The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

18 love stories of celebrities whose parting was steeped in betrayal, insults and scandals.

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Mordjukova Nona and Vyacheslav Tikhonov

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Mordjukova Nona and Vyacheslav Tikhonov met in 1947 while filming "Young Guard". Nonna was 22 years old, and Vyacheslav - only 19. However, there was no sympathy at once. Tikhonov long time did not notice Mordjukova, but the actress did not despair.

Roman still spun, the actors created a family, and in 1950 was born the son of Vladimir (in 1990, he died of a stroke).

Family life was not the case, as we young couples. All the time there was no money, so Mordjukova with Tikhonov were different. In 1963, after 13 years of marriage, the couple divorced insult each other.

"Previously, it was impossible to divorce: the child, the family, what will they say at the Institute. God forbid! We must endure. And about my mother and say nothing. Sometimes feels that I do not live with him, he begins to wail: "Oh, my daughter, do not throw it! He's home. Do not leave the family. Look, as if one did not have to while away the life, and he - your destiny. Since more than ten years existed. My mother died - and we went aimlessly, "- commented the actress.

After Tikhonov Nonna never officially was not married, and the actor married again. Tamara Tikhonova he lived in '41 before his death.

Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov have been married for 17 years and was one of the most beautiful couples of the Soviet cinema.

Irina and Alexander met at Lenkom Theater in 1976. Faced with the door Abdulov Alferov thought that they would never be together. At that time, the actress was going through a break with her former husband Gyurov Boyko, the son of the ambassador of Bulgaria, which has given birth to a daughter Xenia.

Still Alferov Abdulov got married, and the girl, aspiring actress Ksenia Alferova, Aleksandr adopt immediately. The family seemed to be perfect, but in 90 years began the scandals. The first significant crack occurred due to the book "Notes Mean Girls" journalist Darya Aslamova. In their personal stories Aslamova mentioned Alexander Abdulov as a lover. Following rumors of a romance with Irina Alexander Serov (actress starred in the music video of the singer, "Do you love me").

This was followed by a statement Alferovoj that they Abdulov divorced. "Sasha is very much done in life - said Alferov. - But he is! And I understand it. Just me in my life need to completely different, but I understand why he did it. Sasha needed by all! All women! It is for everyone! "

Divorce has become a very difficult test for both.

In 1995 Irina came for the third time married to actor Sergei Martynov. And in 2006, she married and Abdulov. daughter Eugenia was born in the second marriage. In 2008, the actor died of lung cancer.

Andrei Mironov and Catherine Gradova

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Gradova Ekaterina Mironova became the second wife. For the first time he saw Catherine in her graduation performance "The Marriage of Figaro." Actor realized that this woman would be his wife. Soon the actors were married at the star couple had a daughter, Mary.

After graduation Ekaterina became popular - while she starred in the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring". Mironov did not want to take away from the scene Gradova time for a family. Actor thought that sooner or later the theater separates them. After the release of "Seventeen Moments of Spring" Andrew realized he did not want to marry the star. The actor even forbade his wife to play in the Soviet-Czech film, although tickets for the actress has already been purchased.

"Two artists in one family - a dangerous mix. He did not expect that I will have a stellar band after "Seventeen Moments", for him it was a blow, "- Catherine admitted.

The marriage lasted only 5 years old. Divorced Gradova blames himself, although Mironov was not faithful to her. Then the actress threw him out of the house: "I was not able to share it. I had an inner pride, could not forgive. " In 1977, Mironov married actress Larisa Golubkina and adopted her daughter Masha. Catherine Gradova married physicist Igor Timofeev.

Lolita and Alexander Cekalo

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

The artists were together, not only on stage as "Cabaret duo" Academy "," but also in his personal life. Spouses brought Odessa Philharmonic, where they worked in a team. At the beginning of their acquaintance they genuinely hated each other and wanted to "early dismissal". But one night everything changed dramatically.

Between Lolita and Alexander struck up communication, and mutual hatred gave way to sympathy. But relations stellar couples did not develop as smoothly. The singer confessed: "I had a lot of complexes. I always thought of herself as ugly - thanks to my former partner, he did everything possible for that. I am referring to the one who was with me in the duet "Academy" and with whom I had the most long-lasting marriage. " Show business and popularity did not leave time for a harmonious family life. Lolita claimed that along with Alexander, she often felt lonely.

