"Do not touch the sacred pot, simpleton!" Or some of the most terrible curse objects to which it is better not to touch

We all know that in the world there are things that are, so to speak, you can not touch those who do not want to be cursed by all the gods, spirits, entities so on. Yes, some are skeptical of magic, others actively try to practice it, and others are actively run by those who practice. How many people - so many opinions.

But in any case, even if you are the most that neither is finished antiquarian and are going to purchase a very interesting 'stuff' on eBay, do not forget that it is essential to know before buying your story with the "charm". If you finished a skeptic, why not? There are two options: either you do fall victim to the curse, and then certainly believe in the existence of evil forces, or else you got the coolest thing to be proud of and dispel all speculation about some kind of curse there.

Mask Maori warriors

The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, who before going into battle, cut yourself a variety of masks. According to Maori belief system, any person who was killed in battle, kept his soul in the mask. It does not represent any danger for men, but if a woman, who was pregnant, or who had a menstrual period, approaching the mask, such a lady could incur a lot of troubles and failures. The museum, which stores some of these products, even warned the girls about it.

Brilliant "Koh-i-Nor"

Brilliant "Koh-i-Noor", which translated from Farsi means "Mountain of Light", is a jewel of 109 carats. This is an excellent product for men is very dangerous, because if a man touches him, he will supposedly cursed. For women diamond harmless and brings on the contrary, only good luck and happiness. If they have a man, it is a good chance that the diamond will bring only discord, strife and disease. It is believed that the Koh-i-Noor was stolen from Lord Krishna.

For example, Sher Shah, one of the biggest reformers in India, who won the Prince Humayun, died as a result of a cannon blast when he got his hands on the diamond, "Koh-i-Noor." When the accursed treasure passed to his second son Jalal Khan, that he was killed by his own brother in law.

The Terracotta Army

In 1974, a group of seven Chinese farmers discovered amazing archaeological treasures under the earth, namely, the terracotta army of soldiers. However, despite the fact that the discovery was a national treasure, the farmers who found the terracotta army, were doomed to multiple debts and financial setbacks. Three of them died within a few decades, relatively young, and one - by his own fault. The rest of the farmers have lost their land and the rest of his days working for little pay while tormented by constant diseases that despite treatment, was never passed.

Picture "Crying Boy"

"Crying Boy" - a reproduction of the painting, which often can be found in different houses of England. Starting from the 1980s, in homes where there was a work of art, strange things began to happen, and it fires. What is surprising is that when the fire was extinguished, then, despite the fact that everything was burned down, the picture with a crying boy always remained untouched flames. As a result, on the basis of these events, the people decided that the film is cursed, and when placed in the house, then you are courting the evil spirit of the fire, which will take you all, including life.

Delhi Purple Sapphire

The Curse of purple sapphire from Delhi emerged when the curator of the Museum of London has found a stone with a note attached to it of the curse. Back in the mid-1800s, when the stone was stolen from an Indian temple, he did not bring anything good to the owner, but problems with health and finances. For example, when the author himself notes Edward Heron-Allen owned this gem in his life happened as unfortunate mishaps, he threw himself into a river damn sapphire. However, Edward had no luck again.

The stone caught one worker who knew the jewel belongs to the Heron-Allen, and to curry favor with him, he returned the damn treasure owner. Eventually, the man did not come up with anything better than to send the damned purple sapphire in a museum on the condition that no one will touch the stone until until will expire three years after his death.

Diamond "Black Eagles"

Diamond "Black Eagles" also called the "Eye of Brahma". He is a Hindu shrine, which was once stolen. Gem was in the hands of a few members of the fairer sex, but thankfully he did not bring them. At least two women who owned the diamond "Black Eagles", died from a fall from a high-rise building. It is believed that after the treasure was sold to a jeweler in New York, the curse is gone, which is undoubtedly good for its future owners, but it is unlikely to somehow comfort previous victims cursed stone and their relatives.