"Surviving marriage can not everyone," or stories about how one of the newlyweds was not able to put up with the presence of a spouse. Part 2

Marriage - is a responsible and necessary to approach it with all seriousness. Some, be honest, do not think much before tying the knot with someone, but that's life, and makes mistakes all of us.

The last part of the article we told you on several occasions in the life of the newlyweds for whom the honeymoon ended very tragically. Today we will continue this theme and to tell you about several people for whom marriage was a deadly idea.

Scott Robin Roston

Scott Roston Wales and Karen went on a cruise in nine days after they were married. One evening, the couple decided to take a walk around the ship and went on deck. It would seem that could go wrong? But at some moment between the newlyweds had a quarrel, which dramatically escalated into a fight. Roston strangled his wife and threw her lifeless body overboard. After that, a man came up to the captain of the ship and said that his missus has fallen overboard. That, in turn, immediately contacted the police. Scott told police that when he and his wife returned to the deck, then she ran forward, and strong wind it literally threw overboard.

Of course, the police did not believe the story of the man and arrested him. Wales Karen's body was found after twelve hours after allegedly falling overboard a cruise ship. In her you were found multiple bruises, broken skull, and found characteristic choking marks on her neck. Some time later, an autopsy confirmed that she had been strangled. Roston changed his story three days after his arrest. He claimed that Israeli agents killed his wife in retaliation for his book titled "Nightmare in Israel," in which he wrote about human rights abuses in that country.

Scott said that he knows a lot of secrets that hide the officials in this country, and that even the Prime Minister is afraid of him. In addition, the man added that the Israeli authorities had sent goons after him a few months ago. The police and the jury did not believe in the story of Scott. Roston was convicted of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison, although his sentence was later reduced to 33 years.

Ernest Dyumulin

Ernest Dyumulin met Helga Konrad on one of the dating sites. Two weeks later they met and decided to run away from everyone in Scotland, where they married happily. In his first wedding night Dyumulin proposed to his sweetheart for a walk. They wanted to see the city at night, talk and enjoy each other's company. When they reached the top of the cliff, Ernest embraced his newfound wife and pushed her. The next day the body was found Helga one sailor, who immediately called the police.

When investigators raided to Ernest, he insisted on the fact that his wife had just slipped and fell off a cliff, but when they searched the room, where the couple lived a short time, we found coverage in the amount of 412 368 pounds, executed for two days before the death of Helga. Dyumulin was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released after 16 years.

Simran Pal Singh Bhullar

A few weeks after the wedding Simran Pal Singh Bhullar and Sirandzhet Kaur decided to go on a honeymoon. Arriving at their destination and are registered in a local hotel, the couple decided to explore the local sights, but something obviously went wrong. The newly minted husband and wife have been actively arguing and swearing. Bhullar believed that her lover has a lover, and at some point, the man did not keep their emotions and attacked the woman. Simran hit Sirandzhet and then strangled several times.

Then the body of his wife, he threw off a cliff and waited at the scene for a further 30 minutes to ensure that the Kaur is really dead. In order to avoid being caught, Bhullar launched into a run. A few days later, the family and Bhullara Kaur's family filed a complaint with the police about their disappearance. Investigators were able to track the location Bhullara that all the time hiding in the house of a friend. During the interrogation, the man confessed to the murder. He led police to the scene of the murder, and they got the mutilated body of a woman. Simran Pal Singh Bhullar was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Anthony Edwin Kirk

Anthony Kirk A. and Katherine Anne loved to drink. The whole life of this pair revolves around alcohol. There was a time when a drunken Anthony attacked his wife, but she managed somehow to dial 911. Kirk was arrested after he was in a drunken stupor and attacked policemen who went on a call. Soon, Anthony was released, and the couple decided to go to Las Vegas and get married. It was there that they decided to celebrate their honeymoon. A few days after the wedding, while in strong alcoholic intoxication, the couple began to quarrel. Kirk A. attacked, beat and strangled her. After that he left the body of his wife at the hotel where they were staying, and he left. Her body was found a few days later. Police found Anthony, and he confessed to the murder. Kirk was sentenced to 19 years in prison.