"Parteyku with bony?" Or stories about how charmingly innocent games ended charmingly insane violence

It just so happened that many of us love the game. You can play all you want, ranging from chess, which is traditionally considered the most peaceful and tranquil sport (yes, no matter how well, read our article and you will see), and the children's table "brodilok" about the prince, dragons and princesses, and finishing the game of cards for money and computer shooters with three liters of blood per square centimeter monitor.

So, it does not matter for what game you decide to pass a free evening on Sunday, more importantly, with whom you are going to play. What if one day, invite a person decides itself parteyku old woman with a scythe?

Now, about that, actually, we are you now going to tell. Today we have prepared for our readers a selection of three pretty horrible stories about how, whiling away the time for some totally innocent and peace-loving the game, one player as the coveted prize has managed to win a ticket to the light at one end.

"He did not know how to play bridge ..."

Quiet autumn evening in 1929 two good-looking couples from Kansas got together to talk about the latest gossip and play a little bridge. Play decided two by two: Myrtle and Jack Bennett against another such felicitous couples, middle-aged, who lived on the floor above. But who would have thought that one of the participants parteyku at the end of the game will be bleeding, writhing on the floor, and the other "an avid kartezhnitsa" will finish his bullet from the Colt 32 caliber.

You know, it all started? With the peak of the queen, provoronennoy Jack Bennett - a man who, according to his wife, did not know how to play bridge. Frustrated because of the fact that the fault of the husband went down the drain, such a successful game, Myrtle beginning of the scandal, which, despite all the attempts to appease the neighbors unbelted couple, very soon turned into a fight.

Jack Bennett dismissed his arms and slapped his wife across the face. Myrtle Bennett pulled a gun and shot her husband in the shoulder first, and then made a "control" in the back of the head. The woman did not even try to hide from justice, she was arrested on the same day and put on trial. In other matters, the whole thing is over for Myrtle much more successful than her late hubby. The jury acquitted "kartezhnitsu" and let her go free, basing their verdict the fact that at the time of the murder of Myrtle Bennett was in a state of strong emotional affect.

Chess cannibal

Severino Bellante and Tom O'Gorman were very different people, whose fate one day brought one of the chessboard. Bellante was Italian, O'Gorman came from Scotland. Tom liked to drink tea and play chess, Severino loved beautiful guys and wanted to try human flesh. In general, this story - a classic example of why you need to intelligently approach the choice of friends, and why you should never play chess with a man-eater.

When Severino Bellante lost the game the Scot, he's a little upset and thought that time was not lucky in the game, you should be sure to get lucky in love, but when Tom did not respond to the courtship of hot Italian guy, who decided to organize yourself a little "consolation prize " at any price. In this "prize" for Severino was the heart and a piece of light of his recent opponents, who he inflicted more than 12 stab wounds. Finished with O'Gormom and taste, finally, a desired chelovechinki, chess maniac, he called the police, and while the guards were getting to the point bloodbath, Severino Bellante sat quietly and waited next to a bloody board.

Take a sword and a real knife

Role playing online delay many young people, and the Chinese guy named Qiu Chenvey was by no means an exception to this rule. Qiu sat for days in a favorite toy "The Legend of Mir 3", developing character, jumping from level to level and earning a new virtual armor, shields and weapons. One day the dream of gamers has finally come true: his hands on the sword was his dream - one of the most powerful virtual blades in the game.

And our Chinese "Paladin" was one friend who was much less immersed in a virtual reality, but had a true entrepreneurial spirit. Countdown the last hours before the inevitable tragedy began at the very moment when our happy owner superweapon generously loaned it to a friend by the name of Zhu Kaoyuan your megamech a couple of days to drive. Needless to say, "its charm" Elf level 80 so back and did not see.

An enterprising friend on the same day sold under the hammer image on the screen for about $ 1,000. When Qiu Chenvey learned about this insidious bases, all he could do was to take revenge. On the same day he went to the traitor home, and stabbed him in the heart of the knife, not virtual, but quite real, food, steel and very sharp. The court found the avenger guilty of murder and sentenced him to death by firing squad.