After living together for 12 years, artists were married only in 1999 for the daughters of Eve. And after 3 months of Lolita and Alexander divorced. After breaking Milyavskaya passed neurological treatment.

The singer has repeatedly stressed that the education of the general's daughter Cekalo had nothing. Last year, Lolita Alexander accused of failing to pay child support.

Now Lolita married for the fifth time. Her choice was the athlete Dmitry Ivanov.

Cekalo wife is Victoria Galushka. Together they bring up his son Michael and daughter Alexandra.

Vladimir Presnyakov and Christina Aguilera

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Vladimir Presnyakov and Christina Aguilera met in 1986. Christina was only 15 years old, and Vladimir - 18. A year later, the pair has started to live together. Aguilera admitted: "He did a lot for me. I am extremely grateful to him. " In 1991, the young parents a son Nikita. Gradually, the relationship began to crumble. Once in the program, "The secret to a million" on NTV Presnyakov admitted that he cheated on Christina. "We had a get-together of the Sleepless. I walked, lost nights. We Lenya Agutin could greet the dawn on the Sparrow Hills, going to clubs ... Christina suffered enough "- said the musician.

Aguilera turned a blind eye to what is happening and endured. At this time it is fully devoted herself to a career. It Presnyakov, in turn, reacted negatively, followed by scandals.

"Kristen was my girl I guarded, but as soon as she had a film ... The man sometimes can not understand it," - said the musician (Refers to the role in the franchise, "Midshipmen" - Ed...).

After 11 years, the couple took part of the novel solution. The gap was given to both hard. "I was in the doldrums, depressed. At heart it is not clear what happened, I started some dreams constantly dreams ... And I knew I did not meet with him, "- shared the singer.

Now happily married Presnyakov and Natalya Podolskaya. Together they are raising a son Artem.

In 2005. Christina Aguilera married businessman Mikhail Zemtsov. 6 years ago, the couple had a daughter, Claudia.

Natalia Andreichenko and Maxim Dunaevskii

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Natalia Andreichenko and Maxim Dunaevskii met on the set in Leningrad. The actors were in the same hotel where he also lived and musicians team. One of them decided to invite Andreichenko at a musical evening. Dunaevskii not immediately liked the actress. But as soon as he began to sing their own songs, Natalia said to myself: "I love him." After that, they began their history.

In 1982 the couple had a son, Dmitri, but the marriage soon came to an end. Andreichenko first learned that Maxim has illegitimate daughter, but the couple swore it was not true. "The realization that her husband lied, jeopardize the life of his son, freed me from internal obligations", - says Natalia. On the film "Peter the Great" in the US Andreichenko met, according to her, the main man of her life - actor Maximilian Schell. Yet it was difficult to leave Natalia Dunayevsky, but sooner or later had to confess to treason and a divorce.

"I wanted a normal family, I feel like a wife and mother. I do not revenge Maxim, fell in love with Maximilian. And for a while she loved both at the same time ", - the actress admitted.

Shelley Natalia husband of nearly 23 years. In 1989 the couple had a daughter, Nastasia. In 2005, they divorced - Maximilian met another. Maxim Dunaevskii married for the seventh time, his choice was Marina Christmas.

Oleg Tabakov and Lyudmila Krylova

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Lyudmila Krylova noticed Oleg Tabakov's theater-studio "Contemporary", it was love at first sight. Soon after they met on the set. "Our love affair ensued on the first night! And this despite the fact that I was the most modest-to-date! I had a boyfriend, we had to see off arm in arm. But it sank on a high note! When the young man came again, I closed the door in front of him: "Sorry, I got married." Just blurted out the phrase "- shared Ludmila.

Tobacco and Krylov married after the birth of their first child - son Anton. A daughter Alexandra was born six years later.

Family life was not easy. At first, the couple lived in a communal apartment, a lot of work, gave several concerts a day to feed their families. Children often took with him on tour. "My daughter broke one leg and with a broken leg went with us," - says Krylov.

Despite the busy schedule and difficulties, they loved each other. It seemed that their happiness nothing can prevent, if not a sense of Tabakov to another.

