"Love at first sight" or a few stories about how people fall in love is not in love with someone and into something. Part 2

So, we all know that love is different. Some people do not like when a woman attracted to a woman, in others stand hair on his head at the sight of two men in love. We are all different, and understand the motives of some people can not quite a hundred percent.

The last part of the article we told you about a few people who frankly do not care about the opinion of others. They are happy with who, or rather what they love, and let the rest remain "behind the scenes".

Linda Dusharme

In 2015, a woman from Florida Linda Dusharme appeared in an episode of the reality show "My strange addiction". Despite the specificity of the show, she assured everyone present that she is not suffering from any addiction. Yes, she is not obsessed with a carnival attraction, it is only in love with him. The essential difference, is not it? Her lover's name "Bruce", and this Ferris wheel. Dusharme met her future husband at the carnival in 1982.

It has been more than thirty years before the woman legitimized with his 21-metrovm lover relationship. Come on, guys, how many can boast of 21 meters, Bruce? This happened in 2012. Linda was devoted to her "man", "in sickness and in health." "Bruce" was severely injured during a storm in 1986, and for this reason, the Ferris wheel is out of order. Dusharme spent almost a hundred thousand dollars and collected her lover in part, that, in the end, brought him back to the ranks.

Linda says that her relationship with Ferris wheel brand is no different from the relationship in any other couple. They often spend time together and even dinner by candlelight. Linda is not the first marriage. The first two husbands were train and airplane.

Zheng Tszyatszya

Zheng Tszyatszya - engineer, who was involved in the development of artificial intelligence - constantly suffered attacks by their relatives, who demanded from him, finally, to find a wife and settle down. 31-year-old man was ready to marry, but could not find a suitable bride. Find your life partner is very difficult, but in China, a man who is looking for a wife, face particular difficulties. Although in recent years China's family became much more liberal legislation, numerous abortions of female fetuses, due to the policy of "one family - one child", have led to a very large disparity in the number of women and men.

In other words, the average Chinaman is almost impossible to find a life partner. So, in 2016, Zheng has created a robot called it Inging, and married her. A man working on his future wife, almost two months before proposing to her. The wedding ceremony was simple, but in the best of Chinese traditions. The wedding was attended by the relatives of her husband, friends, and there were witnesses.

Inging system is not fully developed. Currently, she is able to recognize the simplest images and say a few words. In the future, Cheng plans to program his wife so that she could perform basic chores such as cleaning, washing and ironing.

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin - a London-based artist who is known to many, thanks to a very strange works, and performances. She is known for being the transit time is in the works all facets reasonable, and when in 2015 she decided to link their lives with rock, the wonder was essentially nothing. Spouse Tracy lives in the garden of her house in France. The wedding ceremony was private, but Emin openly talked about what made her take such a strange move. Tracy was inspired by the reading of letters between Pope John Paul II and Anna Theresa Tymenetskoy.

The Pope and the American philosopher has long exchanged passionate personal letters, but their correspondence is not passed into the section of physical relations. This prompted Emin reflect on their own relationship in terms of spiritual and physical bonds. It is a spiritual connection and connects it with the stone. She describes her husband as "a beautiful ancient stone", with whom she identifies himself.

She also calls it his anchor and said: "He is not going anywhere." Tracy admits that when she thinks about his wife, the mood she rises very quickly. Still Emin very offended if her lover is called "lump" and not "rock", because, according to the woman, "lump" - is something carved out of rock people, "stone" has created itself Mother Nature, and it is in the latter category, and refers her "husband."