in Ohio, which was most likely released careless breeders.

5. Yellow tarpon

Tarpon is the dream of anyone who has been fishing in the open ocean, but documented tarpon have silver color.

Monster, trapped in fishing nets

Caught specimen was identified as a species tarpon, which was considered extinct as early as the 30th of the last century.

6. Fish-lancet

This fish could easily become a major action heroes horror movie, but the fish-lancet is quite a real, but yet unexplored marine life.

Monster, trapped in fishing nets

Found specimen was cast ashore on the coast of the Atlantic.

7. Marlin albino

Marlin can not be called rare guest, but this fish is different from anything seen fishermen. For his snow-white color of her nickname "unicorn of the underwater world," and it really is an amazing sight as usual marlin blue or gray-blue color.

Monster, trapped in fishing nets

This specimen was caught off the coast of Costa Rica.