Tabakova romance with a young actress Marina Zudina started 10 years before the divorce. Lyudmila felt that something was wrong: "I do not like betrayal. Betrayal - this is a very big word. It does not imply, even treason. Betrayal is much deeper. I am parting with just traitors, be it a friend, husband or someone else ... And happened to me what was going to happen. no one is immune from the divorce. " Marina Zudina and Oleg Tabakov got married in 1995. Marina Tabakova bore a son Paul and daughter Maria.

Joseph Kobzon and Lyudmila Gurchenko

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Joseph Kobzon was the fourth husband of Ludmila Gurchenko. The marriage lasted only three years, and has left the celebrity couple, known to be enemies. After the break Lyudmila avoid encounters with Kobzon. If you need to perform on the same stage, Gurchenko was categorical and demanded that their dressing rooms were at opposite ends of the corridor.

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Many years of divorce causes remain unknown, sounded a different version. Someone said about infidelity, from both sides, while others claimed that the problem is that Gurchenko did not want children, and others did think that all of the controversy, someone more talented.

In 2015 in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Iosif Kobzon admitted that he changed Ludmila with her best friend Tatiana Bestayeva. Tatiana had to look after her daughter Masha Gurchenko while the actress was on the set. "Bestaeva was incredibly beautiful, with satin skin. And we had gone in Ruza, in the House of Composers, celebrate the New Year. Masha sent to parents, and themselves left. When Lucy returned to her friends told us about, "- he admitted Kobzon.

But guilty actor himself does not feel. He only ironically says: "Lifestyle looked as 8-9 months of the year on tour. Well, as without it? Young and healthy. "

However, she does not recognize Bestaeva that destroyed the marriage Gurchenko Kobzon. "I've never been razluchnitsa. And this could not be, because here, the odds with terrible force. I was friends with Lucy at the beginning of the 60s, and the story was at the end, close to the 70-th year. Somebody mixed up ", - says Bestaeva.

Iosif Kobzon, already 47 years happily married to Ninel Drizinoy.

Valery Zolotukhin and Nina Shatskaya

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

First wife of Valery Zolotukhin was Nina Shatskaya - they learn in one year GITIS. In 1969 the couple had a son, Denis. "He's not my man, but united we love. When we became close, I took his arm and led to his mother: "This is my husband." He did not resist. It all happened suddenly and quickly, "- confessed Shatskaya.

Married Valery and Nina lived for 14 years. All this time Zolotukhin unfaithful wife. The actress says: "In his relationships with women lacking morality, loved ones became more and more. could not forgive betrayal, but grew up the son, the family formally retained. Before the divorce, each betrayal responded with pain, because he still remained my husband. " But more and more, Nina realized that next to it is a stranger.

Marriage broke up in 1977. The very next year, married the violinist Valeriy Tamara. Nina Shatskaya married a second time in 1982. Her husband was Leonid Filatov. Together they lived until his death.

After the rupture of the actors do not speak to each other for 20 years. Their son Denis insisted on reconciliation. "The last three Valerina new year, we met with, among the grandchildren with his wife Tamara and populous family of Denis" - shared Shatskaya. At this time, Zolotukhin changed and his second wife - actress Irina Lind, who in 2004 gave birth to the actor's son Ivan.

Alexander Malinin and Olga Zarubin

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

In the 80s Zarubin known as a singer, but Malinin was still not very popular. In 1983, Alexander left his first wife Inna Kurochkin with a small child, and signed with Olga. But the marriage soon fell apart. Daughter Kira was born after his parents' divorce.

"From the hospital we met my mother. Child husband was not needed. So over Malinin part in the fate of daughter. From his father Cyrus received only name that recorded on the birth certificate. Malinin withdrew from our life "- shared in an interview with the singer.

Taking my daughter, Zarubin flew to the United States, where she married Vladimir Yevdokimov. Only 14 years Cyrus learned the truth about his biological father. In 1992 Malinin married a third time. Wife Emma supporting actor in the history of my daughter. According Zarubin Emma issued a lot of rumors around Kira. "They wrote that Cyrus the illegitimate daughter of the singer, and then - that I bore it is not clear from whom and try to pass off as the daughter Malinin. Information appeared later that I took away from my father's daughter, throwing of helpless in the hospital after the accident. "

7 years ago, Olga and her daughter came to the release of "Let Them Talk", Malinin dedicated to the anniversary. But Alexander refused to accept her daughter. He still does not believe that he was her real father. The scandal continues to gain momentum. In 2017 Zarubin became the heroine of the program "In fact" with Dmitry Shepelev.

Vera Glagolev and Rodion Nahapetov

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

The couple met on the set of the film "On the edge of the world." "Next to her came to life and my world, the future seemed less depressed. Faith attracted me as a woman - strong, smart, with a sports figure. Made an offer she accepted ", - he told Nahapetov. After some time in the family born daughter Anna and Maria.

Glagoleva participated in the shooting of many films directed by her husband, but that's in the film "At the end of the night" for her role was not found. According to Rodion, this situation is cracked in their relationship.

Soon, the director received an offer to go to the US to promote their films. There Nahapetov he met filmmaker Natalia Shlyapnikoff.

"Before I began to hear rumors that he had a family in America. Then I saved the movie I rented, and had no right to not finish, friends and children ", - admitted Glagoleva.

Nahapetov Glagoleva and still managed to stay friends. The director continued to chat with her daughters.

Glagoleva married for the third time - a businessman Cyril Shubsky, which in 1986 gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia. The marriage lasted until the death of the actress from cancer in August 2017.

Konstantin Meladze and Jan Summ

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Konstantin Meladze and Jan Summ lived 19 years, married and raised two daughters and a son. For many years the Meladze and attributed the novel with Hope Meyher and Eve Bushmina, and even with Polina Gagarina. Gossip composer reacted calmly.

As it turned out, 10 years old composer was leading a double life and hide from his wife with another woman - singer Vera Brezhnev. Ian guessed the secret communication and asked about it directly from Constantine, what got the answer: "No, we're just friends." In 2013, the amount filed for divorce. However Meladze did not want to break, more than that, he did not expect such a decision from the couple.

In 2015, Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhnev married. The ex-soloist of "VIA Gra" maintains a good relationship with the children of the composer, although the amount is not happy Jan socializing children with his new wife Meladze.

Personal life Summ too normal. Jan married a Ukrainian businessman, whom she met during a divorce.

Garik Kharlamov and Julia Leshchenko

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Garik and Julia met at the beginning of the project Comedy Club. Julia worked as a manager at a nightclub, where comedians have to act. A couple of months Kharlamov and Leshchenko looked at each other, and finally an affair.

Jealous girl to work, Garik asked her to resign. Julia settled at home, waiting Kharlamov from the tour - and it lasted 7 years. In 2010, the pair played a beautiful wedding, but soon became strained relations. It became aware of the comic novel with the actress Christina Asmus After a couple of years. Wife guessed, but found out about the change is not her husband, and from newspapers. Moreover, according to Leshchenko, they were still trying to conceive a child, while Garik already courting actress.

Leshchenko filed for divorce and division of property.

After the divorce, Kharlamov married to Christine Asmus. In 2014 the couple had a daughter, Anastasia.

Julia Baranowska and Andrei Arshavin

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Julia Baranowska and Andrei Arshavin have lived in a civil marriage for about 10 years. "I have lived completely happy 9 years. Without fear, without delaying for a rainy day. I gave birth to three children, without being officially married, with nothing recorded on yourself - am I really crazy? I just was in full confidence that it's forever, "- admitted in an interview with Julia.

But happiness collapsed in a moment when Arshavin on the phone said that he had met another. Baranowska at that time was the fifth month of the third pregnancy.

The wife of an athlete was left alone without material support to a foreign country (at the time Julia lived with her children in London), but she managed to get alimony from her ex-husband.

Baranowska first told the truth about the break with a footballer in 2014 on the show "Let Them Talk". After that Julia has built a career as a TV presenter, who completely turned her life.

The new chosen one player was Alice Kazmin. Wedding lovers played in September 2016, but a year later there were rumors about the pair break.

Andrei Konchalovsky and Natalia Arinbasarova

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Natalia Arinbasarova became the second wife of the director. Their relationship began on the set of the painting "The First Teacher". "An ugly, sloppy and thick" Konchalovsky, as she said, like the actress immediately. However, it was interesting to talk to, "Andron knew a lot, and most importantly, he knew how to talk: about my amazing mother, about the Bible, about the history of ancient Russia ... Listen to him, his mouth open," - admitted Arinbasarova.

Romance developed rapidly. When Natalie was only 18 years old, Konchalovsky asked her to marry. They married in secret from the parents of the actress. Chosen daughter did not like them to such an extent that when Natalia came home, it just locked up at home. A couple of years the couple had a son, Yegor, but the union only lasted 4 years. Arinbasarova Konchalovsky and began to drift apart, "All the time he was lost somewhere, something written, shot and nearly no interest in my affairs and cares," - says the actress. The actor was no time for a wife or a child, he was constantly in the experience.

Relations grew worse. In 1969, Natalia has filed for divorce. Konchalovsky has left ex-wife and son, two-room apartment and pay monthly alimony, but the son of almost no interest.

After the divorce, the actor married again 3 more times. He now lives in marriage with Julia Vysotsky.

Arinbasarova married production designer Nicholas Dvigubskaya, married with which had a daughter Catherine. In 1982 her husband became a film director Eldor Urazbaev.

Buzova Olga and Dmitri Tarasov

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Buzova Olga and Dmitry Tarasov played football chic wedding in 2012. For-life couples watched by millions of fans, and Buzova gladly shared his chronicle of near-perfect marriage. It seemed that nothing can prevent "tarabuzikam" live a long and happy life. However, after 4 years of marriage followed by divorce with mutual accusations.

The reason for the gap was a hobby Tarasova another girl. Although the player himself said that the problem lies in the unwillingness of Olga have children. Whatever it was, the athlete went to Anastasia Kostenko model, which is now waiting for the firstborn Tarasova. The first time after the divorce Buzova wanted a pair of "burn in hell", and then switched to their experiences. Resentment and claims against the former husband Olga began to express in song.

Buzova come to grips with a musical career. Contrary to criticism and ridicule, Olga's career is gaining momentum. For example, on February 14 there is a new clip of Olga Wi-Fi, where the main male role played "the most beautiful offender" Jeremy Meeks.

Victoria Dayneko and Dmitry Kleiman

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

Victoria Dayneko and Dmitry Kleiman were married in 2015, but a year later marital happiness came to an end. The singer wrote on Instagram: "Rewind back to the year and month, and not to make such mistakes never again."

Last spring Dayneko and Kleiman has no hint announced the separation. Victoria called cause frequent quarrels. The initiator of the divorce was made by Dmitry. Artist of the latter did not agree to a divorce.

In September last year a couple officially split. "I accept congratulations! Ridiculous story called "marriage" is officially complete, and I'm finally free, "- bitterly joked the singer.

Dmitri, thanked his wife for all that Dayneko reacted negatively, considering these words hypocritical.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Cymbalyuk-Romanov

The most dramatic and scandalous divorce of Russian celebrities

At 16 years old Vitalina came to the show to Dzhigarhanyanu, took the actor's autograph and then could not forget the star. At the initiative of the young pianist struck up a romance.

Dzhigarkhanyan 15 years secretly met with Vitalina, while his wife Tatiana Vlasova most of the time living in the US. In 2010, the actor still left from his wife, but decided a divorce only in 2015.

Happiness with a young wife did not last long. Late last year, the pair divorced from the scandal.

It all started with the fact that Cymbalyuk said about the loss of her husband. Search took TV presenter Andrei Malakhov, and it soon became known that Dzhigarkhanyan is in the hospital, do not want to see his wife and filed for divorce. "She behaved abominably. She's a thief, not a man, "- said Dzhigarkhanyan.

Over the loud accusation followed the details. It turned out that Armen Borisovich appointed young wife artistic director of the theater and rewrote her all his property. Before divorce actor said that his wife had intended to kill him medications to quickly seize the inheritance. Also Vitalina behind him allegedly took controversial decisions in the management of the theater, due to which he suffered damages. After the divorce Dzhigarkhanyan property really has departed his ex-wife, but Vitalina denied that wanted to poison her husband. Despite the fact that the divorce papers decorated Vitalina hopes that her husband will return, and theater actors Dzhigarkhanyan she calls traitors.